Hindu woman flashing mangalsutra and boobs

hindu nari

Its rightful place wrapped around circumcised cock

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  1. Whom are you kidding? It is clearly a Mangalsutra (see just above the balls)and the cock is Circumcised. The truth is once a Hindu woman tastes a beef eater’s Circumcised Cock, she can’t resist to put it in her mouth, nipples, mangalsutra. A hindu woman, especially Brahmin women, once feeling the touch of a Circumcised cock in their cunts can’t resist the temptation again. They can go to any length to please their Muslim lovers, to ensure they have access to their Circumcised cocks. Here a Muslim lover asks this Hindu Brahmin woman to give him a blowjob while her Mangalsutra is wrapped around his cock, see how willingly she obliges. She fears if she doesn’t do it, her Muslim lover will dump her for another Brahmin woman and her cunt can no longer taste cum from a Circumcised Cock. It is every Muslim man’s fantasy to wrap the Mangalsutra of a Hindu Brahmin woman on his Circumcised cock. Brahmin women have such lust for Circumcised Cocks of Muslims that they oblige without any hesitation. Brahmin women can desecrate the most pious symbol of their marriage just to get access to Circumcised Cocks of Muslim men.

  2. ये होता है| मुसलिम मर्द हमारे मंगलसूत्र को नीचे लपेट कर चुसवाते है| कई बार उसे लपेट कर सेक्स भी करते हैं| माथे पर सिदूर वाली जगह पर अपना कम गिराते हैं|

  3. my married 30 yrs elder hindu didi is very sexy fig 36.30.38.big bobs n big ass.I want my hindu didi enjoyed by muslim man n want to watch big cock of muslim man in her hindu chut. its my fantacy any one help me to make it real please

  4. Shristi Majumder May 13, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    The pics are really hot. Turned me on. Contact me muslims
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  6. hiii I am from brahimin family
    koi janna chata he
    meri 1 Behan he ghar me

  7. She is unsatisfied whore

  8. When once she got Muslim cock she never go anywhere

  9. sabir kia bol bol rehe ho

  10. Kyu panday uneducated hai kya
    Ki new hai

  11. sabir ji aaiye na chodiye mugheee

  12. sabir meri Behan ko bol rehe ho kya

  13. Panday tujhe lyu LGA ki Teri bahan ko bol RHA hu

  14. Alisha meri Google hangout ki I’d hai

  15. Add krke msg Karna

  16. Shayani Mukherjee August 14, 2015 at 3:30 pm

    Its no secret we love to tie our scared mangalsutra to big muslim lund and muslims just laugh and allow us to do it.

  17. I stay near Kolkata. Want a tall young Muslim man. Skin color should be black. He will fuck me before my husbadgo.

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  21. ohhh aese kon karta he

  22. i felt so awakeward and wrong the first time i saw it . slowly it changed to curiosity and excitement

    now i like it and muslim lover will love it as she ready to abuse one of the most sacred things of her belief for his love and lust

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