Arundhati Roy bengali lust for musalman mard

arundhati roy love muslim

Now on the topic.arundhati roy muslim husbandThis is a prominent Bengali face that needs no introduction, she is a proof enough that how much liberal bengali hindu chicks lust of big musalmani cocks and there is nothing to hide, its an established fact and anyone refuting it has to be lame. Another famous face that comes up in my mind is Sushmita Banerjee who ran away to Afghanistan from west bengal with her Muslim lover and found out that he already had a wife there  and she was his other wife but by then she was so deeply in love with powerful musalmani cock that she said nothing and accepted it. There is another well known woman I know who is also bengali and falls for muslim men but I will tell you about her some other day.
arundhati roy hotShe loves sharing the dais with hardcore musalmans like Yaseen Malik as you can see in the above pic.

Such type of comments on her are very common. Recently reading an article came across another such comment. A Hindu guy himself confirming it that yes she enjoys Musalman’s cock willingly.
arundhati roy muslim men

Every one knows that she enjoys big tight extra hard Musalmani cocks. This is the story of maximum bengali ladies who have embraced the power and strength of real hard men the musalmans.

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  1. sale darpok…tu log pehele hindu tha darke mare muslim ban gya toh allah chus chus ke tu logo ka land ab bara kar diya kya re.

    • हिन्दु लडकियों को मुसल्मानो के लंड ही पसन्द आते हैं ?

  2. Chutiye Aesa nahi he lode kabhi apni bahen se bhi puch liya kar

  3. Muslims k bare me aisa na bolen sandip …sachai KO apnao..Muslims takatwar or himmatwale hote

  4. hosakta Hai yeh fantasy ho..or kuch baten fake bhi par 50% is site ki baaten sach hain..or nahi toh aisi fantasy logo KO bhi pasamd aarhi..jisme Muslim mard or Hindu auraton ka pyar ho.

  5. Muje mail karo maine mail kita ha manisha

  6. Pata nai Yar mereko darr lagta ki kahin Mai apne pati KO dhoka toh nai derhai isliye khud KO ROK leti hu..par muje Muslim mardo se lagao sa hogya Hai..kahin bhi koi muje dadhi wala Muslim dikhta toh muje yeah site k bare me yaad ajata..aplog ki personality bhi achi lagti

  7. Koi hai ji mujhe try karegi manisha sach bol rahi hau tu

  8. Manisha ppzzzz mail karrooo

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