My sissy hin** dick

sissy lund

I want to share my sissy brahmin Hin** Dick’s pictures.
A dick that us of no use. A dick which can never satisfy a women especially a Hindu women.
Please share them on your site.
Let my Hindu sisters & mothers know that how impotent & sissy we actually are.
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It seems your dick also suffers from phimosis / paraphimosis which can be fixed but you wont fix it, you enjoy being a sissy and you would continue to enjoy your sisters riding muslim lunds.

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  1. mere so to fir bhi badi hai iski nonnu

  2. omg, your dick looks exactly like my own impotent hindu lulli. its only use is to pathetically jerk off to seeing my hindu mom getting banged by a strong muslim or dangle lifelessly when that same muslim hunk fucks the shit out of my fat hindu ass. uffff

  3. He hehehe nice my brother musalman ka piss pia kro tumhare bhi unke jase ho jayege

    Kik me swatis12

    • Thank u
      Isihita Didi
      Mein to bad mera dharam nibha raha hu logo ko sach dikake aur kuch nahi.
      Keep riding hard must*** dicks

  4. I belong to same sissy category…. anyone can abuse me and rape me as they see fit,pigs life is more worthier than mine…if anyone want to contacts, please ask me with abuses

  5. hey this is true that we hindu r impotent i wanna share my own experience of turning into sissy slave dog of a muslim i am rahul aged 20 slim cute looking hindu boy.i have a gf named deepika.she is white sexy slim girl of age mom is hindu brahmin lady aged 40 and she is milf women with pale sexy body.and my sis age 18 her name is shweta and she look like alia bhatt by face and figure.
    so i had a friend named salman is 1st year of college he was black muscular muslim guy.he was poor by wealth while i was a rich proud hindu guy.we were frined in college in first year but things got chnaged when i made that girl my gf whom salman loved very much.i cheated him and showed off before hindu deepika.she became my gf as i was hindu rich and white cute boy while salman was black very muscular but poor we became enemy and he wanted to take revenge from me.he used to come at my home when he was my frined since then he used to see my hindu mom doing prayer in temple houses and he loved her in her yellow hindu saari and things.she always used to come to him after prayer n offer him prasad and salman alwaays wanted to fuck my mom badly.
    two years passed and i and my gf deepika always used to go in canteen together before salman.we used to kiss n hug each other before him.i alwasy loved to overtake slaman bycycle by my sports car in middle of road and my gf always used to mock him for being poor cycle guy.many time i used to hit his bycycle when he placed it near my car in college campus.he was in anger madly and wanted to show me my level and one day he got chance and saw my mom in shpping mall wiht my sis .they were buying some cloths so he went suddenly and put his cellphone is changin room and when my mom and sis went insdie and chnaged their dress they both got captured and start of ending on my superiority was over.
    so next day i got a mms when i was resting in my villa.i just opened it and saw msg from salman.he asked me to come at his house at 12 in night with all my property papers.i laughed a little but when i opened mms i was shocked and was nude clips of my mom n sis both changing cloths and my mom was also making ugly faces and pushing up her boobs in mirrro to look sexy.i got mad and calle back salman and start abusing him saying”hey u asshole muslim motherfucker i will not leave dare u to do that”
    he repllied no abuse rahul just do what i told if u do not do and abuse single word i will post it on net and whole world will see your whore sis and mom nude .ou want that “.i was sweating i shouted no no…i will come ..i will come ..but u dont do that..he cut the phone.
    it was 12 of night when jab maine apni sports car uske chote se makan ke pas roki.uske ghar ki taraf jate time maine apne nose par hanky rakh li as bhut gandi smell aa rhi thi.main uski ghar ki door par knock kiya to door khul gya aand main andar ghus aya.wo ghar bhut hi ganda and smelly i entere in the bedroom main slaan ko dekha jo sofa par baitha tha.wo mujhe dekh kar hasne laga.main turant uske pas gya and usse larne laga.salman mujhe turant rokkar bola “rahul ruk ja agar mujhe kuch bhi hua to main teri mom ki nude pics post kar dunga.maine bola main usse pahle tujhe mar wo bola ki aisa mat karna kyunki main apne 3 frined ko ye mms bhja hai and bola hai ki agr sawere tak mera koi reply na aye to use post kar sunne hi main rone laga ki pls aisa mat karo.usne mere bal pakar kar mujhe uthya and bola theek hai nahi karunga apni sair property mere naam kar do,bada ghamand tha na paise ka dekhta hun ab deepika kitne din teri gf rhti hai.main rone laga ki nahi aisa mat karo ap depika ko lelo..maine apko dokha dekar use pataya ap use lelo..main kuch nahi bolunga use.mujhe jane do bas.salman bola “abe chakke wo to waise bhi main deepiak ko lunga tu wo kar jo maine bola warna teri mms to post hogi.amine gidgidane laga and uske jute pakarkar rone laga.salman ne apna purana computer khola and meri mom ki mms upload karna suru kar di and bola dekh 5 minute me upload ho gya pura to main bhi kuch nahi kar paunga.main pagal ho gya and uske jute pagalo jaise pakarkar chatne laga and bheekh mangne laga ki pls nahi ..nahi aisa mat karo..wo kuch bol nahi rha tha.and mms upload hoti jaa rhi thi..10 ..20 ..30 ..80..upto 90 main bheekh mangta rha..fir lats me maine decide kiya ki nahi i cant seel my mom for some ruppee and maine sign kar diya and ek secomdn me main rich hindu se bhikari hindu ban gya tha.sign karte hi main rone laga and rote rote jammen par let gya to salman mere pas aya and mujhe uthaya and mere face ko apne haathon se upar karke mujhse uski ankon me dekhne ko bola.main rote rote use dekhne laga to usne mujhe hug kar liya turant.
    salman sofe par baith gya and mujhe apni jaangh par baitha liya and mere face and kandhe par haath pherne laga.maine roya jaa rha tha.salman bola “rahul koi bat nahi main tum garreb bhale ho gye ho.par main tumhare jaise amer hokar bhi ghamandee nahi hun tumhe jab jaurrat hogi main tumhe paise deta rahunga bas tum meri bat mnate rhna “aisa bolkar usne mere gal par kiss kar li.mujhe bada ajeeb laga to main turantt khada ho gya and bola man to lee tumhari bat ab meri mom ki mms wapas do.wo hasne laga and bola abe gandu hindu maine ye kab bola ki main teri ranid maa ki pics wapas dunga.main ye sunte hi shocked ho gya and phir rone laga and bola akhir tum chahte kya ho mujhse.
    salman bola “abe gandu awaz mat kar,aj se tu mera gulam hai and teri zindagi meri milkiyat hai .tu mera hindu kutta hai ajse..samjha ki nahi.main kuch nahi bola and use dekhta rha shock wo khada ho gya and mujhe ek jordar chatta mara and phir bola samjha ki nahi gandu…

