My girlfriend Pooja and landlord Karim

I am Nikhil Rao 24 year old now. This happened about 6 years back when i was in college. I had a girlfriend her name was Pooja Shastri, she was a year junior to me. We were friends from our childhood. And our parents had accepted our relation and had decided that we could get married once we both were settled in our careers.

Pooja was like an angel, fair, 5.4 ft tall, slim but fleshy at the right places. Long black hair, reaching her waist even with a braid. Like all southindia girls she liked to dress traditionally sometimes wearing a half saree and flowers in her hair. She really looked gorgeous when she did that.

My dad was manager at a PSU bank, which means he would be transferred from one place to another periodically. This time he got his transfer orders right in the middle of academic year and I was in 12th. So we decided that I would rent a room and join my parents after my exams.

So I found a neat room in a quite locality and was happily enjoying my new found freedom. Pooja would visit me frequently, and we would talk and study together, watch TV, engaged in romantic talk and discussed our future. But we never did anything more than smooching or cuddling, as she was very conservative and I respected her feelings as I also came from a conservative family.

One unfortunate day one of my seniors said he wanted to close a debt so he wanted to sell his bike, I always wanted to buy a bike and I really liked his bike and he was selling it really cheap as he was in a hurry. I told him I was interested. He said he would sell it to me if I paid the money on the same day or else he would not promise he would keep it, as he had to repay the debt immediately. Unfortunately i could not reach my dad or mom in time to ask for the money, so he suggested that I can talk to the guy whom he owes money. He was a private money lender I told him that if he lends me money I can return it back within a few days. He said ok but said he would charge a very high interest rate. If I did not pay all the money I would have to repay in instalments along with the interest, which was exorbitant but I was confident my dad would give me the money once I reached him in a few days so I agreed.

I spoke to dad that night, and he was furious. I obviously did not tell him that I had taken a loan from a private lender otherwise I don’t know what he would have done. He told me to return the bike at once. So the next day I went and told the guy who sold the bike to return my money and take his bike, but he said that was not possible now since he already repaid the money to the lender. I could not find any buyer either as I realised I had purchased it a much higher amount. Now I was stuck I had no option but to somehow manage the instalments without informing my parents. I told this to Pooja, she was furious too, but later came up with a solution. I was getting some pocket money plus the rent from my dad every month. We figured if I could cut down on my expenses and stay at a much cheaper place we could pay the instalments from the saved money and in the meanwhile try to sell the bike.

I loved the idea and began looking for a cheaper house. I knew I had to look into some shabby localities. Finally I found one house really cheap with which I could save my instalments without even cutting down on my expenses. But, the house was in a really shabby and crowded locality, a Muslim area.

It was dingy house with a room, kitchen and bathroom above a small shop. The house and shop was owned by a person known as Karim chacha. He was a pretty non-descript kind of guy, big, burly, beer belly, bald, and in his mid fifties or 60s I thought. Typical Muslim looks with a beard and skull cap.

Seemed to be a very devout Muslim. I noticed all women wore burkha. He had 2 wives and god knows how many children. He used to sit in the shop. I and Pooja did not like the way he looked at Pooja from day one. He would stare her top to bottom when he thought we were not looking. One day Pooja came to my room and we had a big fight over something. I ended up sitting on the chair fuming and feeling guilty, she ended up walking downstairs and sitting on a bench nearby, crying

Karim chacha, was downstairs at the time doing whatever shopkeepers do. Noticing that Pooja had dashed out in tears he gave her a moment and then cautiously went over to see if she was ok. When she didn’t really respond he sat next to her she was slightly taken aback by this, but when he offered her some sympathy she soon relaxed and it all came tumbling out, how I was a terrible guy and I didn’t care about her etc.

