Hindu Parents go to ‘monk’ to free daughters from Muslim lovers spell

Lol see Hindu girls are falling for Muslim men all the time and their paranoid parents going to monk to free their daughters from Muslim lovers’ spell xd.

Quoting the times of india
My daughter is just 17 and is under the spell of a Muslim boy. She says she will marry only him,” wails Ranjan, as soon as the baba, known to be the ‘rescuer of Hindu Samaj’ makes an appearance in the hall. Ranjan’s wife adds the details: the girl has not only been texting her ‘Muslim’ lover but has also been spotted with him once. Yes of course, they have taken away the mobile phone, and she is not allowed to go out anymore.”

The 61-year-old ‘monk’ specialises in ‘curing’ young Hindu girls off their Muslim lovers – a therapy of sorts for what they call ‘Love Jihad’. Hindu girls who fall in love with (or are married to) Muslim boys are brought to him for ‘rescue’ and the baba treats them with a bottle of ‘blessed’ mineral water and a bed of rice. Rijakdas is revered by Hindu families of Saharanpur, some of whom have him on speed dial, and come to him at the slightest instance of their daughter sending a text message to a Muslim friend.

Liberal Hindu chicks dont buy this crap they want musalmans.

love and jihadlove jihadNailed it^^love jihad

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