Khaleed Ki Hawas Nandita Pe

Hi, this is my second post following my earlier post :

Khaleed – a horny muslim mard sees a photo of NANDITA – a fair Hindu newly married woman !

He gets instant hard-on !, and wants to find more about her, see more pics of her!

Finally, after a few days, his friend sends him another photo of NANDITA. This time in SAREE.

Now KHALEED is absolutely on FIRE. He wants to breed NANDITA with his Islamic SEED. Uski Beej ab GOTIYO mein LAVA jaise ban gaye hai !

He will find her, plan and plot to breed her beautiful soft hindu body.

​Want real horny mus man to send snapshots of their erect cock, with her name with marker…. will make more erotic captions !

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  1. Umeed h Khaleesi ji ki Nandita jaldi hi mil jaye taaki dono Khushi se reh sake.

  2. Khalid aur nandita ka jaldi Milan ho

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