Bengali eroticism

bengali women

The video below is a TV advertisement which gives an insight into Bengali Hindu culture.  It shows Hindu women taking advantage of sacred events like Pooja when they mingle with men and seduce them for sex but still they are not satisfied and so desperate because of the fact that they can only be satisfied by powerful musalmans.
This seems to be the reason why some musalmans visit events like pooja only make their presence felt because when a hindu lady comes to know the man in front of her is a musalman she shows some signs of interest, she doesn’t think twice before grabbing his cock and in the next instance she is in bed with her contraceptive pill ready as she wants to experience his cock without the blanket of condom.

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  1. this may have been taken from a deo commercial but a similar incident happened with me during this durga puja. my parents were pretty upset with me for missing the puja and i ended up giving a mind numbingly stupid excuse for missing the puja in spite of being all dressed up and ready for it.

  2. उफ
    कुछ जवान तगड़े मुस्लिम मर्दो को देख कर 28 से 34 की उम्र की शादीशुदा हिन्दू औरते ऐसा ही सपना देखने लगती हैं

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