Hindu girls are going for Non-Hindu dicks

Noticing the behavior patterns of some sexually frustrated Hindu guys. They act so deprived. They show their frustration because Hindu girls are going for non-hindu dicks. Once such conversation I picked up from this news article about Tina Dhabi who is engaged to a Kashmiri Muslim guy, something which is bound to attract zealots.
A hindu girl shows her support to Tina and gets targeted by a sexually repressed individual who is actually a hindu guy in my opinion because when the frustrated gets too high you start hating your own which is what is he doing. He badly hates hindu girls because they are going for non-hindu dicks.

Better be whore of something superior  than a slave for something inferior, so rather than blaming hindu girls you should enjoy your inferiority.

He is mad about the case where hindu girl was allowed to be in live in relationship with a muslim guy http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/Court-lets-Hindu-girl-live-with-Muslim-boyfriend/articleshow/55676543.cms

Personally I like sex to be more psychological, sex that has a huge psychological footprint which I can only feel with a Muslim man, thats why I prefer Muslim. It is just a personal taste or preference.

The hard truth is that Muslim men were always physically more stronger than Hindu men who were intellectually and philosophically more advanced when Muslims came to India.

Unlike battles of today the battles in the olden days were completely physical with minimum technological aid and Hindu men couldn’t take on Muslim men who were physically more powerful in the battlefield. In fact muslims were the superpower in that era they were physically more stronger when it came to battles because of which they are able to win numerous countries.
The British came to India and did not take over the country by force or physical strength but by fooling the local leaders to go against one another as they were intellectually more clever.

Here is a neutral source this neither comes from a hindu nor a muslim this comes from British Prime Minister Winston Churchill who ruled UK during World War 2.
Churchill said the Hindus were a foul race protected by their mere pullulation from the doom that is their due.

Years earlier Churchill had told Ivan Mikhailovich Maisky, the Soviet ambassador in London, that –
“The Muslims will become master, because they are warriors, while the Hindus are windbags.”

The war formed the subject of the first of his many books: The Story of the Malakand Field Force. The Hindus do not feature in the book and while Churchill is critical of the Muslims he admired their courage.

Churchill’s sentiments regarding the brave Muslims were universally shared by British officials who got to know the region. Mountstuart Elphinstone, a classical scholar who led the first serious mission to Afghanistan in 1808, made no secret he preferred the Islamic faith over that of the superstitious Hindus.

No offense but I don’t like Hindu men in the bed, I personally think on an average Hindu men are way behind muslims and western men in the sex department and thats exactly whats happening as hindu women are becoming bolder, empowered and more independent they are exploring and having sex with different guys and after experiencing she is preferring non-hindu dick.
So here want you need to do, self entitled idiots who have the right on hindu pussy secondly make it easy on yourself accept that you are weaker in the sex department and keep no expectation from a hindu girl.

90% of the indian homemade porn  is so pathetic most of the men in those videos are hindus with limp and soft dicks many of them with ‘tight foreskin’ and the dick doesn’t even open completely from the front, I just pity it, it seems as if the girl is doing a big favor by even touching it “ladki ehsaan kar rahi hai usko chu kar.” On the other hand Pakistani and Bangladeshi porn is way way better. May be hindu men should just leave the sex department to other men and stop feeling entitled. Practice celibacy which is  your path to liberation.

Here are few videos of hindu girls enjoyin non-hindu circumcised dicks and it seems way better than 90% of the desi videos so jack off hindu guys as you see something better.

Thats why we are going for nonhindu dick you wont see her enjoying that much with a limp soft hindu dick.

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