Garba sex hindu girls

garba sexGarba is an event where you can easily find a willing hindu girl and get laid.  Muslim studs go to Garba and easily find a girl and when the hindu girl comes to know that the man in front of her is a musalman he gets extra attention from her. Most of the time the hindu girls gets laid with musalman and enjoys his hard circumcised cock. Its a fact that sex and pregnancies during events like navratri garba are on a high which is also reported in the media.
Recently a politician said that, during garba ID cards of males should be checked and muslim studs should not be allowed in Garba.
This is the impact of sex power of the musalmans during garba hindu girls like to go with musalmans willingly and hindu guys are left empty joggling their cocks. This desperate move shows their frustration but the musalman studs will still go because they are daring and this bold risk taking move would make hindu girls more attracted towards them and at the end hindu ladies would flip their middle finger and ride big cocks of the beef eaters.
During Garba hindu girls flaunt their bodies in deep back sarees and cholis. The politician also said that hindu girls should not wear backless sarees and cholis and show their bodies in garba which is impossible as they have been flaunting and revealing their skin for centuries and they aint going to stop now, the clothes only gonna get sorter and shorter.
I see a hidden message here what the politician really meant was that don’t show your flesh in backless sarees and cholis because musalman men with more testosterone might get lured and you would end up naked in the bed with them because of their passion, superior sex power and bedroom stamina with bigger cocks and at the end after that you would never want any other cock.


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  1. I had sex with 2 hindu girls last year in garba they sucked my cock to the core, it was too easy

  2. congrats!!!……i am fucking married muslim womens and make them to scream…..muslims rise and discover the real power of pork eating hindu mans….pork is even served in indian army at cold places and high altitude areas…..muslim womens just beg for my cock…because muslim men cannt satisfy their 2 wives…LOL….but this is a fact and its true

    • The fact that muslims are allowed to have for 4 wives even in India and they can do it easily also shows the amount of sexual power and vigor they have on the other hand for hindu one wife 7 janam lol xd and that wive too in many cases go for musalman men for real sexual satisfaction.

  3. musalaman ki aakal gand me ghus gayi hai….itna hi dam hai mullo to saudi arabia ke kisi musalman ladki se nikaah karke dikaho tab jaane………


  4. after garba, muslim hamari lehna choli utar kar pahle nanga karte hain fir samuhik sambhog karte hain jahan hindu ladkiyan line mein nangi khadi hoti hai aur unke muslim malik unse hawas puri karte hain.fir hamare gore saje jism par apna thik cum girate hain.

  5. muslmano k paas or kuch kaam ny hota kya terrorist ,,,, rapiest….. is world ki narrow minded com h muslman

  6. True…Manju..i strongly agree with u.

  7. hi manju, sujata kulkarni

    aurat aur kia maangti hai. aap log sach bolo? agar admi kuch na karay tu kehti hoo na mard hai kuch karay tu badmash, kamina hai.

    aap logo ka naughty things ka mon bi karta hai aur acting bi karti hoo.

  8. Raja u r right.

    kaisay makeup kar kay ghar say nikalti hay, kay koy pasand karay koy sexy bolay koy hot bolay , koy tang karay.

  9. Gori Hindu girl with beautiful feet and toes coloured and anklets in her legs being fucked by black big Lund of a Muslim with her gore legs wrapped around his waist makes me hard and I masturbate thinking of this. Congratulations Muslims for getting to fuck these beauties.

  10. Garba holi Navrata to sab bahana hai.. Asli maksad to adhnanga badan dikha k mullo ko uksanaa hai. chote chote kapdo ka zamana hai.. school collage aur jhadiyo me mullo se haaay haaye uff uff kar k chudwana hai 😉

    gmail: [email protected]
    kik: deviarti

  11. सच है नवरात्रि अब हिन्दू बुर की मुस्लिम चुदाइ का पर्व हो गया पजा पंडाल मे हम हिन्दू अपनी बहन बेटियों को मुसलमानों से चोदवाने के लिए भेजने है औऱ मुसलमान हमारी नवरात्रि की व्रत बहन बेटियों को नौ दिनो तक एकदम नंगी करके सैकड़ो बार अपने कटे लंड से लगातार चोदके जन्नत की सैर कराते है

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