Government Funded Website Teaches Muslim Migrants To Have Sex With White Women

white women sex with migrants

This news did not go down very well with many white men as I saw some distasteful reactions from them but on the other hand for white women its a welcome step.

One of the reactions I remember from a guy “The government is fooling our white women that sex with Muslim refugees and migrants is ok.”
Well it is for white women to decide unless you’re a gay and as far as I can tell a white women could forget her one night stand with a white guy but she can’t forget the same with a Muslim guy and once she gets a Muslim cock she starts to fancy it.

Government Funded Website Teaches Muslim Migrants To Have Sex With White Women.
More than a sex tutorial I see it as a move encourage healthy sexual relations between white women and muslim men, its a green light from the government as if the red would have stopped them.
Its a very good step indeed. Isn’t it what white women need.

Moreover due to the large influx of strong and healthy Muslim males into Europe it becomes the responsibility of white women to relieve these rough Muslim males and take take care of their sexual needs,  as good hosts it is expected of them.

As these sexy white women continue to roam on the streets around these rough foreign muslim males, it catches their attention, they want these women and there is absolutely no reason why they wouldn’t want to fuck them. Hasn’t the government made it clear after cologne with their statements indicating that that the white women should learn how to behave in front of these Muslim men who are from different culture, acting like sluts in front of feminized white men is way different from doing the same in front of these rough muslim males. So sex between white European women and rough and hard Muslim males is the need of the hour, if denied it may cause more frustration among these hardened muslim males and they could turn to the old ways.

black muslim white girls

white women sex with migrants

Muslim on White

white women sex

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  1. I agree with the article. Europe’s birth rate is going down drastically. And its the men there who r at fault. No problem whatsoever if women there want to have sex with refugees. Women want better partners for sex, if they get it, they will take it. Like in India, girls find muslim men better endowed, they enjoy them. Its non one anyones business to say whom a girl should sleep with. It is hers and only her choice alone

  2. wish some site like this comes up in India too 😉

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