Muslim king anwars sexploitations

Anwar ali is a very happy man he had received a large land grant in Kashmir for his services as a commander in the mughal army not only is his land fertile it is also full of beautiful women. Since it consists of many villages and had long ago introduced a tax system by which more the daughters that a man had lesser (though still heavy) the taxation as a result his valley was bursting with eager young pussies.

He had 3 wives Promila, Rita and Krishna each one more horny than the rest who were into abusing slave girls when he was out fighting and which he approved off and two daughters Priyanka and Pooja who were married away. At any time his haveli was stocked with at least 20 girls around 10 of them extremely beautiful afghans locked away in the basement dungeon who were effectively owned by him.

Every year the villages(he had 5 under him) would present them a harvest along with two of the most beautiful girls ‘fresh from the fields’ each as tribute ,based on his satisfaction and other considerations he would either increase or decrease(marginally) their taxes. In case that wasn’t enough he would ensure that at lease 10 women from his villages would visit him everyday after their hard day on the field at his haveli.

In some cases when he was really in the mood he would summon entire villages at his courtyard for wild orgies to entertain senior members of the ruling family.

The justice system was a joke with the local qazi often bringing beautiful female convictsto confess using the services of none other than his good friend Anwar Ali and often jail them in his haveli.He would often try entire families together which was a source of much entertainment on weekends.

The day began with anwar waking up in his giant bed with Krishna and Rita giving him a blow job to wake him up and Promila taking out her prized 14’’ tall riding crop to use on some hapless slave girl.

As a matter of routine before retiring Anwar would pick a beautiful slave girl and chain her naked to the wall who he would abuse first thing after breakfast.

For breakfast he had parathas mixed with aphrodisiacs that ensured he was energetic and horny throughout the day. He did a lot of work you see.

He then gestured to his wives after breakfast to bring Lopa (The Afghan slave girl ) to him but they said they had plans of their own and smirked. So he decided to watch his three horny wives do their worst.

First they slapped her then made her do down on all fours and then made her eat each of their pussies while telling her what a whore she was. Then while she was eating one the other two came back and drove their arms up to their elbows into both her holes and said how she was their bitch and how she would be offered to guests to use as often as they desired.

Then they proceeded to make her lick their arm pits all the while fisting and whipping her young flawless body. This was followed by dousing her in ice cold water on a cold Kashmir morning so that she was shivering and trembling and crying both from the violation and fear of what next as well as the biting cold.

Then they made lopa lick their dirty ass holes.Promila thensuggested Lopa to be tied to a pillar. Now Rita and Promila started biting her nipples hard and lopa cried out in pain. Krisna’a pressed Lopa’s nose to stop her breating. As Lopa opened her mouth to breathe, Krisna spited in her mouth. Now Rita and promila brought two pins and pierced them into lopa’s nipples.B lood began flowing from her nipples and Krisna,Rita and Promila sucked her blood like vampires.

She is all yours.. they gestured to anwar who by now had a hard on watching this. He went straight for her virgin cunt and broke it in one mighty thrust, she screamed!

He then gave the new girl one tight slap and asked her in a loud voice ”Whose pussy is this?” She answered yours. yours. Don’t you ever forget it and with that took her to the bathroom where two more slaves were waiting for him as he fucked Lopa’s ass they oiled him and washed and cleansed him and after it was all done he turned around and shot his load on her face. The slave had then become his pet after that he relaxed with his horny wives where they plotted on what to do to which slave this afternoon. Lunch was a lavish affair in the Anwar household and was taken very seriously.

He had three slavegirls stuff their pussies with 3 different types of chicken and another to serve his drinks and naan .He used to ask another slavegirl chained to the pole to be whipped for his pleasure while he was having lunch. He would put his mouth in all the three cunts and often made them come and had special chicken mixed with pussy sauce and naan along with drinks for lunch.

After an hour long lunch he would retire to the basement where he and his horny wives would regroup to feed his eagar slave girls their meals often off each others private parts while they were hung upside down from the ceiling and then plan for the evening’s festivities.

In the evening the local qazi came to pay him a visit. The convict was a defaulter by the name of Urmi and his whole family was on trial for embezzlement. Urmi was a beautiful woman and had two lovely daughters Rinki and Pinky.

Urmi said sahib “I have nothing to offer” to which anwar replied with a wry smile well in which case I can always take your entire family as serfs. To which the Qazi nodded approvingly. “Lets see what we have” and with it authorized the policemen to disrobe the whole family. “Hmm not much I think we should just sentence the bugger to death “. The women in his family went crazy. “Please don’t please don’t” at which point the Qazi asked how he could entertain Anwar. Well lets see he had Urmi chained to a wall and then said “today I enjoy the fruits of your labour”.

He then ushered in his two daughters to give him a blowjob in full view of their mother eyes Rinki licked his dick while Pinky mouthed his balls and began giving him a long blowjob seeing this the qazi had his own ideas and gestured Urmi to come lick his ass or else. Urmi then reluctantly and tearfully put her tongue in the rogue’s ass and began to lick it.

After about 15 mins of this they all came simultaneously. They then switched positions with Rinki and Pinky made to fuck their own brother while the begums pissed on the copulating mass below while whipping them to increase their excitement.

All the while Anwar and the Qazi were fucking Urmi in both holes while she was made to swallow her chained husband’s cock.

Then the Qazi asked all three of them to lick his armpits and ass and keep switching positions after that.
In the end the verdict was decided her two daughters would be kept in cages where they would be hung upside down and interrogated regularly till they ‘confess’ to their crimes.

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