Hindu aurat aur musalman mard Google

Part 1:
I posted Part 1 a long time ago in which I explained why are these search suggestions important. Follow the link to read.

Now part 2:
From http://www.google.com/ncr .com not co.in
The suggestions may change with time depending on the popularity of the search terms.

hindu ladki ki

hindu ladki ki islami

Jaha par bhi hindu ladki ka zikr hota hai waha par musalman zaroor hota hai. Lagta hai Hindu ladki aur musalman mard ko ek doosre se dur nahi rakha ja sakta.

hindu larki

In the above search larki is used instead of ladki and mostly the Pakistani musalmans spell Ladki as Larki in urdu accent, which means these are probably searched by pakistani musalmans.

hindu aurat aur

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  2. Binay, actually hindu females like powerful men. thats why all world against muslims muslim men still a power without any sources technology.

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