Indian Hindu woman married paki muslim man

Just another exampleIndian Hindu woman Dr. Pratima went to pakistan to get married to her paki muslim lover.
Dr Pratima Sahoo, a resident of Orissa’s Balangir district, was spending her time on Facebook when she came across the profile of Pakistani national Muhammad Mansha.
This was the beginning of a cross-border love story which culminated in their marriage in Pakistan’s Layyah district.
As it turned out, the first meeting at the social networking website changed their lives.
“We have been in touch for almost six months. It was then we fell in love and decided to get married,” Mansha told reporters.
Layyah, a district in Pakistan’s Punjab province, is 460km south of Islamabad. Pratima, 26, reached Pakistan last week on a 90-day tourist visa.
She was received warmly by Mansha, 32, and his family. The next day, Pratima was converted to Islam by a cleric who gave her the new name – Maryam – and the couple exchanged vows at a local mosque.
“I am extremely happy to find my love. I will apply for Pakistani citizenship at the earliest. I will love to stay with my husband and his parents,” Maryam was quoted as saying.

This happens more than you think
There are lot of stories like these. No wonder many hindu girls like Dr. lata in the past have chosen to marry and live with their muslim lovers rather than their parents in front of the courts

No wonder deep inside the hearts hindu ladies crave for musalmans 😉

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  1. Dr. Partita Sahoo has left Hinduism, her parents, siblings, motherland, for getting / registering a circumcised Muslim lund . After accepting Islaam she has lost herself, her dignity, her womb to Pakistan and produce pakistani muslim , which may in turn be against India. Why she could not managed to continue as Hindu and breed Hindu ? Why she did not changed Mohd. Mansha to Hinduism? I could not understand the reason of it ? It I’d good and appreciable if Hindu females enjoy Muslim circumcised hard powerful Lund ……

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