Hindu girls and muslims top search engines show interesting suggestions

Before you read this post I suggest you to read this one if you haven’t already “why hindu girls like muslims – google suggestions” http://interfaithxxx.com/why-hindu-girls-like-musalmans-google-proof

With other top search engines like bing and yahoo the story is the same.

The suggestions that Google and other search engines display all come from how people actually search. These are all real searches that have been done by other people. Popularity is a factor in what Google and other search engines show.

hindu women go for muslims

Bear in mind this is https://www.bing.com/?cc=us cc=us American version of bing. The results might be different for Indian version, it varies from country to country because the search engines prioritize these suggestions based on what is popular in a particular country or place or what people there are searching.
So the first one is Why hindu women “go for muslim” no wonder why lel.
There are many Hindus in America too they may also have contributed to the popularity of that search suggestion as they see hindu women going for muslim men. I personally know two second generation hindu families living in America in both of these families their daughters married a muslim. In one family the girl around 26 and she  is married to a  36 year old divorced Arab muslim. The second family has 2 daughters one of whom is married to an Egyptian (arab) Muslim.
The second on the list is why do hindu women “have dots on their heads”, many Americans don’t know about bindi so they search why do they have dots on their heads to find out and it makes sense why that search suggestion is second on the list as they aren’t so familiar with the outside culture.

hindu girls islam

hindu aurat ko muslim pasand

The above 2 images  are of Indian version of bing https://bing.com/?cc=in cc=in
No wonder they are searching why hindu girls marrying musalmans and hindu aurat ko musalman pasand hai.

hindu ladki ko muslim ladke ne choda

Wow.. that is an indian version of yahoo search http://in.search.yahoo.com “hindu ladki ko muslim ladke ne choda” means hindu girl fucked by muslim boy. Interestingly yahoo didn’t filter out that adult search suggestion probably because its not in English generally search engines filter out adult suggestions.

why hindu women

Again indian version of yahoo.

hindu girls like

Its the standard http://search.yahoo.com or the American version.

musalman ne hindu ladki ko choda

Musalman ne hindu ladko ko choda there is a space after ladki
Its american version http://us.search.yahoo.com equivalent to http://search.yahoo.com

hindu girls sleep with muslim

From http://us.search.yahoo.com or http://search.yahoo.com

why white women

why white women black men

white women why

I see similar pattern.
Now obviously America is more open society therefore white women come out and suck black men and openly say they like them they have big dicks and what not, but the story is different with hindu women since they can’t behave like white women because of the society but surely they want to reach that level they are moving in that direction. And when they come out they know they will be flamed by guys.

hindu women muslim

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  1. ys its true.now days 90% hindu women want to fucked by muslim man but due to socity fear they cant come out n say .but its true .90% hindu women want to open her cunt/chut for muslim man in india.

  2. yes.. i have been fucked by muslims for last 4-5 years and thats a real pleasure… which i never got form my hindu hubby

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