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Submitted Post“Pehle toh main aapko Eid Mubarak kahunga. Main bhi ek hindu hun aur aapka blog padha maine. Jo bhi dekha, usse mujhe bura lagaa. Aapki baat kuchh hadd tak sahi hai. Main apni mother aur sister ko include nahi karunga cuz we belong to a society which is well connected through roots to our religion. Lekin main samajhta hun aapki site kuchh hadd tak reality zaroor batati hai. Aur aap log hote honge powerful, main disagree nahi karta, aap log din bhar nonveg khate ho, aur hum lauki ki sabzi aur roti. Asal mein dikkat hamari qaum mein hai. Aur hamari kuchh aurtein adultery karti hain kyonki unhone kabhi apne husband ko love nahi kiya, sirf lust dhoondha.Aur hamari qaum mein na koi lead karney wala hai aur na hi kisi ke paas mein dimaag hai. Jews bhi ab 1% of the world population hain, Zoroastrians bhi ab khatam ho chukey hain. Aur agla target hum log hain. Lekin mera ye sawaal nahi hai, mera sawaal yeh hai ki aap logo ko kya milta hai aisa kar ke? Kya insaan ko insaan samajhne ki aapki zimmedari nahi banti? Itni nafrat kyon hum se?
Thank you.
Jai Hind.”

My Answer in simple words
This is a natural process, its the “Survival of the fittest, toughest and the strongest”. Even if you see the animals in jungle the stronger ones eat the weaker ones like for example tiger and lion and in case of humans too this is true, your stupid morals and self righteousness may make you think that all are equal but in reality the stronger and tougher ones prevail, take all the pleasure and success as compared to the weaker ones.
Free thinkers are useful idiots, a strong ideology is something which keeps men unified and we have the strongest.
Now its in the nature of  most women to flock around stronger and tougher men after all who would like a weak man. They may tell you otherwise that they like polite men and blah blah blah but its in the psyche of most women they would tell you something and desire entirely different in their hearts. You are right of course many things on this site are true and so many hindu women desire for muslim cock even google agrees with it because its so popular
Musalmans often say to hindus during heated arguments and debates on social media that tumhari ladkiyo ko to musalmano k he pasand aate hai aur wo juth nahi bolte ye baat sach hai hindu ladkiyo ki chut musalmano ka lund 12th century se mang rahi hai jab musalman yaha aaye aur apni power dikhayi, survival of the toughest. Isme koi nafrat wali baat nahi ye Natural Selection hai hindu ladkiyo ka stronger musalmano k liye jo full satisfaction aur jyada maze dete hai unko. Nafrat karne k liye kuch nahi hai hindu ladkiya aur aurte khud khol k de rahi hai musalmano ko to hum kya kar sakte hai maze lene k liye hum baithe hai.

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  1. I would say you tell the truth and agree to further add to your point I am giving you the latest example of so many White European and American girls have been arrested for trying to go to Iraq to ISIS men ready to offer themselves to them and many of them have succeeded in going there like this australian girl- so pretty. Now You Must think why so pretty well Educated white girls would offer their services to these ISIS muslim men ??? Because many girls like manly ruthlessness of men they are fascinated by their ultra strong, ferocious, badass, fearless attitude and cannot help themselves.

  2. I am totaly agree with you or mai ye baat aapni sister se janta hnu

  3. lord khan sir we h girl need your help because we are just like a punching bag between two entirly diffrent comunity on one side our sober and sophisticated brother and family friends and infront of them fearlees and arrogent mus##@m boyfrnd .first group think we are responsible for all trouble and mess becuse they face furry of second group who not only brush there asses but also teach them good lesson so not able to face second group first group come and held responsible for there suffering nnot able to do much they curse second one like old woman while another group [email protected]## boys irritated when we try to save our brother and family friends from there furry they become more demanding and shed of there frustation they not only mercilessly exploit our body but degrade us and share us like a trophy just to take revenge from first one pls help—/


  5. Shelly Gupta please leave some contact here to get in touch as I would like to discuss it. Still, I am forced against my wishes to agree to the answer in this post that Muslim are certainly stronger and tougher than Hindus but what he missed out is that toughness in battlefield and in bed are two different things. But yes, Muslims are certainly far better in sex than most Hindu men. I am a Hindu man who became addicted to Muslim dicks after I tasted one. It was my Muslim friend who fucks my Hindu mom for last 3 years. He forced me to suck his dick and since then I became totally gay and look only for Muslim dicks to satisfy my sexual needs.

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