More hindu girls marrying muslims

hindu girl date muslimIts an irony first many such hindu girs say religion doesn’t matter just to make the answer more acceptable among the masses then then they specifically mention something like “Dated a Muslim man for 8 years married him on the 9th”, where it was not required.
hindu girl marry muslimA Brahmin Hindu and Agnostic with a Devout Muslim, opposite poles attract.
Dated the same musalman for 8 years. The power of potent beef eater musalman high sexual vigor the hindu girls never get bored 😉
This is another example how hindu girls tend to show off their musalman boyfriends They like to tease hindu guys whilst grabbing musalmans cock.

What is it like being a Hindu woman married to a Muslim man?
She won’t say that she loves the circumcised muslim cock on quora, there it has to be a nice sounding answer which makes every one feel good. The internet is full of such questions because its happens so often a hindu girl with a musalman boy making it a hot topic on google
Such questions should be asked here, it is here you will come to know the secret.

hindu girl for musalmanAnother socially nice sounding answer 😉 Yes he might have been a _____ but why not, there was something there which she didn’t find in that majority of the men who are hindus, something was different about the devout muslim ;). Women have a filter mechanism, a women is approached by many guys she filters out the one who she doesn’t want. No doubt many hindu and agnostic guys would have approached her and they just got filtered out.

These socially nice sounding answers from women are just like when you ask a woman “what do you want in a guy” in most of the cases the answers will be similar- Honest, Kind and caring, good looking,  good social skills, interesting etc.. but if you actually check out the list of guys she has dated and her boyfriend you would find the answers will not fit the guy she has dated or is currently dating. For some hindu girls there will be some badass musalman guys in the list.
The strong and potent musalmans know how to control their women. By control I do not mean force you will understand it with this example- “A king liberates a town and frees the slaves from the masters. The slaves approach the king and plead that they want to return to their masters, it is what they want and want to live with it for the rest of their days. The king was surprised to hear that as he though he had freed them. In the end the king decides to let those slaves return to their masters as it meant freedom for them.”

Freedom for them; to be with a strong musalmans cock. The musalmans are the master of this thing, no one does it better.

Its true that many women like to neutralize their men or turn their men into sissies and show their dominance. The best way to assert it is by hooking up with other men. The hindu girls who would grab a musalmans cock will make her feel more independent or out of the control of their men same as a white girl grabbing a black or an arab cock and wearing a hijab in front of white guys.

muslim girl hindu boy marriagein the bed slut

Another one
hindu girl to marry muslimmuslim lure hindu girlShe admits it is how he fell for musalman guy, it happens with a lot of hindu girls. Kuch hindu ladke rote hai ki musalman hindu ladkiyo ko fasate hai lekin asal baat ye hai ki hindu ladkiya khud deewani ho jaati hai ek baar musalmano k saath date kar k. Some hindu guys complain that musalmans lure hindu girls but the hindu girls themselves say it is she who fell for the muslim guy.

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