Gaurav becomes Gauri

H guy Gaurav Arora is now Gauri

Now she can try a muslim lund maybe, would look hot on those lips.

Feminization complete 100%

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  1. I want to do this as well

  2. al ready a boy has done for a paki lover boy he change his gender / sex for muslim Paki lund. , Enjoy and use Muslim lund for fun

    • Ahmad
      I am ready to do that as well for you.
      will you accept me as your wife?
      I have no problem if you keep me a secret wife. You can marry other girls but just make me one of your 4 wives.
      I am rich and so you can come stay with me or just come and fuck me.
      Please share your email id
      If you want i will undergo this operation and become a traditional hindu lady for you

  3. ohmm wish to to do him as well. but make him like tradition hindu lady.

  4. Obivuosly he has tasted Muslim hunk cock, and since Muslim men prfer pretty woman he has become a girl. Kitani pyari lag rahai hain na Gauri didi..

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