Bengali girl wants Fawad Khan to stay in India


I do not need to tell you about Fawad Khan’s hotness and us Hindu girls’ weakness for him. Right from Hindu fans (esp. males) wishing to see Fawad bang Shraddha Kapoor ( to a Hindu girl accepting him as hot despite his alleged anti India remarks (, all Indians worship Fawad.
Now, a Bengali girl by the name Ananya Bhattacharya has written about keeping Fawad Khan in India. (Read: Ananya also praised Ali Zafar, another hottie.

She says “Let Fawad stay in India, please. We can do without the other Pakistani artists.” She also indicates Indian women really love fawad, he is also an eye candy for them.
This is what the title of that article means in the context.
Apna man maar kar, dil pe pathar rakh kar, aur pakistani mardo k bina kaam chal jayega par Fawad k bina bilkul bhi nahi chalega.
Under pressure in the current scenario reluctantly with a heavy heart she is ready to sacrifice other pak actors for Fawad. Just another case of a hindu girl who loves paki muslim stud Fawad
indain fawad fan

Vaise pasand to Shahrukh bhi bahot haishahrukh fan

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