Indian Hindu female editor finds Pakistanis hotter

Indian hindu female editor Rega Jha finds Pakistanis (musalmans) hotter.

indian hindu girls likes pakistanis

indian girl for paki men

I think  it was said as a teaser to make the (majority) hindu guys feel the burn, since many of these Indian hindu girls from the inside like pakistanis (musalmans) moreover the modern day females are not afraid to reveal it. Usne ye (majority) hindu ladko ki gand jalane k liye bola. These hindu gals are really getting wild.
And the fact this didn’t come from a random internet troll but from the editor of buzz feed made it even more buzzing.

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  1. I do follow her and Priyashmita guha, these hindu girls are hungry for muslim cocks as well as great supporter of b eating. Real face of our hindu sisters.

  2. Hindu girls keep on humiliating Hinduism…this is erotic.. Hindu girls and Muslim boys who want to talk about such degradation msg me at kik Id 8788rahul

    • hindu girls are more submissive to muslim men. But its almost impossible to date a Muslimah for Hindu guys, cause Muslimah’s are more dominant and hindu boys end up being their slaves.

  3. aray yaar , hindu guys boys apni nahi sambal saktay tu gusht khur choot kahan sambal lay gay? realistic females know it. while randi tu randi hi hoti hay woo kahi say bi ho sakti hay , paisa problem bi ho sakta hay. jaisay bahut see females try rich guys etc. baaki rahi sex ki baath tu all over the world muslim men are famous for war and love sex. i think all ppl agree on this point.

    • yes sir, we do agree. We Hindu males always tried to be a man since the begining but we all know the reason why Muslims ruled us 800 years

  4. M also searching someone like that

  5. I also love Pakistani’s Mard :* uummuuaahh ? kash me bhi kisi Pakistani Mard se shadi kr k unke bachchon ki mamma ban sakun.. :*
    Only Pakistani’s r alwz wlcm in my Facebook ID : [email protected]

    Madhuri Mishra.. :*

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