Abhishek sends his dick pic

small dick desi

small dick

small indian penis

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  1. what the hell?
    this is the most ugliest dick i’ve ever seen

  2. I know it’s ugly. 🙁 can any Muslim Lord compete with me

  3. This is the reason I had to go out and find myself a muslim dick.. My hubby is useless.. This is anonymous so i can vent out my feelings.. Muslims satisfy women so much better.. I am nidhi singh.. Yahoo whatakobra

  4. Its indeed is digusting. I feel like vommiting.
    Thats why every girl is after big muslim dicks.

    Kik : Pooja_Mehta96

  5. my 1st bf had a dick like that .

  6. mere dad ki lulli bhi itni choti hai 🙁 isliye meri sexy hot bangalan mom ko ahmad chacha se hi ch****na padta hai 🙂

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