Hindu girls enjoying Eid as they always do

Pics from the last year but the story is the same every year.

hindu girl eid hot



They love it, they never forget Eid they are always ready for it.
I think muslim lund is secular.

I generally see hindu girls show more excitement when it comes to Eid.
I have observed 2 types of hindu girls closely
Type 1: Atheist agnostic type one who doesn’t gives a rats ass about hindu festivals but when it comes to eid she shows happiness and wishes all her musalman male friends.
Type 2: Very critical, she would usually say diwali festival of pollution (cracker less diwali), holi wastage of water (water less holi) etc. But when it comes to Eid she would tag her pics to her musalman friends and all the excitement in the world.

In fact this happened last night I have a musalman friend he is very open with me doesn’t hide anything and I also insist that he tells me about his sex life. He told me that he is currently chatting with this women. I acted cleverly I said no way you will not be able to get her she is too pretty for you and I won’t believe until you show me the proof. He showed me some screenshots last night. Currently he is flirting with a Hindu woman she is a doctor by profession, she has a boyfriend too he is hindu but still she chats with my musalman friend he has been able to charm her. She sent him some sexy pics of her wishing him Eid ul Adha Mubarak. My musalman friend showed it to me.

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  1. yes we love to celebrate. happy eid to all

  2. Happy Eid….

  3. we too celebrate Eid with our friends. Happy Eid to all Muslims in advance 🙂 🙂

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