Another prominent woman from bengal who fancies Musalmans

angana chatterji hot

She is like Arundhati Roy, fond of Musalmans, not afraid to show it in the open.
This is Angana Chatterji born and raised in Kolkata, Bengal and now lives in USA. She is pro free-Kashmir and pro-pak closely worked with ghulam nabi fai. I know even more bengali ladies who love musalmans and this is in their blood 😉
As usual the Indian news channels calling her agent of isi but the truth is that liberal independent bengali hendu women can do anything for Musalmans they fancy the beef eaters haha.
maal to hai.
Loves sharing the dais with musalmans.

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  1. That’s what happens when a hindu women gets real hard penis of muslim they become totally devoted to them

  2. Remember Benajir Bhutto…She had an orgam when she was ravished by Rajiv Gandhi. We, Indians like juicy pussys of muslim girls…..some more days…we are coming to Lahore and Islamabad with our two million army men to give the Pakistanis a taste of Indian dick.Angana Chatterjee will be rewarded for her love for Pakistan.We shall make her the CEO of Hiramandi in Lahore.

    • comming from a bengali boy banerjee. First go ask ur bengoli sister why she likes muslim cock

    • I am a bengali Hindu too and I dont agree with you Vinayak. Bengali girls have a very strong weakness for Muslim dicks. After my dad left my mom she found a big strong muslim man for herself. She changed her religion and name and my step dad has kept her pussy satisfied by fucking her 2-3 times daily. Unfortunately I live in US now and cant watch my hindu mom getting fucked daily anymore.

      Since I am bisexual I have found a nice muslim pakistani dick for myself. I am so lucky that he lets me suck his dick and eat his cum everyday. I am proud to say that from now on I will only be sucking muslim guys dicks.

      If you wanna talk more ass me at [email protected]

  3. Muslims keep their women in burqah.They fear that if they allow them to go outside and enjoy liberty all Muslim men will remain bachelor because their sisters will marry a hindu.

  4. i love muslim cockkkkkkkk

  5. Ye iski marzi hai wo jo krna chahy…and if she wants a muslim guy then whats the problem???? Inter religon sex is fantasy for many people…i peraonally dont find anything offensive here…

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