Massage Leads To Relationship With Nisha

HI friends my name is Madhu.I am from bangalore.I am 23,height 5″9,weight 71KGs. My penis is 6-7″ in length and 3-4″ in girth. This is real story.This story happened 5 months back. The heroine of the story is our tenant,her name is nisha,she is 29 years old.Her vital stats are 36-32-34,she is married and her hubby is mostly out
of town because of his profession. They were living in our home since 10 months, she is jovial to me and we share many things.

Coming to the story as usual her hubby is out of town for a week,one day i went to her home to chit chat with her as i felt boring. I went upstairs and we chatted for some time while she was preparing for lunch after she had prepared everything she said “Madhu, u watch tv,i will be back after shower”.I said its ok nisha.
I turned on tv and watching,after few minutes i heard a scream from bathroom and i went near bathroom.I asked “nisha,what happened,are you fine?”.She responded me saying “i fell down madhu,plz help me to get out”.She wrapped towel and opened the door,i helped her to bed and made her lay on bed.

I asked how she is feeling, she said her back is paining and asked me can i apply ointment in the cupboard.I took the ointment and applied to her back.I said her to take rest and went to my home. Again i went to her the next day and enquired about her pain.She said its still paining in the lower back.i said can i give u a back massage. She agreed for it.I got oil and started massaging her,she is in her inners. I masssaged her lower back for 10min.She said its feeling nice,i said if u want i can give u total body massage and unclasped her bra hook.She said “what are you doing”.I said “its disturbing to massage ur whole back”.She was quiet.

I was massaging her back from neck to waist and felt her side boobs while massaging at sides,then i went down to thighs and legs.She has very smooth ans silky thighs. I enjoyed feeling her thighs. Then i started removing her panty, she didnt say anything while i remover her panty. I played with her ass while giving massage.I said her to turn around,she did and covered her boobs with the bra wch is already unhooked. I removed the bra too from her body,she is now stark naked infront of me. I started from shoulders and went to boobs.

I gave special attention to her boobs massaged them for 15minutes and started enjoying the feel of her boobs,while massaging her boobs she was aroused and moaning ahhhhh………….hmmm………ahhh……..ahhh…………My dick is already hard in my shorts.I have removed my clothes in seconds and stood naked before her. She was shocked to see my dick,she said “madhu,u have a nice dick”. I said “its urs nisha”. She smiled and took it in her hand and started playing with my dick. She took it in mouth and gave me a blowjob.i was playing with her tits. She stood up and pointed my dick at her pussy and asked me to fuck her. I Fucked her pussy for 15min and ejaculated in her mouth,she drank all my cum and said it tasted good. Then we went to bathroom and played with each other bodies under shower, had bath and came out.

I got ready and went away.After this incident we became more close, she almost treats me like her spouse.So whenever we had chance we use to makeout on her bed. Daily we use to have atleast one session.First few days was normal sex,one day she asked me to have anal sex with her. As she is virgin in her ass, it was bit difficult to enter,so we applied a lubricant to my dick and her ass.We both enjoyed it alot.though it is little paining she found it more pleasureful.

As her hubby mostly stays away,we got more chances to make love to each other.I have fucked her in both ass and pussy in many positions.We watch porn and try many different positions.We both enjoyed sex a lot.She gives me a blowjob and drinks my cum all the time.One day my parents were out of town and said nisha to take care of my lunch etc.,She said ok.It will take 4 days for my parents to return and her hubby will also come after 5 days. So,we had four fucking days to enjoy ourselves.

We both stay nude all the four days most of the time except for going out or when someone comes.We are like couples now.I fucked her in all the rooms in her home hall, bedroom,kitchen,bathroom, everywhere we have chance we enjoyed like there is no tomorrow.Those four days were like eat,fuck,sleep and repeat.

This is my story friends, hope u enjoyed it.

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signing off……..

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