  6. part 2 …salman ka chata parte hi mujhe apni hindu aukat samajh me aa gyi and main dar gya and hindu chakko jaise kampne lga.tbi salman mere pas aya and mujhe phir se gaal par kiss kiya and bola “meri jaan meri bat man jaisa bolta hun..warna pachtayega.”maine dar me apna sir hila diya.salamn bola chal apne kapde utar chakkke .main shocked tha and gabrane laga to salman bola sun be hindu gandu ja andar maine tere liye kuch rkha hai use pahan kar bahar aaa..maine andar rum me gya and dekha ki wahan par hindu dress rkhi thi.main samajh gya ki aj meri maa behen ek hone wali hai par main mazboor tha maine apne ssare kapde utare and pahle red strapless bra pahani .phir red panty strip wali and phir red saari and tranprent blouse pahan li and raa. 1 ki karrena jaise saj gya.maine sindur and bindi bhi laga li.pairon me maine payal and ankhon me maine kajal laga liya and phir main darte darte bahar aa gya.salam mujhe dekhakr pgal ho gya and mere pas daud kar aya and mujhe peeche se pakad liya and choomne laga mere sholder and gale par chumne laga..mujhe samjh nahi aa rha tha ki salam aisa kyun kar rha hai.wo meri mardangi khatam karna chahta tha,jisse main deepika ka bf kabhi chah kar bhi na ban saku.wo mujhe peeche se peeth par and gale par khub chumne laga and mere hath uthkar meri armpit and sab jagah chatne laga.maine bhi ab ladki jaisa feel karne laga tha.usne mujhe apni taraf face karke mere hothon par chuma.and phir pagalo jaise mujhe chumne laga.main na chahte hue bhi khud par control khone laga and beech bbeeche me galti se kiss karne laga but phir ye sochkar ki main ek hindu bf hun deepika ka..khud ko control karne ki kosis karne laga.
    salman sofe par jakar baith gya and mujhe bola “chal naach hindu randi” strip kar randiyon jaise “.main sad ho gya and dheere dheere ladkiyon jaise nachne laga pole ke around.main apni saari lahrakar apni pyari cute navel dikha raha tha and salman pagal ho gya.wo mujhe wall ke against le kar gya and mujhe wall se sata kar hawa me utha diya and mujhe chumne laga har jagah.usne mujhe zammen par gira diya and meri saari noch dali phir meri blouse bhi faad di..and mujhe bikini me nachne ko bola.main phr nachne laga and salamn daaru and chiken lekar aya and 1 ghante tak mujhe nachata rha and khub khaya piya.jab usko daaru chad gyi and main thak gya tab wo mere pas aya and mujhe baalon se pkar liya and mere gale me ek paata dal diya.salman mujhe ab bathroom me le gya and shower chala kar mujhe nagna kar diya and mere sare sarre ko chusne laga.
    nahane ke bad wo mujhe apni baahon me utha liya and meri ankhon me dekhte hue bahar ane laga.main ab andar se chakke jaise feel kar rha tha.and thoda thoda use dekh kar dar rha tha.wo bed par mujhe lekar aya and mere pure geele badan ko usne chat kar saaf kar diya and phir usne apna kala muslim lund nikala and mujhse bola “chal meri hindu randi chus apne muslim malik ke lund ko”.main ab puri tarah se haar chuka tha to maine bina kuch bole uska lund chusna shurur kar diya and 30 minute tak chusta rha.phir usne mujhe bed par letne ko bola and mere choti hindu kamzor asshole me apna jaabaz muslim lund ghusa diya . wo mujhe 30 min tak chodta rha and mujhe slap karta rha main ekdum behosh ho gya tha and tabhi usne mere andar hi apna muslim cum dal diya and phir maine dheere dheere apni ankh kholi and wo mere pas aya and mujhe bade pyar se kiss karne laga and bola “aj se tu meri hindu randi hai ,meri jaan.tu meri gulam hai bol hai na” maine apna sir darte darte hila diya and sone laga.wo bhi ek white bedsheet lekar aya and ek hi sheet se hum dono ko cover karkiya and phir achanak meri asshoel me apna lund dal diya and bola “so ja randi ab … kal bhut kam karna hai.” main useke lund ko apne asshole me lekar sone laga
    agle din subah hui and jaise hi meri ankh khuli maine dekha ki mere bed par dher sare phool rakhe hue hai and mere badan par bhi dher sare gulam ke phul pade the main utha to dekha ki salman ek musalmani kurta pahan kar taiyar tha.maine uttte hi apna rat ke kapde pahnane shuru kar diye.tabi salman aya and mere nange badan se peeche se lipat gya and mujhe phir chumne laga and mere fake boobs and nipple pull karne laga.main bola salman mujhe jane do ab bhut ho gya.main apne kapde pahane laga to wo bola.are kapde kyun pahan rhe hu?.maine puche matlab to wo bola tum mere kya ho ..palut kutte ,,hai na ? maine sharam se sir hila wo bola “haan to kutte kapde kaha pahnate hai..”

