H!ndu Reddy in Hijab with Musl!m Guy


Photo dekh kar to saaf pata chal raha hai ki ye hindu ladki bhi poori tarah se set ho gayi hai muslim ladke se. Hindu ladki Ghunghat nahi karegi hindu mardo k samne (chi kitna outdated hai) lekin muslim yaar k liye hijab pehanne mai koi problem nahi hoti hindu ladkiyo ko 😉
BTW I have observed many h!ndu girls these days wearing hijab to impress their muslim boyfriends or to make their muslim male friends happy or to give them a surprise or to get their comments. Few such examples
http://interfaithxxx.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/hindu-girl-muslim.png (sheetal ka yar bhi muslim hai zubair naam ka)

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