Gradually she calmed down and they got to chatting about other things, eventually he’d pretty much cheered her up. Pooja was always a very chatty girl. That pervert took advantage and moved closer his thighs touched her at which point she got angry, stopped chatting abruptly, gave him an earful and got up and came upstairs

Pooja and I settled our differences soon after. And started loving each other even more, to the extent that I convinced her that we should do mutual masturbation. She agreed reluctantly to it on the condition that I would keep my pants on while I was masturbating her and vice versa. So, that evening, she was wearing a knee length skirt. I asked her to pull her skirt up. Even though I had never done it but I had read and seen videos of tongue job. I could she her fair smooth thighs, her yellow panty was driving me crazy. I caressed her thighs she moaned, then I slowly pulled her panty down, I could feel she was awkward and reluctant to expose her private part. But I did it anyways; her pussy was gorgeous, pink in colour, surrounded by soft and silky hair. I touched it and she whimpered, I slowly started rubbing her clit and she started moaning. Now I brought my mouth close to her pussy and started licking and sucking it, there was a bit of urine taste but I absolutely loved it. She was now moaning in ecstasy. I started licking her clit up and down, and she held the bed sheet tight in excitement. Her head moving from one side to the other in pleasure. I was alternately sucking and drinking her juices. After about 20 minutes of vigorous licking and sucking she let out a scream “aaaah yesssssss” and orgasmed. I licked and swallowed all the juices.

After a few minutes I told her it was my turn now. She said that she would not take my cock in mouth but would do it with hands. So I pulled my track pant and underwear down there was a wet spot on it due to the precum. My cock was hard and throbbing in anticipation. Pooja looked at it took a deep sigh and moved her hand to it feeling it briefly. And I screamed “oh shittt” and ejaculated at the mere touch of her fingers.

“Oh Nikhil” Pooja exclaimed.
We cleaned up and started chatting after a while.
Pooja threw a bombshell and asked “Nikhil, is your cock a little smaller than usual”
“Not at all I replied, where did you see other cock by the way” I asked
“My friend showed me pics on the internet” she replied
“Oh common Pooja don’t be so stupid, you know those things on the internet are fake and altered. Lets read up about this like educated people” I held her close and said, with a big sigh of relief actually.
“And as we know it’s not about the size isn’t it?” I asked her looking into her eyes lovingly
She nodded her head in agreement.

I really was curious and anxious about knowing this stuff and decided to ask a sexologist online about all my doubts. I mentioned everything in detail like my penis size which was 5 inches when erect and that it took me 2-3 minutes to cum when I masturbated etc. I waited anxiously for the reply. I would check the website often to see if there was any reply. The reply arrived in a couple of days.

The good doctor said everything was normal and not to worry about anything. My penis was about average size with about 80% Indians having the same size and that gave me immense relief. It further said based on medical research an average Indian man lasted about 3-10 minutes only.

And also that I shouldn’t be worried about the size so much anyways because women’s vagina would expand with age and after pregnancy and it would need a lot external stimulation to get vaginal orgasm, as they would lose the feeling of penis inside. I was overjoyed at the reply and showed it to Pooja with the triumphant expression of “I told you so”.

Luckily for me this session got Pooja interested in this kind of sexual pleasure. And we would do this whenever it was possible. Also now I was able to withhold my ejaculation for 2-3 minutes.

My respect for Pooja grew by bounds as she never allowed me to remove my pants while I was masturbating her; she wanted to keep her virginity.

I was usually out of the house at my college from morning to evening. But as exams came closer and the college syllabus was over pooja and I decided we would come early from college in afternoon and study at my place and off course indulge in a bit of fun.

So it was the first day we started co-study, we had been studying for about an hour I was explaining something to Pooja we were both looking into her paper, she was so close I could smell her hair and see her beautiful neck I put my hand on her shoulders she too put her head on my chest. I was about to kiss her when we heard karim chacha talking downstairs. His bedroom was right under our room. Since nobody was at his house in afternoon other than him and his wives we could hear them clearly.

He was talking to one of his wives

“Zarina nada Khol jaldi”

“are thoda sabr to karo is umar me itni besabri baccho ke bacche bhi ab bade ho chuke hai” his wife

We both immediately realised what was going on and smiled at each other thinking it was fun to hear an old couple trying to have sex.