  7. part 4..ek mahina ho gya tha mujhe salman ka gulam bane.meri zindagi me salman ki sewa karna hi ab kam tha.main ek month se nange akele ghar me band
    tha and salman se chud rha tha.phir salman mere pas aya and bola ki “chal meri hindu randi kal se college khul rha hai chal teri maa chodunga “main rone lage aur bola
    ki malik apko jo karna hai karlo mere sath.ab to main kuch man bhi nahi kar rha hun par mujhe college me zalil mat karo plzz.salamn mere pas aya and mujhe apni bahon
    mer lekar chumne laga and bola “meri zaan tum meri gulam ho.isliye tumahri izzat hi kaha hai..ab jaldi se ek sexy ladki wale dres pahan lo college chalna hai..jaldi
    karo warna tumahri sari gandi chat jo tumne apni behen se ki hai wo main sabko dikha dunga”main dar gya and cloth change karne laga.salman ne mujhe pire ladki wale
    dress nahi but thoda ladki and ladko wala dresss pahanene ko kaha taki meri gf ya kisi dusre ko shak na ho.main ek choti shorst pahan li jo just meri bottom and chut
    ko chupa rha thi and ek black sexy tank top pahan liya and phir main car me baith gya and drive karne pahuch kar maine car roki and bahar aa gya meri gf
    ne mujhe dekha and pagal ki tarah meri tarf daudi.maine car ka door khola and salman bahar aa gya.deepika tab tak mere pas aa gyi and ruk gyi.and sawal puchne lagi
    “are ye kya pahana hai.ajeeb sa dress” “ye salman bhikari kya kar rha hai teri car me ” “tum itne din kaha the meri jaann” main samjh nahi paa rha tha ki kya bolu.
    to main chup tha .phir wo boli “salman kammen bhikari muslim chal bhga yahan se ” salman ke order ke anusar mujhe deepika se ladna tha to maine usse bola “deepika
    shut up..wo mera friend hai ab tammez se baat karo” deepika boli”abe chup ye bhikharai muslim ..hum rich hinduo ka dost kabhi ni ho skta ” master salman kuch nahi bol
    rhe the but mujhe ankhon hi ankohn me ishra kiya and maine bhut dukhee hokar deepika ko slap kar diya and chillaya “sali hindu randi mere muslim dost ke bre me kuch
    mat bol kutiya “deepika ekdum shocked ho gyi and rote hue chali gyi.main bhi man hi man ro rha tha..salman us din mujhe lekar wapas chala gya and ghar aakar usne
    mujhse deepika ko sorry bolne ko kaha jo maine phone par kar diya and usne mujhse deepika ko movie dekhne bulana ko bola to maine waisa hi kiya
    agle din salamn ne mujhse backless top and jeans pahanne ko bola and hum dono car se cinema happ ke pas pahuch gye.deepika ane wali this tabi salman
    ne mujhse bola”meri hindu randi,jab meri jaan deepika ayegi tab tu movie ke bahar ek admi ko kiss karge taki wo tujhe dekh sake”main kuhc bola nahi and dukhee hokar
    wait akrne laga uske ane ka.tabi deepika aa gyi and salman ke order ke anusar main ek admi ko kiss karne laga jo salman ka hi dost tha .deepika ne mujhe dekha to
    use yakeen hi nahi hua ki main kya kar rha hun.and wo shocked ho admi ne mujhe sabke samne ek slap diya and bola “sale chakke ki aulad..namard hinjra bhag
    yaha se “and mujhse dhkka de diya.depika meri pas ayi and boli ye tum kya kar rhe the .main bola ki are wo maine kuch nahi kiya wo admi pagal tha .wo soch hi ri thi
    ki salman aa gya and deepika ko “hi ” bola.deepika meri taraf dekhne lagi maine bola ki deepika chodo na purani baat ab salamn mera dost hai.tum bhi dosti kar lo na
    to deepika hasne lagi and salman se hand shake kiye pahli bar ..salman ne turant use hug kiya and hug karte hue muhe dekhne laga.maine dusri taraf sir kar liya.hum
    log andar movie dekhne lage and plan ke auusar maine movie dekhte time gande gande comment karne laga.heroine ke bare me gandi gandi baten kate and deepika ke samne
    apni cock ko muth marne laga.deepika bhut ajjeb feel kar rhi thi but main phir bhi ye sab krta rha jabki salman ek achhe admi ki taraf movie dekh rha tha and mere se
    request kar rha tha ki “rahul ye sab acche ghar ke logo ko sobha nahi deta “.salman thodi thodi der par mujhe 100 and 500 ke note dedeakr popcornn and coldirink m
    mangata tha and main kutte jaise lata tha,deepika salman se imprsee ho rhi thi ki isme mere bf ko kaise itne sare order diya hai..and mujhse nafrat karne lagi thi
    movie theatre se bahar ate hi maine gandi baten bolni shuru kar di “sali heroine ki chut mil jati to maja aa jata meri deepika jaan..uski chut to tere
    se 100 times better hai”deppika ne mujhe roka and bola ki chup ho jao.but main bolta rha ki”deppika yaar teri jasie randi ki chuchi bhi choti hai heroine ki chuchi
    se ” maine bolta hi jaa rha tha and deepika rone lagi..salman ab mere pas aya and mujhe kheech kar ek tamacha mara and bola “sale chutiye do take ke admi deepika
    jasie pari ko tumne gali kaise di”main chu ho gya .salman ne mujhse soory bolna ko khaa to maine bola but deepika roti hi jaa rhi thi.salman ne bola “abe gandu yahan
    se dafa ho hum log abi beach par walk karne ja rhe hai akele.tu yahi rhna ” aisa bol kar slaman ne deepika ka hath le liya and use leta gya .main chkko jaise dekh
    rha tha deepika ko jate hue.wo salman ke sath me hath dale hui thi and jaa rhi thi.wo dono 1 ghante tak beach par ghumte rhe and fir wo wapas ane lage.maine wahi
    par wait kar rha tha.salman aya and mujhse bola ki rahul aj ke bad tum deepika se badtameezi kiye to main tumhe kutte ki tarah marunga.maine kaha sorry salman aisa
    mat karna meri apse bhut fattti hai main deepika ko kuch nahi kaunga.deepika ye sab dekhkar impresss ho gyi thi.tabi salman ne mujhe ishra kiya and uske hath me
    popcorn the and wo bola “are mere shoes lace khul gye shit ” main samjh gya wo kya chahta hai.maine turant jhuk kar uske lace bandne shurur kar diye.tabi wo bola
    thanks rahul.thoda ganda bhi ho gya hai juta saaaf kar do jara..main apne hath se use saaf karne laga .deeepika soch rhi thi ki maine kis namard ko apna bf banaya
    and salman se puri taraf impress ho gyi thi wo.

