Devika fucked by a stranger

It was a December evening & being winter time it gets dark early but it had not started to get cold. That day I was going to the market in the evening at 6 pm from the ration shop. I had told my mother that I will be back home by 9 pm as I was go to my friends place too. I had wore a black skirt & red shirt. As there was a rush in the shop I gave the shopkeeper my list & was waiting outside. There were people in front & back of me.

All of a sudden the power went off & it was totally dark. Due to this all people start pushing themselves in the shop to get ration quickly. I had nowhere to go in this crowd & was pushed back. I was standing in the dark when all of a sudden I felt someone feeling my ass. I thought it must be because of the crowd. But then I felt that hand pulling my skirt up. I was frightened & pushed off that hand. But again after sometime that hand started caressing my ass & now it was putting its finger in my ass crack from over my skirt. Once again I brushed off that hand but that person after some time started it again.

I was in such a position that I could not do anything nor could I say anything.

Taking this as my positive response that hand now pulled my skirt up & made its way in my panties from back. That person was now cupping my naked ass bums from inside of the panties. After playing with my bums for some time he now put his finger in my ass crack & started rubbing his finger on my ass crack. I was feeling so afraid & ashamed but when he started playing with my ass crack with his middle finger my passions also started building up. A moan escaped my lips.

Now that person must have heard it because he put his hand around my waist & pulled me to him. My ass was resting on his lund. This was all happening with people in front of me. Then he brought his mouth near my ear & said “Maaja aa raha hai kya tumko?” I could not say anything so he asked me again. I said “Please kya kar rahe ho koi dekhega na.” As I said this he came to believe that I will not resist him so pulling me more towards him he said “Sabko ration ki padi hai koi idhar nahi dekh raha hai.Tum daro mat samjhi?”

I just nodded my head. He got more bolder & now put his both arms around my waist pulled me more closer & then put both his hand in my shirt from under and before I could realise it he was playing with my both chuchi’s. Now I was getting more & more hotter. He was now playing with my boobs & rubbing his lund on my ass. I couldnot resist & said “Please aagar kissi ne dekha to meri be-izzati hogi.” In reply he pulled me in the corner & then put both his hands under my shirt & opening the hooks of my bra said “Kyon darti ho. Kuch nahi hoga. Mouka mila hai to is jawani ka maaza loot le.”

With this now he started mauling my naked boobs gently under the shirt. I closed my eyes & started tasting the sexy sensation. Now he got more bolder & lifting my skirt from behind started rubbing his lund on my gaand. Kissing my ears he said “Badi mast aur garam ladki hai tu. Aapna haath piche dalke mera lund pakdo. Dekho kaisa mast khada hai woh.”

I also wanted to hold his lund so I put my hands behind me & felt his lund. It was feeling big & hard & hot. Then he lowered my panties a little & started rubbing my naked ass crack with his finger. My ass was exposed from back & he was playing with my boobs too. The sensation was overwhelming. I was so totally taken up by this stranger’s manipulation of my body then when I heard the shopkeeper calling my name & I came out of the dream. I cursed the shopkeeper for breaking this moment. That man also removed his hands.

Unwantingly I pulled up my panties & lowering my skirt went in the shop & took my packets. I collected my packets & instead of going to my friends place started walking home. Actually my whole body was tingling with his touch. I walked a few steps & turned to see where that person was.
I saw he was following me. My heart beat got fast. I started walking fast & as my bra hooks were open my boobs were bouncing with each step making me more & more hot. The nipples were standing up in attention waiting to be sucked & mauled. As my building came the power was also restored. I entered the gate & stopped to turn & see where he was. He was 10 steps behind me standing still.I wanted him to feel me again & so could not resist nodding my head when he asked me “isharo se” if he should come.

I couldn’t think of a good place but then decided that the back of the pump house was good as it was dark no one can see us. I started walking to the pump house with that person following me. I turned the corner & just kept the parcel when he reached there immediately. When he came face to face with me I saw that he was a guy of 25-27 yrs old,fair, tall & a good physic which meant he was a doing workouts. Even though I had called him I was standing with some hesitation as this person was a stranger to me whom I had seen for the first time just 15 minites ago. Sensing my hesitation he came near me & said “Mujhe to tera naam maloom hai. Mera naam Azhar hai. Tera naam Devika hai na?” I just nodded my head.

Azhar came near me & taking my hand in his hand said, “Devika aagar tumko daar lagta hai to mai wapas chala jata hoon. Bolo mai chala jau?”

I donot know how but I clutched his hand & said, “Nahin Azhar baat yeh hai ki hum dono aanjaan hai is liye thodi akward hoon mai.”

He pulled me towards him & said, “Koi baat nahi Devika abhi aadhe ghante mai yeh akwardness khatam hoga.”

