Hindu girls go crazy for muslim guys its natural

This is totally my opinion and I am entitled to my opinion.
Being a pretty hindu girl living in West Bengal I have seen enough in the past 3 years and, earlier in the beginning I rebuked many advances from muslim guys but in the end I succumbed to muslim strength/ maleness / their manly approach.

In the beginning  used to sometimes wonder why are so many of these hindu girls are go for muslim guys including some of my female friends. I saw some cute hindu females in my social circle having strong bearded staunch muslim boyfriends many of them would never miss friday prayers.
I badly wanted answers as I saw many of these hindu girls even wearing hijab to please their muslim boyfriends, usually she would get flooded by comments from muslims saying mashallah.
Some of these girls even changed their surnames on facebook because they had muslim boyfriends they were so mad for them.

Now when I observed the social circle of many of these muslim boys there was one thing worth noticing that most of their male friends were muslims but their female friends that was a completely different story; 90 to 100 percent of females friends were Hindu whom they hanged out with.
Most of these muslims went to clubs, discos, cinemas etc.. and hanged out with hindu girls, they would do things with hindu girls (partying, hugging, kissing on the cheek etc..) that they usually won’t with a muslim girl at least in the public and they also loved to show off their hindu girlfriends moreover modern day hindu girls don’t mind it, they equally play a part in all this.

Some of these muslim males when I saw their families, the females members were dressed in hijab or simple traditional clothes but they had hindu girlfriends who would wear skimpy clothes from shorts to skirts to tank tops and what not.
Some of them even go on to marry them and after the marriage the thing is that most of these muslim men don’t force a hindu girl to wear hijab or change her dressing style. A hindu girl changes the way she dresses willingly, or she does it to please her partner or she doesn’t. Some muslim men like it, some don’t care, some think “baccha to muslim ka he paida hoga.”

Muslim men are naturally dominant and confident. I learned that islam / being a muslim is not about convincing others it is about how convinced you are, and muslims are so convinced that they can lift the whole world on their heads. They are so convinced that when other people see them they get fascinated and begin to follow them which is also the case with many hindu girls like this one who converted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGkSrXXyiHg
Typically most hindus these days are sandwiched between western culture and Indian culture they are a bit confused and not so convinced but a muslim male and female is clear in thought and confident about his/her beliefs and ready to defend them.

The thing that would anger and annoy most Hindu girls is that if someone asks them ‘why do you have a muslim boyfriend ?’ that sort of question. So dont ever ask her such a question, quite a few hindu males do ask them such questions who don’t like her relationsihp with a muslim. Usually if she is a modern day girl and is abused or judged for having a muslim boyfriend she would show off even more and make such boys feel the burn.

Now the sexual part
I am telling this from my personal experience. As a hindu girl having sex with a muslim guy was a new experience for me. I feel that a relationship between a hindu girl and a muslim is very intense. His powerful manhood inside me melted me away.  I was completely overwhelmed when he put his big circumcised dick on my face it felt as if a giant rock has been but on my face and I am being crushed beneath but still I felt so good as I licked his balls. One of the reasons that convinced me to have a muslim boyfriend and agree to the muslim guy’s proposal was because I wanted to experience it myself after seeing other girls in my social circle. The other reason was that he was confident and manly, and determined to get me so I finally agreed and I don’t feel like going back. I have seen this happen with some girls that after breaking up with one muslim boyfriend their next boyfriend is also muslim, there is no going back after a good experience and usually the experience is good, for some it also helps to fill that void that intensity of being with a muslim man.

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  1. Well Said..even I had muslim boyfriend..and my new bf is also muslim.

  2. me too.. even 1 muslim used me.. i don’t care. i am available for next

  3. Its really natural ki hum hindu ladkiyan muslim ladko ke liye pagal hai.. yeh hamare genes mai hai. Pehle bhi hindu rajaa apni beti ya biwi ko muslim raja ke hawale kar dete the.. aur voh khushi khushi chali jati thi musalmano ke pass kyonki unhe bhi pata tha unpe koi pabandi nai hogi aur muslim raja ke samne jab voh chote blouse aur apne jism ki numaish kaeti hui ghumegi to muslim bivio ke muqable apne saath bister pe lita degi … aise kam kapdo me jab muslim raja apni hindu bivi ko ghumta dekta to uska had se jyada kadak ho jata aur.. phir bas inpe sher ki tarah toot padta..jo hindu ladkiyon ko bahot pasand hai.. aj bhi movies me bhi yehi dikh raha hai.. sab hindu heroins me muslim heros ko chumne hod hai.. sab unse lipat ne ko betab hai.. unke samne apne kapde utar rahi hai.. hum barsonse yeh sab dekh rahe hai.. sabhi hindu ladkiyon ke khoon me ji shayad muslim le liye tadap hai.. unka lene ki agg hai..

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