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  9. part 5 …ab main car me baith gya and drive karne laga and wo dono pecche baith gye.main car drive karte hue mirror me dekh rha tha.deepika ko salman kiss kar rha tha and deepika bhi salman se puri tarah se impress ho gyi thi.wo bhi apne kapre utarne lagi and topless ho gyi jabki salman well dressed tha.wo salman ka lund nikarkar chusne lagi nangi hokar.and salman maze le rha tha and mujhe mirror me dekh rha tha..deepika salman ka lund chusti rhi and mera ghar aa gya to salman bola ,,,..deepika sorry mujhe jana hoga abi .mera ghar aa gya hai..deepika boli “are ye to rahul ka ghar hai na ” .salman hasne laga and bola are deepika tum bhi na ye gandu rahul ki kya aukat ..itna bada makan iska nahi mera hai isne tumse jhuth bola hai ki ye rich and iski family to meri naukar sab mera hai..makan ,car sab kuch mera hai..rahul chutiye se hi puch to mera driver hai …deepika mujhe dekhne lagi ghur ke.main kuch nahi wo mere pas aa gyi and mujhse ek slap keech kar mara ..and phir mere upar slap ki barish kar di..and gali dene lagi”sale ..randibazz..chutiye …driver hoke teri itni aukat….sale madarchod …teri himmat kasie hui mujhe jaise rich hindu ladki ko apna gf banane ki..” wo rone lagi ..and boli ki salman i am sorry maine tumhe galat samajha and tumhara muslim hoe ko lekar mazak udaya ,mujhe to sharam aa rhi hai khud ko hindu kahne me.kyunki hum hindu to ssab chakke hai is chusiye rahul jaise,..salman khush ho gya and turant bola kyun nahi meri jaan..tum ab muslim ho jao and hinduo ki hum dono mil kar maa behen karenge..iski randi hindu maa and behen ka jeena haram nahi kar diya to mera naam muslim salman nahi…deepika ne pahle thoda socha phir wo man gyi and boli theekh hai abi maine ghar jaa rhi hun..and kal se main muslim ban jaungi.mera namme deepika jaise randi hindu naam nahi..balki fatima begum hoga..salman khush ho gya and usko chumne laga..uski chut me cloth ke upar se ungli dalkar usko kiss karta rha and main dekh rha tha..phir deepika chali gyi and main and salman mere ghar ke samne door par khade the ..
    uske jane ke bad salman mere pas aya and mujhe kiss karne laga and meri ass par khub jhapad mare and bola meri hindu hinjre bada accha acting kiya tune…chal ab apni rannd maa and meri pyari choti randi teri behen se nahi milayega ? main rone laga and salman ke pair pakar kar bola..nahi malik psl nahi…barbad ho jaunga main..salman ne mujhe baal pakar kar uthaya and mujhe choomne laga and bola meri hindu randi chup chap jo bolta hun kar warna teri maa behen ko public randi bana dunga and ure college se chudaunga ..main dar gya and haa kar di..
    ab main sab kuch salman ke plan ke according karne wala tha .maine ghar ki ring bajyai..meri sis shweta neeche ayi and door khola usne ek choti se shorts pahni thi blue colour ki and ek starpless top jo ki peeche se khula tha and uski string wali bra thi..isiliye peeche se sirf ek string dikh rhi thi.door kholte hi shweta mujhe dekhkar chilliayi oh bhiaya..kaha the tum and mujhe hug karne lagi.maine dar gya uska dress dekhkar ann bold shweta andar jao tum.tabi salman door ke side se samne aya and bola “rahul mujhe nahi milaoge apni behen se ” ..main dar gya and bola ..haa ha shweta ye hai mera frnd salman ..shweta ne ek decent inncoent hindu girl jaise usko namaste kiya lekin salman age badha and turant usko hug karne laga..meri behen ali bhat jaise choti cute si thi and salman ne usko hug karte hue hawa me utha liya and uski peeth par hath masal diya ..shweta mujhe dekhne lagi and salman ne use neeche utar kar bola “hi shweta nice to meet u..tumahre bhai ne jitna tarrf ki usse kafi jyada sundar ho tum ” shweta kuch nahi boli and hum log andar ghus gye room me . and salman ne shweta ki ass par slap mara dheere se and bola shweta tumahri mom kaha hai..shweta apni aas peeche karke boli wo so rhi hai.maien bola shweta tum jao jakar 2 cup coofe bana do ..wo kitchen me chali gyi and salman akar sofe par baith gya aram se.maine bhi dar ke baith gya .salman mujhse bola chal mere hinjre ap mera lund nikal and chus ..main dar gya to wo bola “abe mazak kar rha hun..ab jab mujhe teri chinal behen mil jayegi .itni pyari to teri kya jarurat ” main apne sar neeche kar liya and sochne laga ki main kya karun..
    meri sis thodi der bad ccoffe lekar ayi .salman ke pas wo jaise hi gyi salman ne use pakar liya and apne left wali leg par baitha liya ..shweta dar gyi ..and boli “bhaiya “…main hasne laga and bola ghabhrao mat dear..salman tumse kuch puchna chahte hai..salman usko dekhne laga and uske charo tarAF apne hath dal diya and usko apne jaang par baitha kar ghurne laga..salman bola ..shweta kya karti ho tum.wo boli “main class 12 me hun ..bhiaya ” salman-are bhiaya mat bolo mujhe call me sallu .shweta looked below ..salman uske hair and cloth smell karne laga and bola shweta tumne to bada accha perfume lagaya hai.kaun sa hai.shweta ke naam bolte hi salman usko aur zor zor se smell karne laga and bola – hmm ye to mera bhi favorite hai..mujhe bhut bura lag rha tha but main bhi hasne laga and bola hmm ye perfume maine hi diya tha shweta ko..salman bola accha ..sache me ..adn usne shweta ke hath utha diya and bola ..shweta aise rho jara 2 minute.mujhse bardast nhi hua to main khada ho gya and bola salman chalo na tumhe apna bedroom dikhaun..salman looked at me in anger and bola ..baith ja abi chalta hun..and phir wo shweta ke armpit ke pas apni nose lke gya and smell karne laga .shweta mujhe dekh rhi thi and main dusri taraf dekhne laga.wo kafi der tak meri sis ki armpit smell karta rha and phir usko touch karne laga apni jeebh and haath se..shweta boli …bhiaya ye sab….maine kaha..are shweta ye salman bhi na..bhut saukeen hai perfume ka..