Then without saying anything Azhar took me in his arms & putting his lips on my lips started kissing me.I too put my hands around him & started responding back. Deep kissing me Azhar now started playing with my boobs. I moved his lips from my lips & pushing it to my boobs said, “Azhar tune market mai mujhse kyon aisa kiya? Mujhe kitna daar lag raha tha agar koi dekhta to kya hota yeh bhi nahi soocha tune. Waha dusre bhi log thay na.”

Azhar started unbuttoning my shirt & said, “Devika pata nahi kyon lekin jab tu market ja rahi thi to teri chal se mujhe laga ki tu mera saath degi. Mai 10 minit tare piche khada tha aur sooch raha tha ki tujhse baat kaise badhau aur jab bijli gaye maine mauke ka faida uthaya. Ek to itna aandhera tha ki koi idhaar udhaar nahi dekh sakta tha aur aagar mare tare badan se khelne pe itraaj jatake aage jati thi to mai tera picha nahi karta tha lekin tu wahan ki wahan khadi rahi to meri himmat badhi.”
With this Azhar opened my shirt & as my bra hook was already open he removed both from my body. I was really tensed as he was making me naked just under my house. When he started removing my skirt I caught his hand & asked, “Azhar tu kya kar raha hai mare kapde utarke?”

Azhar replied that just wait & see what he wants to do. During this time Azhar had unhooked my skirt & now I was standing in front of him in just my panties. Azhar then sat on his knee & slowly started kissing my chut from over my panty. Then slowly keeping his lips on my chut he started removing my panties & at last he was kissing my naked chut. I just couldnot resist & caught his head & pushed it on my chut & said, “Oooohhhhhhh Azharmmmmm. Uuuuuuffffffffffff tune to mujhe nanga hi kar diya. Leee aur chus.”

My chut was without hair & now he put his tounge in my chut & was sucking my clitoris hard. I just couldnot stand it & pushing him away laid myself down on the ground totally naked.

Then Azhar removed his shirt & pant & I could see his lund making a tent pole in his undies. Then Azhar sat in my legs & with both hands stretched my cunt lips & put his tounge in my chut & started eating my chut & simultanously playing with my boobs. I just couldnot believe that I was sleeping naked with a man I just met, in a open ground under my house & that he was eating my pussy. Then licking my chut Azhar turned his waist to me & now his lund was over my face. I could smell that male husky odour from his undies. I started rubbing my face over his lund & then biting it softly from above.

When I removed his lund from its confines I was very happy. Azhar’s lund was 8″ long & nearly 4″ thick & it was circumised lund. I kissed its head & caressing it took it in my eager waiting mouth sucking it throughout its length rotating my tounge over its red head. I could feel Azhar getting excited because he was now pushing his lund in & out of my mouth fucking my mouth in the process. Also he was rubbing my boobs with his knees & eating my chut with caressing my ass crack. I was just in heaven savouring each & every delight that Azhar’s tongue & lund were offering me & started to grinding my chut on his face.

Due to Azhar’s sucking I came twice which he lapped up like a dog. At last I couldnot bear it & said, “Azhar please ab aao aur mare badan ki garmi nikalo.”

Kissing my chut Azhar said, “Devika tare badan ki garami kaise nikau bolo. Teri chut chodke ya gaand chodke?”

I was so hot that I kissed his lund hard & said, “Azhar tu meri chut mai yeh lund dalke mujhe chod chodke thanda kar pehle, uske baad tujhe jo karna hai kar.”

Hearing my begging Azhar got up, spread my legs wide & sitting in that space bringing his lund on my chut & asked, “Devika yeh pehle baar hai ya pehle bhi chudai ki hai?”

I caught his lund & putting it on my chut said, “Azhar maine pehle bhi chudai ki hai. To tu mare chillane ka daar chood aur chod daal meri chut.”

Hearing this Azhar put both my legs on his shoulders & catching my gaand pushed his lund in my chut. It was a little painful because his lund was big but once its head entered my chut it was not painful. Azhar gave 8-10 hard pushs & at last uska poora lund meri chut mai gaya. Now Azhar started fucking me with great strength. We both used to bang our bodies together & move back in rythem. I was getting my chut filled with lund after nearly 3 months.

I took his mouth on my boobs & said, “Oh Azhar bahut maza aa raha hai. Aur zorse chod mujhe raja. Bahoot dino ke pyaasi chut hai meri. Aaj tujhse chudane ke baad sakoon milega haiiiiiiiiiii aurrrrr zorrrrr zorrrrrrrse maaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr meri chuchiyaaaaa masalllllll aur choos choos ke doodh nikal.”

Sucking & massaging my boobs & fucking my chut with speed Azhar said, “Haan Devika Rani mai bhi aaisi mast chut pehle baar chod raha hoon. Tujhe aaisa chodunga ki tu mare lund ki diwani banegi aur baar baar mujhse chudwa legi.”

