21 year old hindu girl elopes with 43 year old muslim man

A Hindu girl Trusha Pankajbhai Patel in her 20s who eloped with a Muslim bootlegger of age 43 says she has married the Muslim man Masum Kalu Mahida, a month ago as per her wish and she wants to stay with him. Patel girl(21), student of Physiotherapy has issued this statement in video and circulated it through WhatsApp.

Here is the video hindu girl uploaded for the public, she comes forward and supports her decision saying its her choice. She issues video statement favoring Muslim husband.


Other hindu girls support her decision one of the reactions.

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  1. She has attained the legal age for marriage. and the man is also old enough. Nobody has aright to stop them . when they have willingly taken the decision. Only thing is he should take care of properly, which he will do if he is in love

  2. hamara haq hai , like my ex bf allaudhin pathan age of 43 job main 17 ki thi,now my bf tariq mubarak age 41 and i am 21 now.

  3. iisme koi burai nhii hai I m 19 and i m in sexual relationship with 55yrs old Aslam jii
    Aslam ji mere saath har roz sambhog krte hai har roz 2 baar. aur har baar sambhog ke baad mai itni thak jaati hu ki khadi bhi nhi ho paati

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