  10. part 6…salman meri behen se kafi der tak aise hi apne pair par baitha kar bat karta rha.meri sis ne bola ki uski hobby dance karna hai to salman turant khush ho gya usne kha chalo nacho..shweta sharmane lagi to maine kaha are shweta karo na…to wo nachne lag gyi .salman ne turant usse gande gande gano par assleel dance karne ko kaha and wo karit gyiand jab last me wo thak gyo to salman gya and use godi me utha liya adn kiss kar diya gal par and bola jao shweta thodi der rest kar lo bad me baat karenge.
    shweta ke jate hi salman ne mujhe kaha aa randi baaj lund chus mera teri taand behen ne khada kar diya hai.main dar gya and bola nahi yahan nahi to wo bola chuss warna shweta ko bolunga main jaldi se akar uska lund chusne lga..and wo ahh…shweta meri hindu randi…meri hindu vaisya ..bolkar mere muh me muth mar diya and phir mujhe jhapad mar kar bola pee le gandu…
    salman ne mujhse kaha ..chal apni ranid maa ko bula..usske bolte hi .meri mom neeche aa rhi thi..wo peeche muda to dekha meri hindu devi jaise maa jo bilkul white milf thi and jiske bade bade sudaol chuche the and sarrri moti peeche saari ke bahar thi ..wo neeche ayi.and salman ko dekhi..salman turant unke pas gya and usna pair chune laga ne usko asirwad de diya . and jane lagi .mom ne ek red devi wali saari pahani thi and unka blouse ekdum red tha ..raa 1 ki kareena jaisa..and peeche se dooori thi bendhne wali.salman bola are aunty baitho ruk gyi .maien bola are mommy ye salman pahchana nahi .1st year me mere yahan ata boli aree chha haan..main to bhul gyi..salman bola lekin aunty main apko kabhi nahi boli rahul main pujak akrne jaa rhi hun tum bhi aa jao.main unke peeche peeche jane salman bhi aa gya .mom ne dekha ki salman bhi andar aa rha hai mandir ke to wo boli are salman tm to muslim ho na. salman bola haan aunty par phir bhi main hindu deviyon ki badi izzat karta hun badi acchi lagti hai mujhe..ekdum apki kuch samjhi nahi and puja karne lagi.unhone agarbatti and diya dala diya and kitab parne lagi.main mom me peeche khada tha.tabi salman ne apna lund nikala and mom me theek peeche aakar kahda ho gya

