Found a Muslim guy

Hi. I have found new trustful muslim friend. After telling my fantasy of my wife having muslim boyfriend & chatting with him for many months, I gave my wife’s number to him last week. He whatsapped my wife on last Thursday saying Hi and telling her that he saved her number and forgot whose number it was. Then he texted her 5-6 msgs. Again he msgd on Sunday, he told my wife that she is cute. Yesterday my wife showed me his pic on whatsapp and told me that is handsome. She told me that he is trying to flirt wit her.

All these thing makes my dick erect . I have jerked thinking they both having sex. I think soon they will have an affair.

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  1. I hope it works out for you. Please keep us informed. I would love to know if your friend starts giving it to her regularly.

  2. Really…
    Would love to know the part ahead.
    I hope he’d let her cry in pain at the best memories…

    • My wife asked me about muslim men penis. She also said that she her life would be good she married muslim man , she talk lot about muslim men nowadays

  3. @arun – congratulations…

  4. Arun, congratulations. You are really lucky to get such a good trustworthy muslim friend and a good wife. Hope it really works out for you. Keep us posted.

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