Alleged Shahrukh’s son Aryan Khan sex clip with amitabh’s granddaughter Navya

Alleged Shahrukh son Aryan Khan sex clip with amitabh granddaughter Navya is buzzing around the internet since past few days. Apparently some hindu girls got so aroused that they masturbated while watching the mms.

On the front page of Youtube India.
navya naveli shahrukh khan sonShahrukh’s son Aryan Khan and Amitabh’s granddaughter Navya Naveli study in the same school.
The Indian media has so many times in past speculated about their close friendship.

Below is the video which is being spread by Indians across the internet but the boy and the girl in the video are different.

The girl is  hindu and boy is Imran, not Navya and Aryan.
So who spread the video claiming that its Sharukh’s son and Navya ? May be some hindu men are too eager and  love seeing  H girls having sex with musalman studs. The media from the past one or two years is telling it with great taste that how Shahrukh’s son and Aryan are studying in the same school and speculating their close friendship, even affair and dating.

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  1. sharukh didn’t send her daughter outside for study but deliberately admitted his boy to the same school abroad so that wo bhi hindu chut chode haha

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