Then there was silence for some time some kissing noises and then a scream from his wife “hai allah dheere dalo aaa mar gayi”

I was totally shocked inside this was contrary to what the doctor had said, this guy was in his 60s and his wife was definitely in her 50s and had given birth to lots of kids and yet she was screaming in pain when he was entering her.

It gave me shivers to think what if Pooja was thinking the same.

Now the bed started creaking mixed with his grunts and her sceams and squeals in pain. Slowly the creaking increased as did her screams and his grunts. The sounds becoming sloppy and wet as time progressed. We heard her let out loud scream and realised that she had orgasmed, but the bed kept creaking. And she kept screaming in orgasm few times more. It went on like for 45 minutes. I was pretty sure he was inserting something else and not his cock he must have cummed long back I thought. But then I heard him give a loud grunt hard and realised it was now that he had cummed.

I was so focussed on what was happening downstairs I did not notice what Pooja was doing, when I turned around to see her she had her hands in her panty and was rubbing vigorously. Her eyes closed. All that noise had made her extremely horny. She opened her eyes and looked at me and beckoned me down, I realised what she wanted and I slid below the sofa, sat between her knees pulled her panties down. Her pussy was soaking wet by now I had never seen it so wet. I moved my tongue and licked all her sweet salty juices. And started licking her clit she was just screaming in pleasure today and when she cummed she cummed a lot in spurts spraying her juices all over my face. And then lay there spent up completely. As usual I licked all her juices and cleaned her pussy.

After a few minutes I asked her to do me. So she got up and started unbuckling my pants. My mind was all the time thinking about the kind of cock karim chacha might be having. Now my pants were down and Pooja started rubbing my cock over the underwear

Part way through she told me that our pervy old landlord had tried to touch her and after relating the whole, although somewhat short, story I blew my load and spunked up her there and then inside my underwear

“Oh so you like the idea of that dirty old man feeling me up then do you?” she teased while I looked slightly shame faced. I have to admit I did like the idea although that kind of thing really hadn’t crossed my mind up until then.

Anyway she carried on teasing me along the same sorts of lines talking about how big he might etc and I soon had another raging hard on (those were the days). She pulled the underwear down but this time she was constantly whispering all the dirty things she could imagine Karim chacha doing to her whilst she gently fingered my arse. As you can imagine all of this combined soon sent me over the edge and I emptied my balls one last time.

Now we heard Karim talking again but his time the woman’s voice was different I realized it was his second wife. This guy had an undying sexual hunger. He pumped the other wife too for quarter of an hour, amidst her screams and moans. Pooja has again brought herself to the edge hearing the sounds.

Fast forward two weeks and I fucked up again, but this time it was serious.

The door to the room was also the back door to the shop and a condition of us staying there was that the door would be locked at all times with no exceptions. One day I invited a few friends over and although I did not drink they wanted to. I knew it was risk because Karim chacha had warned us that no alcohol will be allowed in his house, so we had to do it secretly. While my friends were still drinking I decided to go back have a bath. I was so tired that day that soon after the bath I told my friends to finish off and wake me up while leaving and fell asleep only to be awoken about thirty minutes later by a banging on the bathroom door. I jumped out covered myself up and opened the door to be confronted by our irate landlord.

It turned out that while I was asleep a couple of my friends had wandered in via the back door and feeling hungry had started helping themselves to some snacks they found stacked up at the bottom of the stairs. I had forgotten to lock the door and upon discovery my friends had told Karim chacha that I had told them it was fine just to wander in and wait for me. Karim chacha wasn’t happy and told me that we had 24 hours to find somewhere else to live. I got angry back and said fine it’s a dump anyway and it went downhill from there.

Several hours later I’d cooled down and felt a right idiot, how could I find another place as cheap and pay the instalments, and I had to tell pooja She as furious as expected. I had nowhere to live. Next day we had to figure out where we were going to live.

When next day came, we’d both calmed down and tried to come up with some ideas. In fact I was trying to work up the courage and figure out the best way to tell her my ‘crazy idea that might just work’ that I’d come up with during a sleepless night.

“What the fuck are you going to do?” Pooja moaned holding her head in her hands.

