Hindu women’s intellectual and social support to muslim men

Honestly interfaith relations happen between males and females of all the faiths, yes it happens more between hindu women and muslim male but one of the things that make the relationship between hindu women and muslim men different is this.

hindu girl muslim boyfriend

They like to tease, they love to show off that their BF is a muslim. They feel jubilant if other girls also follow the same path.

After getting a muslim boyfriend these girls somehow turn into some kind of activists.

dArticle written by the same girl

There is a huge section of such females on social media, they are usually the first to come out in support of the muslims.

I dont want to go into politics I can go on and on post hundreds of pics but the truth is that they love musalmans. In the indian context who the hardline h**** guys accuse of supporting the muslims are mostly mainstream women and I dont want to name them.

See this for example its one of the most logical article I found on the site, stupid me why am I trying to find logic in an erotica website, but this is a good site no doubt, gives us something different:

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  1. ye ek sachchai he aur Hindu ise man rahe he ki Hindu aurat sirf Muslim mard se hi satisfied ho sakti h aur Hinduo ko Muslim mardo se apni bahan bahu beti biwi maa ko chudte huye dekhna bahot pasand hota h

  2. Kudos Urvashi… A vision of progressive India rests on the unity of Hindu chut and Muslim lund… which this site is helping achieve by creating erotic stimulation in hindu women for muslim lund and women like Urvashi are serving this cause even better… because she is an Indian Hindu girl herself…
    we can blame this site to be run by bigoted muslim men hell-bent on creating a sick erotic fantasy based on religion… but what about hindu women who find it almost divine… so its everyones view for themselves… and this site certainly has an agenda but there is almost nil opposition by ‘victims’ of this agenda… hindu women… they are happy to be ‘trapped’ between legs of Muslim men but it is mostly we Hijra hindu men who feel the need to ‘free’ the women so that we may regain our lost dignity… and restore the respect of our religious identity… but its a fact that muslim men this time have used the most ‘potent’ weapon, ‘brahmastra’ to destroy the manliness and male pride of Hindus by ‘captivating’ the very psyche of Hindu woman. This cannot be undone and Hindu men should accept that sexual superiority of muslims is that ‘brahmastra’ which has cut off our puny hindu dicks this time. We have been rendered impotent and Hindu women can sense that, so what is done is done. We can just play second fiddle to choice of hindu women and maybe learn to satisfy ourselves with the ultimate weapon of who we considered enemies from the start in order to make peace. Its time for hindu men to declare themselves as pussy-free so that this futile race after hindu women ends for us and we can enjoy what we can have. For the record, I am a hardcore religious Hindu Brahmin man who has slowly discovered my true identity in secret as a hijra and I embrace it happily and I love submitting to the power of muslim tool. Its simply great.
    Yes, in eyes of society I am still a chest-thumping pro Hindu traditionalist and visit temples across India and take part in religious discourses. Individuality is complex and is composed of many layers. that’s all I can say.

  3. me bhi Pakistan ka aur Muslim ka support karti hun

  4. Please have a post fest, since its Pakistan’s independence day. We should enjoy this auspicious day with 10-20 posts of paki men dominating hindu women and conquering & cuckolding India.

  5. Wowwww.. So sexy Thread.. :* I like it..
    baar baar aane ka Dil karta hai yahan pr.. or jitni baar bhi yahan k post or cmmnts read krti hun.. baar baar gili ho jaati hun :*
    I love Muslim’s Dick.. uummmuuuaaaahhh :*

  6. samir sharma tum fb par ho kya

  7. Yes I think all hindu women should celebrate today .

  8. Bilkul sahi, asli jannat ka ehsas Muslim mard ke ñeeche hi hota hai, aur tab aur bhi jab yeh pati ya bhai, ya pita ki jaankari main h9

  9. aise jannat koi or nahin de sakta cahe african muslim ho ya kahan ka bhi muslim hi de sakte hain asli jannat

  10. We r cpl frm Mumbai..we r also impressed from Muslims.. anyone interested can reply us on Skype.. rrj2002

  11. ooooOOOhhh

  12. I think hindu women should actually celebrate 14th August as independence day , what say ?

    • Varsha u naughty. r u f ?

      • Yes , mail me at [email protected]

  13. I will supor Muslim who fuck my elder sis

  14. tum jo karna chahte ho wo kaise karu …

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