Indian man Rajeeve Gupta wins the smallest Penis contest

Indian hendu man Rajkumar  real name Rajeeve Gupta wins the smallest penis contest in Brooklyn which is not a surprise at all
Do you think I am joking ?

“I’m so happy!” said Gupta, 28, after winning the wet-thong contest and performed a Bollywood dance. Feel sad for Indian Hendu ladies but musalmans are there for rescue dont worry.


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  1. Pindus have nothing better to do displaying their impotency thats why we have to service their women… Raeev Gupta Pride of Indian Hindus….Dont say Indian, it also includes muslims after all this is a country with 2nd largest muslim population so be specific say Indian Hindu won smallest penis award.

  2. Yasir u asshole….u fucking r foreigners not Indians….u guys dnt no wat is peace u guys marry u r own sister…send u r mother and sister to me I will show the power of hindu cock…wer ever u guys go you have created havoc bitches…

  3. I wonder why muslim guys are raising eyebrows at hindu guy winning smallest penis award and saying I am proud of it. I am a hindu guy with 3 inch barely visible hindu lulli and I am proud of my impotence and hijrapan… I can silence bitter muslim critics by asking is there anything else hindu men can really be proud of? Its the only thing where we can say at least we are “different” if not the best of the rest. So let us have a proud moment and this is the starting of us hindu Muslims openly embracing publicly our impotence and our status as hijra… everyone should be happy about it… especially hindu women who will now not even care to go on a couple of dates with us hindu hijra men to find out that we have lullies in place of Lund.

  4. not Hindu Muslims… Hindu Lund openly embracing*

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