I bit my lip, my stomach was churning and I felt incredibly light headed. It was now or never. “Well the landlord likes you doesn’t he? Why don’t you see if you can talk him round?”

“Well yeah but what do you mean? The only time I really talked to him he tried to put his hand on my skirt…” she stopped and looked at me, her face holding an expression I just couldn’t read and still can’t today when I picture that moment.

“Just go and have a chat with him, you might get him to see reason I dunno…” I was backpedalling fast now and we both knew it.

“Just fuck off and leave me alone for a bit,” Pooja sat on the sofa thinking and I left her to it, heading to the bedroom to pack some of the stuff.

About ten minutes later I heard her get up and walk towards the bedroom, but instead of coming in she turned off and I heard her walking down the stairs. My heart was thumping like a jackhammer and my stomach doing somersaults. I had sent rabbit to a lion’s den.

I gave it a minute or two before creeping over to the bedroom door and sure enough I could just about make out voices downstairs. One was raised enough for me to know it was karim telling Pooja that I had to be out this evening and that was that. The other voice I couldn’t really make out but I knew it was Pooja trying to talk him round. Gradually the voices got quieter and quieter, I could hear Pooja saying yes, ok, until eventually they both seemed to stop altogether. I crept back quietly, expecting Pooja to come back up the stairs with bad news, but when she didn’t come I got curious and peeped down the stairs. I couldn’t see anything and still couldn’t hear anything, so holding my breath I crept down the stairs to see what was going on.

At the moment I poked my head around the corner at the bottom of the stairs I’m still amazed to this day they didn’t hear my heart beating like a hammer, but to be fair they did seem to have other things on their minds. I could see straight into the stock room where my 17 year old conservative , shy future wife was passionately kissing our fat, balding,, bearded 60 odd year old muslim landlord Karim. He had pulled her skirt up at the back and had his hand inside her tights and knickers groping her arse and having a good feel around. The sight of this old pervert’s hand in my young girlfriends knickers and the sounds of their lips smacking and squelching, Pooja’s little moans and our landlords grunts and heavy breathing gave me the fastest erection I think I’ve ever had and I’m surprised I didn’t cum there and then.

This carried on for what seemed like ages and I was spellbound, they still hadn’t noticed me when Karim chacha stopped kissing her for a second “Shall we go upstairs baby?” he asked, Pooja just nodded slightly out of breath. “Is your sissy friend there?” Pooja nodded and giggled in his mouth kissing his mouth. I was so humiliated to see that but my cock twitched.

They stood for a couple of minutes, Pooja looking up into his eyes as he looked down at her, her skirt up around her waist with her tights and knickers pulled slightly down and his hand now moving rhythmically between her buttocks obviously fingering her. “Come on then,” he breathed, pulling her forward into him and kissing her one more time.

I crept as quickly as I could back upstairs and sat down in the room grabbing the first thing I saw to read which turned out was the microwave instruction manual. My hands were shaking when I heard two sets of footsteps on the stairs, Pooja give a little yelp and start to giggle uncontrollably. They’d stopped halfway up and I could hear the unmistakable wet sounds of them kissing passionately again.

It didn’t last long however and they soon appeared. Pooja didn’t even look at me, she was holding Karim chacha’s hand and leading him towards our bedroom, her face flushed and her skirt and top pulled up indicating where our fat old landlord’s hands had been. Karim chacha stopped her for a moment and looked at the instruction manual I was holding in my clearly shaking hands, “You can stay, but on my terms. I’ll be talking to you later,” he growled.

He was so commanding and fierce. “Thank you,” I barely breathed as I watched him turn back to Pooja and pull her in close to him, my cock was like an iron bar at this point. Pooja moaned and they kissed deeply as he slid his hand back up her skirt and down into her tights and knickers again, kneading her arse roughly. Karim chacha turned her round to me so I could get a good view of all of this, making sure that I knew what his ‘terms’ were. They broke off and Pooja couldn’t take her eyes off him while Karim chacha gave me one last hard look before following Pooja into our bedroom still with his hand on her arse. They closed the door and I breathed again.

To be continued…

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