  11. salman meri mom ke theek peeche khada tha and wo usko nahi dekh paa rhi thi and puja karne me busy thi jabki wo apna lund masal rha tha meri mom ko dekhkar.main dar kar side me khada tha.salman mandir me hi har side dekhkar maaze le rha tha and muth mar rha tha jab wo ekdum cum girane wala tha usme mujhe bulaya and main jaldi se uske pas chala gya kyunki main nahi chahta tha ki wo mandir me hi cum kar de.usne turant mere muh me hi muth dal diay and maine pee liya.
    salman nange hokar ab hall me akar baith gya.main usse bolne laga cloth pahane meri mom ya sis dekh leti to bada problem ho jata.wo hasne laga and bola theek hai meri hindu randi.aise hi kuch din tak chalta rha and salman meri mom n sis ko dekhkar muth marta rha.kabhi mandir me ,.kabhi bathroom me..and main usko peeta rha.kuch din bad meri mom ne bola ki wo kuch din ke liye teerthyatra ko jana chahti hai to maine haan kar di and wo chali gyi.ab ghar me main meri sis n salman rah gye the.
    salman ne mauka dekhakr meri behen ko bigadne ka plan bana liya.usne meri sis ke sare kapde rat me gayab kar diye and ek bhi cloth nahi choda and jab next day meri sis naha kar apne room me ayi to use koi cloh nahi mila and wo geeli towel me hi idhar udhar ghumne lagi.
    meri sis ne mujhe awaj di “bhaiya suno”.main salman ke order ke anusar ghar se chala gya and meri sis kafi der tak awaj deti rhi to salman uske room ke pas gya and bola “shweta ,rahul kahi gya hai ab rat me hi ayega “koi prob hai kya ?.shweta ne bola kuch nahi ..bas aise hi..phir wo apne room me geeli towel pahanakar kafi der tak baithe rhi and jab use bhut thandi lagne lagi to wo har kar salman ko bulai .salman uske room ke pas gya .to wo andar se hi boli ki “salman bhaiya actually mere pas koi cloth nahi hai pata nahi sare kaha chale gye hai.ap mujhe koi cloth de doge ” .salman bola haan mere pas mere apne cloth hai btu wo tumhare size ke nahi honge.tum mujhe apna size bata do main 30 min me tumhare liye cloths lete ayunga.shweta usko apna size btana lagi .and salman use bar bar puchta rha ki boob size bolo .and ass size bolo.and wo mazboori me sab batati rhi.salman bola leking main ek sharat par cloth launga wo puchi kya to salman bola ki tum mujhe bhiaya nahi sirf salman bologi aj se.shweta hasne lagi and boli ok.salman mere liye kapde la do …salman chala gya
    salman maal me jakar sare cloth lene laga.wo chote chote cloth jaise ki strapless bras and string wali bra and micro bra ,bikini ,shorts ,hot pant .and other slutty cloth lene laga ..phir ghar wapas aa gya and meri sis ka door khatakhataya .meri sis ne room khola to salman ne use wo bag de diya and sis ne jaldi se cloth lekar room band kar diya .salman haste hue hall me chala gya.meri sis bag khol kar dekhne lagi and ajjeb ajeeb cloth dekhar wo hairan ho gyi.phir thodi der bad boli”salman suno”.salman uske room ke pas gya and pucha :kya hua .shweta ” .wo boli ki are ye kaise cloth hai main inko kaise pahnu ? salman bola e acche to hai problem kya hai.wo boli are nahi main ye sab nahi pahanti.ap isko badal kar lete aao.salman bola are shweta mere pas jitne bhi rupee the maine uska cloth kharid liya and us shop par pahle se hi bola tha ki cloth replace nahi honge .ye sunkar shweta pareshan ho gyi.4 ghnate se towel pahne ke karan usko bukhar ho rha tha.isliye usne jaldi se bag khola and dekhne lagi ki kya pahan sakti hai.usko upar pahane ke liye sirf bra mile to usne ek patli strapless bra pahan li jo usbe boobs se chipak gye the and uski shoulder and sari body naked thi expect small booobs .phir wo neeche pahane ko item dhundhne lagi to use hotpant mili leking hotpant bhut tight thi and usko pahane par wo andar kuch nahi pahan sakti thi and uski ass ekdum bahar aa rhi wo rone lagi.salman door par hi tha use rone ki awa ayi to usne pucha kya ha shwweta .wo boli kuch nahi ye cloth bhut tight hai.salman bola are tum abhi jo hai wo pahan lo warna tumhe bukhar ho jayega geela twoe shweta ne jaldi se ek string wali bra pahan li.phir wo bahar ane lagi sarmate hue.bra and panty pahankar.salman ne jaise use dekha wo pagal ho gya but wo khud ko control karke bola are shweta dekho kitni acchi lag rhi ho tum.tum faltu me tension le rhi thi.shweta apne hath se body chupa rhi thi.salman hasne laga and uske pas gya and use hug kar liya.and bola are shweta dont worry..koi prob nahi hai.and uske peeth par hath pherne laga .shweta thoda peeche hat salman neeche chala ay and bola aao shwetw khana khate hai.wo dono khana khaane lage tabhi main bhi aa gya.maine dekha ki meri sis adhi nangi bikini me khana kha rhi hai mujhe dekhkar shweta kahdi ho gyi and main apni behen se itna pyar karta tha ki agar wo kah de to main khud ka lund bhu kat hun sirf uske 1 mintue ki khusi ke liye but usko aise dekhkar mera bhi namard hindu lund khada hona chah rha tha .but namard ban jane ke karan aisa ho nahi paya.shweta mere pas ayi and boli ki bhiaya dekho na mere pas koi kapda nahi hai pls mere liye kuch kapde la do.maine salman ke orderke aunasar jhuth bola ki are shwtea mere pas to paisa hi nahi hai.sab mom lekar chali gyi tumko aise hi 1 week rhna hoga.shweta dukhee ho gyi to main uske pas gya and bola are shweta dont worry ..tum aise acchi lag rhi ho..aur kapda ki kya jarurat.
    salman ne bhi haan me haan milaya and bola chalo khana khate hai.and aj main shweta ko khana khilanunga..shweta boli nahi mera man nahi hai ap dono salman ne usko pakar liya and jabarjasti apni jaang par baitha liya.uski ass salman ki jaang par thi .shweta kahne lagi are mujhe jane do.salman ne mujhe ishra kiya to main bola ..are shwtea galat bat .khao khana..salman khila rha hai na ..jid mat karo..shweta na chahte hue bhi khane lagi.salman uske peeth par hath masal maal kar use khilata rha and uski ass ko bhi dabata rha and usko khilate hue usko hoth dabata rha.

  12. Hello krishna and amit. You both are absolutely right. I m also hindu male. Sorry to use that word male as we don’t deserve that. We r sissies. Only thing hindu ladies must keep in mind is that hindu males are also loving to serve the mighty muslims for whom male word is best fit.

