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Anonymous Asks:
In areas of Swedish cities that are being colonised by Arabs and Africans, are they “no-go” areas for Swedish women? Do immigrants get women by going into the white areas (niteclubs, parks etc), or are “no-go” areas a myth? Cheers.

swedishinterracial Said:
Its an interesting qustion that I could go into some lenght but I’l try and keep it reasonably short. There are no go-areas in the larger swedish cities but they are located at the suburbs (the city of Malmö being an exception from this). In stockholm there are the suburbs of Husby, Alby, Hallunda and so on where the immigrants living there are showing their discontent with the racist Swedish society. The no-go areas are of course not recognized as such by the media or the politicians but in all effect its no-go areas.

Yes, immigrants are going inot white areas to get white girls and women. Some years ago immigrants could have a hard time getting into niteclubs and bars, but thanks to the Swedish media that racist segregation has virtually stoped. many clubs fears being labeled racist if they try and stop immigrants from visiting them. anm interesting thing that i have witnessed first hand (despite not being out much nowdays, family man and all that) is that many muslim Arab immigrants don’t drink alcohol, so they have an excellent chance on preying on drunk white viking girls. in my volonteer work I regularly come into contact with immigrants, one, a muslim Arab, told me (not without glee i might add) how he would go out and staying sober he could select drunk white Swedish girls. His “victims” of chioce was blondes that he would pick up. he was living in one of the less attractive suburbs I mentioned above, but being an immigrant he could easily get a unlicensed cab driven by one of his fellow countrymen who could drive them. more than once, he told me, he would make to Swedish blonde suck him in the backseat of the car. He would just unzip his pants and make her suck him. as i understood him it would hapen that the girl would be a bit shy at first despite being drunk, they being in the backseat of a “taxi” the driver watching them and they, at times, would still be in the city. But she being a “Swedish whore” made it very easy for him to not show her any respect, and also, she being willing in the first place. He told me that he would make sure that he fucked the girls anal, since then he could hurt, degrade and punish them while at the same time he could enjoy himself. And yes, it hapend that the taxi driver would get a blow job too from the drunk swedish blonde, proving to him that they really where whores

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  1. It is also happening in Germany. Exactly the same thing.
    There is not much one can do.
    One of my female cousins works as a secretary in an office where. Not long ago, a refugee camp was built nearby. First, she complained about how she and her colleagues felt unsafe when at the bus stop and how she started dying her hair in a darker tone because the refugee prefer the blonde women.
    A weeks later, she said I didn’t need to pick her up at work. A few weeks later she stopped dying her hair and the blonde hairs became visible again. Well, turns out that she is dating the refugees.

  2. If those Europe sluts want to act like whores the black & Muslim refugees should sell their white trash asses at the camps & anywhere else they can make money! Get rich off them big tit blonde HOES & don’t forget to take pics & videos of your whores at work!

  3. I can relate to this. More and more North African migrants in nightclubs. And they don’t like paying for hotel, so it often happens in the taxi. It was scary the first time, but now its just normal. It is usually kinda rough, but I like that. Migrant men are very dominant. The sex is exciting and natural. The taxi drivers are usually friends, so it is a setup so they get a turn too.

  4. All our whte women need to be encouraged to do sex with all Arabs and blcks, even in public places,anywhere in Europe, the States and other still whte dominated countries.

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