Azhar continued his speed fucking my chut, with playing with my whole body for the next 15-20 mins. Then I felt myself approaching climax & started moving my chut up & down faster. Azhar was also on the verge. At last he took out his lund till the hilt & then slammed it very hard in my chut biting my nipple & releasing his load in my chut. I was totally exhausted & we both were panting huffing but kissing each other.
Kissing my nipples Azhar said, “Devika nikal gayee teri chut ki garmi ya ab bhi kuch baki hai Rani?”

I kissed his face & said, “Azhar aaj 3 mihino baad meri chut ko shanti mili. Tune to meri barso ki garmi bujha di raja.”

Then Azhar got up from my body & helped me to stand. As I started to wear my clothes he stopped me & said, “Devika jaldi hai kya tujhe abhi thoda time baitho baat karne.”

I saw the time & it was 8 pm. I had one more hour, so I agreed & Azhar sat down & took me & made me sit on his lap. We both were stark naked & Azhar’s hands were on my boobs. I couldnot resist asking him & said, “Azhar ek baat bolo, Tu market mai mare hi piche kyo pada? Tujhe kaise malum tha ki mai tare harkat se chup rahungi.”

Pulling me more close to his body Azhar said, “Devika mai teri chal pe fida ho gaya. Tu jab chalti hai na tab teri yeh chuchiya uchalte aur yeh gand matakti hai. Lekin mai tare piche kyon aaya to mujhe aaisa teri chaal se laga ki tu chudwati hai aur bahoot dino se pyasi hai. Maine soocha tare badan se thoda khelkar dekhu ki tu haat lagti hai kya. Aur dekh mera aandaz sahi nikla na?”

I turned sitting face-to-face on his lap said, “Haan Azhar tera aandaz sahi nikla. Ab tu aur mai jab mauka mile kahi milange aur chudai karange. Bol milange na?”

Putting his hands on my ass Azhar said yes but then said, “Devika mai to aaj teri yeh gaand bhi chodna chahata hoon. Teri matakti gaand ne hi mera dhyan tujhpe laya. Chal na ab gaand chodne de na.”

I was afraid to take his big lund in my gaand as my gaand had not been fucked for a more longer time then my chut & said so to him but he was adamant. Also when I said that I am getting late he persisted. Then taking his soft lund in my hands I said, “Azhar tu meri gand marna chahata hai par tera lund to so gaya hai. Isko khada kaise karega tu?”

Azhar stood up & brought his lund near my lips & said, “Devika teri gaand marne mera lund aapne mast hooto se chooske khada kar. Phir dekh mera lund teri gaand kaise chod dalta hai meri Raani.”

Again I started sucking his gorgeous piece of meat called lund manipulating it with my tongue biting its head softly rubbing his testicles & kissing them too. After 2-3 minites Azhar’s lund was standing like a rageing bull who sees a red cloth. Here the red cloth was my beautiful gaand which was about to be savagingly fucked by Azhar. Then making me go on my fours like a bitch in heat Azhar put his lund on my asshole & holding my waist gave a mighty shove.

It started paining a lot but I resisted from shouting as that would have surely brought someone here. So I bit my lips hard & kept quite. Waiting for sometime Azhar then gave a second push & his lund went inside fully. I said to him to wait for my gaand to adjust to his lund so Azhar bent over me & caught both my boobs & started playing with my nipples. Now I could feel some comfort so I told him to start.

Hearing this Azhar caught my waist & now started pounding his lund deeper & deeper in my gaand shaking my whole body with his assault mauling my boobs mercilessly. I was now enjoying his fucking. So I also started meeting his strokes more freely relaxing my ass muscles. Azhar put one finger in my chut & fucking my ass said,”Devika maaza aa raha hai na. Sach bolta hoon teri gaand lajawab hai Rani. Mera lund aaise tight gaya hai teri gaand mai ki mujhe bekarar bana raha hai.Hai aaise gaand chodne to mai kuch bhi karu.”
Keeping up my pace I said, “Azhar mujhe bhi bada maaza aa raha hai. Itne din mera badan bhoka tha lekin aaj to ek saath meri chut aur gaand chodke tune mujhe aaisa anand diya hai ki mai kya kahu. Aur zorse maar meri gaand.”

Mera baat sunke Azhar got more hot & started fucking me faster & harder. At last after half hour he held me very tight & released his cum in my gaand.

We both were very tired & sat down like that to regain our breath. After the fuck we got up & when I started to wear my panty Azhar took my panty & bra & said, “Devika teri yeh bra aur panty aajse mare pass rahegi tare chikne badan ki yaad mai.”

I could not refuse it to him as he had given me a great time just smiled & kissed him & said ok & then wore my skirt & shirt & promising to meet Azhar tomorrow we parted with my whole body getting a feeling of huge sexual relaxation.


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  4. Aur maza lo musalman ke lund ka Devika, tumharai garam hindu chut bani hai hamary circumcised muslim louday ke liye hai.

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