  13. meri innocent hindu behen salman ke leg par bikini me baith ithi and main chakke jaise dekh rha tha.meri behen ka pet bhar gya and wo jane lagi to salman ne usko kiss kiya gal par zor se.and wo chali day salman ne apne kuch friend ko iinvite kiya mere ghar par jo ab uska tha.wo totle 5 muslim the.jaise hi wo rooom par aye and ring kiya doorbell..slman bola shweta jao door kholo.shweta strapless bra and choti string wali panty me thi..shweta ne bola bhiaya ap maine mana kar diya salman ke order ke anusar to wo chali gyi and sarmate hue gate kholne lagi.uske gate kholte hi sab use dekhne lage..and pagal ho gye uske hindu jism ko dekh kar .and usko gali dene lage and randi and other words bilne lage ..shweta rote hue bhag ayi mere room me.salman neeche aa gya and gussa karne laga.wo sofe pas bait hgya and sabko baithne ko bola.and mujhe n shwtea ko awaz di..shweta nahi ana chahti thi..but maine bola to wo aa gyi .salman ne use godi me phir se bitha liya and bolne yaar ye meri frnd shweta hai..and koi bhi isko kuch nahi bolega ..warna mar dalunga..sab salman ki bat man gye..phir sabhi log 2 ghante tak bat karte rha and meri behen ko dekhte rhe and salman usko godi me idhar udhar bithata rha and uske badan ko chuta rha and main chakke jaise un sab ke liye chai pani laa rha tha..
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    salman ke sare dost bhi hall me aa gye and hum dono ko dekhkar unka lund khada ho gya and wo control kho rhe the…shweta ke pas sabhi ek ek karke aye and usse nange gale milkar..use kiss kiya and phir sabki salman se puchen lage ki bhai zamaj kaha pare hum salman mujhe dekhne laga..maine bola aplog mere temple me par lo..wo sab gussa ho gye and bbole..sare chuitye..hum log tere fuddu temple me namaz nahi maine salman ko salman bola ki..aisa karo.hall bhut bada hai ap log issi me par wo bole ye to theek hai but hum log temple wale ghar me puja nahi salman bola ..theek hai ..ek kam karte hai..temple me rkhe sare pics..and other holy hindu object nikal kar yahan hall me phek dete hai.and phir room ko achhe se saaf karke and khub dhokar phir waha namaz parte hai..
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    salman ne meri innocent behen ko dekha and use apni godi me baitha liya and use chumne laga and bola shweta ..are hum lgo ye sab theekh kar denge..dont worry..chalo hum log ek game khelte hai pahle..meri sis khush ho gyi and boli yes mujhe games psanad hai..hum 8 log ek table ke round baith gye and main n meri sis naked the .and baki sab cloth me/..salman bola ki dekho is game ka rule hai game me hum log ek bottle ghuma deneg.and bottle jiske taraf gya wo koi bhi ek wish bolega jisko dusre ko pura karna hoga..meri sis turant boli but bhaiya agar wo nahi kare to…salman janta tha ki meri sis bhut bholi wo turant ek god ki pic lekar ayaand bola dekho..agar kisi ne koi kaam nahi kiya jo bola gya and agar game khatm kiye bina chod diya to usko tumahre bhagwan shaaap de denge and wo mar jayega…meri sis rone lagi…and boli nahi mujhe ni marna .. main ni khelungi ye game ..salman bola ..are shweta …tum to best ho and tum kya nahi kar sakti..tum sab kuch kar dena to tum harogi nahi..ok…
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  15. Amitt..plz aage ki story continue karo…we all r waiting for the story…phir kya hua…

  16. Good
    Please continue
    Kash main shweta ki jagah hoti

  17. part 8….
    meri ankhen dheere dheer khul rhi thi…main bhut azzzeb feel kar rha tha.main bistar par leta tha .mere badan par ek panty and bra thi strap wali.and charo
    taraf gulab and other type ke ffool gire hue the.main utha and mirror ke samne khada ho gya.main bhtu shine kar rhe tha .mere chehre se lekar puri body par ek bhi bal
    nahi the.mujhe bhut horny feel ho rha tha..main socha ki dekun meri cock ke bal hai ya wo bhi nahi hai.maine apni panty niali side se .and main zor se chilaayaaaaa
    …fuckkkkkkkkkkkk………mothrfuck…………og shit…..i saw ki meri cock..gayab thi….of fuck…..noooooooo…..mujhe yakeen hi nahi ho rha tha ki ye kya ho
    rha hai..main apne ap ko chingoti katne laga to know ki kahai ye koi bura sapna to nahi hai.main rone laga gya tabhi salman aya and mujhe peeche se bahon me bhar liya
    and mere gale ko chumne laga …and bola baby….ro kyun rahi ho…main guse me tha and use dhakka de diya … usne mere bal pakar liye and mujhe mirror me lada diya
    main aur zor zor se rone wo mere pas aya and mujhe hug karte hue mujhse bahas karogi to mar dalunga..meri ban mano.and jo balta hun wahi karo..ok
    main aona sar hilakar han me haan kar diya.wo mere pas aya and mujhe zor zor se kiss karne and chumne laga..and meri bra and panty utar di.and mujhe ananag karke
    ghurne laga.main darte hue pucha ..salman ye kya hai…ye meri cock ko …..zaise hi maine cock ka naam liya wo mujhe tappad mar diya and bola …kau nssi cock
    “tu to meri randi hai..randi ki kaha koi cock hoti hai…pagal hai kya tu “tu ek ranid hai..ek randi hindu vaisya..aur kuch nahi…ok..main samajh gya ki in logo ne
    mujhe kal rat me surgery karwa kar mujhe puri tarah se napunsak bana diya hai, main dukhhe ho gya ..tabhi salman ne mujhe deewar se pin kar diya and meri armpit
    chatne laga and bola ..oh meri rand tu to apni behen se bhi jyada kamal hai…tu to meri wife banegi…main deewar par hath upar kar ke khada tha.and behen ka nam
    sunte hi main bola ..salman meri behen kaha hai…salman ne phir mujhe tappad mara and bola …chup randi…ye puch meri randi chinal hindu madarjaat behen kaha hai
    .maine uuse yehi pucha to wo hasne laga and bola ..are tery behen ko randi banana hai na tere jaise ..isliye usko traiing de rhe hai log…to uski chinta chod apni kar
    main pucha ,..kya matlab salman????
    salman mere hath deewar me lada kar mujhe kiss karne laga and haste hue bola..dekh meri ranid wife…aj se tu meri and mere bhai logo ki personal chinal
    banegi…to aj se tujhe mere banaye hue kuch kanoon mamne honge…maine dar se sar hila diya ..and pucha kaun se kannon…to woh bolne laga..dekh pahle
    to tu hum sabki chinal wife banegi.ab hamare muslim reliigon me yeh randiyapa nahi hota and tere me to draupadi jaise randiyan 5 5 logo se chudti h tu 6 se
    kar …matlab u hindu hi rahega..aur waise bhi tujh jaise madarjaat ko muslim bana kar main apne dharam kharab nahi karna chahta.maine haan me haan mila wo
    hasne laga..and phir bola rule tu hum sabk gulami karega and agar hum chahe to tujhe nanag bazar me nacha bhi denge..rule 3 . tu aj se ladki banne ki harmone
    wali goli goli se tu puri tarah se ladki ban jayega. maine haan kar wo phir hasne laga and bola chal merir jaan ab aur mat tadpa neeche aa ja
    maine us kamre me ek laal joda dekha jo slaman mere liye chod gya tha ..maine pahle bath li..and pphir ganagjal dalkar khud ko pavitra kiya and phir lall
    joda pahan liya ..ankon me kajal and bindi and sindoor liya and stair se neeche ane laga..maine shocked ho gya par bhut sare muslim ladke the..
    and salman and uske 6 dost shadi wali sherwani pahan kr khade the.jabki sirf ek person party me nanga tha puri tarah…meri behen shweta jo waitor bani thi n logo
    ko saran n wine de rhi thi nange…n sabi usko kiss n slap kar rhe the

  18. Or next part jalde likho

  19. Why so many of us hindu men have “chuchi wale lund” either with long tight tips or the lunds with tight skin where supada doesn’t open completely, the degree varies from dick to dick but in majority of the desi porn I see its the case the lund look limpy and Beemaru. May be its the fault of our mothers because mothers are supposed to retract the skin of the male child from time to time especially during the bath so that it doesn’t remain tight.

