Another case of a Hindu wife’s affair with a Muslim guy

hindu wife affair muslim

Rarely watch Indian TV but someone suggested me to watch this, A Hindu wife gets her husband killed for her Musalman lover.
There was another case- Deepa deceives her husband and Prashant becomes fascinated on seeing Deepa. He offers to tutor Deepa’s son, Vishu, with an intention of getting close to her. Deepa’s mother-in-law finds Prashant’s behaviour quite unusual, and informs the same to Deepa’s husband, Jeetu. Jeetu goes to meet Prashant on learning that he has misbehaved with Deepa. Jeetu’s dead body is found and Prashant is the prime suspect. Later, it is found that Deepa and her musalman boyfriend, Shamim, killed Jeetu and framed Prashant.–india-fights-back/363/deepa-deceives-her-husband/1000006798

A long time ago I posted another case of a Hindu wife from a very rich family having an affair with a musalman guy.

This is not the first time it has happened हिन्दू लड़कियाँ मुसलमान लड़को के लिये कुछ भी कर सकती हैं and isn’t it true.
In the past such cases come up where the Hindu wife gets her husband killed for the musalman guy whom she has affair with.

Its a request to Hindu wives please don’t get your husband killed for a Musalman lover. Its not the solution, instead it will make your life even worse. The best solution is try to turn your husband into a cuckold if you have the skill, that way all three parties will be happy your husband, you and your lover.
Another option is to get divorce and enjoy Alimony + musalman lund thats the modern way thanks to the divorce industry.

If you want to watch the episode Part 1:
Part 2:

So this was another case of a wife of a very rich crorepati Businessman whose wife had an affair with a Musalman guy named Waseem just after 5 months of marriage.
This was not even an arranged marriage but a love marriage between the two and only after 5 months of marriage wife Nita Sharma met Waseem and fell for his Musalmani lund to the extent that she sided with Waseem to get rid of her husband.
When her husband was out Nita invited Waseem in her house and they spent a night, early in the morning her husband arrived unexpectedly and caught them.

Some reactions:

Nita told her husband that she wants to work in an NGO her husband had no problem. The first mistake the husband did was letting his beautiful wife work outside.  Why was it a mistake because clearly her husband was involved in many businesses, he was all the time busy with his work earning more and more money, traveling frequently outside the city while her wife remained unsatisfied, she had some sexual needs. Letting his unsatisfied wife go out to work was just like sending her into another man’s lap.
Also I think the musalman’s lund must have given her more pleasure so much so that she got blinded in lust.

Sab kuch nahi tha, usko musalman ka kata hua chaheye tha.

Haha 12 inch k didlo se uski pyas nahi bujhti. Pyas to puri tarah musalmani lund bujhata hai. Ek baar ek conversation mai ek bujurg maulana ne mujhe kaha tha, aurat waha jayegi jaha par usko Masala milega aurto ko chaheye masala..
Lagta hai musalman mard bharpoor masala dete hai.

This was coming.

The concept of love jihad is stupid especially when the wife willing falls into the lap of the musalman, She must have felt something different and better after tasting the musalmani lund.

This frustrated guy. She herself went to that Muzzi man with a big dick who satisfied her and she was an empowered hindu woman, he couldn’t have just done anything with her without her consent. She herself fell into the lap of the Musalman. Many guys would have been hitting on her which is usual for a pretty woman its comes down to her choice she made the choice grabbed the Muzzi-lund.. She knew the whole plot and could have stopped it but went through with it. One is more responsible than the other.

Pyar apni jagha hai.. aur pyar se chut ki aag shant nahi hoti uske liye chaheye….. kehne ki zaroot nahi.

FACT- Lund aur hawas k aage paisa kuch bhi nahi hai.
Paisa sab kuch nahi hota. Most musalman women are lucky musalman with high sexual libodo aisa ragad ragad kar chodte hai ki fir dusre mard ki taraf dekhne ki zaroot he nahi padti.

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  1. I have been telling repeatedly. Cases of married hindu women affairs with Muslims is very very high. This is just 1 news but in reality the number is high because Muslim dudes doube time, triple time, some even manage 5-10 girlfriends at the same time.

    However killing someone is worst thing and destroys many lives.
    Best situation as Lord mentioned is Cuckoldery. Make your Hindu hubby cuckold as I did. I allowed my wife to enjoy superior Muslim Bull’s strong and powerful cock instead of mine. I also allowed her to have children with the Muslim Bull. This is a win win situation. Rich Hindu hubby works day and night to earn money, wife spends money on musalmaan lover and makes children with powerful alpha male muslim, muslim hunk gets yet another girlfriend to fuck and breed children while hindu hubby gets to keep his wife and not lose respect of being impotent before whole world and also raise beautiful children bred from the strong sperm of Musalmaan bull

    2nd option is to divorce and seek alimony. Indian laws are in favour of muslim men and hindu women so that they can enjoy together. If husband doesn’t agree, just seek divorce on grounds of impotency and get alimony and live with a powerful Muslim stud as his 2nd or 3rd or even 4th wife happily.

    My request to Hindu women is to use one of above 2 options.
    My request to Hindu men, if you cannot satisfy your wife, please do not deny them rights of good bed time. Let them enjoy bigger and stronger cocks of muslims. You would have worked and studied hard and got beautiful wife but you must understand this is not enough. Use this money to hire a strong muslim driver or bodyguard or anyother thing. Pay him monthly salary and employ him as a Bull. For outside world he will be your servant but inside he will be the master. He will fuck your wife and ensure that wife doesn’t divorce you or leave you and also make strong babies with your wife with his strong dick. Submit to the law of nature

  2. thankx kesav…u are really a good hubby…tumhare jaise hubby chahiye

  3. my mom too has affair with a mus bf.

  4. Yes Sreya
    My advice. Don’t marry a muslim guy. Marry hindu guy who will work hard and earn money for you. and you can use same money on some muslim lover. You can hire a muslim driver or Carpenter or mechanic and also get fucked by him without condom so that you breed superior children using his powerful cock.
    Hindu hubby will work so much that he will be tired and when he is away for work you can call this musalmaan lover and enjoy with him.

    You can also divorce after marrying a rich hindu guy, extract alimony and become 3rd wife of a musalmaan mard

  5. Haha
    So many people commenting “millionaire hindu pati ko chhod ke kangaal musalmaan ke paas jane ki kya zarurat thi.”
    People i am also a millionaire hindu pati and my wife would leave me for a muslim plumber or mechanic.
    Ye baat sirf paiso ki nahi hai. Sabse zaruri cheez hai bistar pe maze karne. Usse bada aur zyada kuchh nahi.
    Agar maine apni biwi ko musalmaan mard nahi dia hota to wo bhi mere paise pe laat maa ke kisi kangaal musalmaan office boy ke saath bhaag jati.

    Maine chalaaki ki, apne musalmaan driver, fir ek muslim waiter or abhi apne muslamaan gym trainer ko apni biwi ke saath maze karne ke liye set kar diya. Ab meri biwi kahi nahi bhagegi. meri izzat bhi bachi rahegi, meri biwi bhi aish karegi aur us musalmaan mard se paida hue bachche bhi achhe honge

  6. very real fact.but husband ko marane ki jarurat nahi h.devorce de kr muslim se sadi kar lo.aur rat din musalman lund chudo.

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