Hindu girl Vaishnavi loves Musalmans


She wrote this article

I tell them he’s Muslim and they react saying “Ohhhhh. Okay” before proceeding to ask me more about him. However, that long “Ohhhhh”, which would’ve been absent if he was a Christian, Hindu, Jain or for that matter even a girl, is what bothers me.
This unconscious we-are-cool-with-Muslims-until-they-become-a-part-of-our-family is something I come across more often than I should, particularly in (apparently) well educated, middle class Indian Hindu families. Wait. Am I anti-national now?

Coming back to me dating a Muslim. If my uptight extended family were to ever find out about this, they would be appalled beyond words.
Hindu ladkiya khul kar samne aa rahi hai musalman mardo k support mai 😉 Ye dekh kar kuch hindu ladke acharya chakit ho jaate hai ki ye hindu ladkiyo ko ho kya gaya hai. Power of musalman lund.


Musalmano ka beefy 2 kilo ka khatna ho rakha lund bada maza deta hai hindu ladkiyo ko isilaye pasand aate hai 😛

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  1. Sahi hai.. inke lund se jo maza aata hai uski wajah se hi inki randi ban na pasand karti hai hindu aurate

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