  20. wow something similar to mine, do all hindus have these very same nunnies

  21. part 9
    main llaal joda pahan kar neeche utaratne laga rote rote thoda .salman mujhe hatho se pakarkar neeche laya aur phir sare uske muslim dost and unki family mujh par has rhe the.maine dekhe ki meri sister jo ki akeli nangi thi us room me uske sath sab log jabarjasti kar rhe the..use chum aur chat rhe the..sab uske upar cheeze girakar bar bar uske josm ko chat rhe the.tabi ek pundit aya shadi karwane wala..sare muslimo ne us pandit ko k=bhi nanga kar diya aur uska khub mazab banaya aur phir salman bola ki abe pundit ham 56 logo ki shadi is ranid draupadi se kara de.hum apne dharam ko barbad nahi karna chahte is chinal se shaid krke muslim tarike se isiliye hindu way me shadi kara de tahki ye randi hamari biwi ban jaye hinduo ke liye but muslimo ke liye ye ek chinal hi rahegi…ye bolkar sab hasne lage.pundit ne theek wais hi kar diya aur phir sabhi log dheere dheere chale gye .
    sabke jane ke bad..salman ne darwaja band kiya aur isi tarah kuch din beet gye aur fir wi din aya jab meri mom deepika ane wali thi wapas..abi tak main muslimo ka paltu kutiya ban chuka tha aur meri behen unki rakhail.subah ke 11 baj rhe the ..jab main khana bana rahi thi aur meri behen room me 6 muslimo ka bistar garam kar rhi thi tabi bell baji..main neeche daudte hue ayi..aur gate khola..mummy mujhe dekh kar shocked ho gyi ekdum..main harmone wali goli lete lete lagbhag ladki ban gya tha..mere bal bhi ladki jaise lambe ho gye the ..and maine ek laal sari pahani thi jo mom ki hi thi.meri mom jo ki.dikhne me pale white colou ki milk hai aur jo by face n figure sunny leone jaise hai wo..mujhse puchi ki are rahul ye sab kya natak bolte hue mom aadr aa gyi ghar me aur sofe par baith gyi.
    main baith kar bolne lagi ki mummy main ab rahul nahi..aur meri shadi ho gyi bolte hue main rone lagi..mummy to jaise pagal ho gyi..boli kya bakws hai ye sab..kya matlab..main itna bolte isse pahle hi room se awaz ayi..öye randi kaha hai..main ja;di se upar bhagi..andar jate hi maine dekhe ki meri sister roz ki tarah chud kar behosh ho gyi thi .salman mere as aya ..aur mujhe pakar kar..bistar par gir diya aur turant 2 logo ne meri gand me 2 lung dal diya…2 ne muh me dal diya aur ek…merri kati hui penis ke upar ke hole ko chatne laga..aur salamn samne baith kar bolne laga…ki..sun randi…ye jo teri ma hai na ..mujhe iski bakwas nahi sunni…agar isne mujhe kuch pucha to maine isko beeche bazar mr nanag kar ke choduga..samjhi tu…main chdte hue apna sir hila di..aur haan kaha diya..salman phir ja abhi aur apni maaa ko mana le ki hum sabhi ab aise hi rahenge yaha..aur agar use manjoor nahi to hum uska bura haal karenge…main chudte hue apna hath jodne laga..aur bheekh mangne laga ki jaise ap log bologe waise hi bolte hi…2 logo ne meri gand me muth mar di..aur phir mujhe laat mar kar..bole chal ja ab..
    maine jaldi se room se bahar aya mom neeche baithi thi…mom ke pas maine sirf bra aur panty pahan kar pachucha…mom khadi ho gyi aur boli ..hey bhagwan ye kya pahana sab kya natak hai rahul….main jo jo se rote hue chillane kya rahul rahullaga rakha hai mummy..bola na ab maine rahul nahi…mera naam randi hai ..ab ..meri shadi hui hai 6 muslimo se …ab main unki wife bat samjh lo ap..aur pls ab pareshan mat karo mujhe…meri mim ye sunkar behosh ho gyi

  22. part10
    3 4 ghante bad meri mom ki ankh khuli to wo bistar par padi thi aur mere 6 muslim pati unko gher kar khade the.mummy dar gyi aur unhone apna pallu rakh liya aur mujhedekhkar boli rahul ye sab kaun hai.salman ne mujhe ankh dikhakar ishara kiya to main darte darte mummy ke pas baith gayi aur boli mummy tum jyada sawal jawab mat karo.agar tum ye sab karogi to main suicide kar lungi…ye kahte hue maine ek knife utha liya mummmy dar gyi aur rone lagi..aur boli ni ni…rahul aisa mat karna..maine bola mummy to tum mujhe yani randi ko…aur mere 6 pati sweeekar kar lo…mummy shcoked ho gyi aur boli 6 pati… kaise ho skta hai…salman ab mummy ke pas aa kar baith gya aur unka face pakkarkar..bola are aunty ji…jab draupadi jaise randi ke 5 pati ho skte hai to iske 6 kyun nahi..mummmy gussa ho gyi aur salman ko dhakka de diya…aur chillane lagi..salman ne phir mujhe ishara kiya to main fir khadi ho gyi knife lekar aur mummmy mere pati par shout mat karo warna main suicide kar lungi..mummy boli ni beta aisa mat karo..tum jo bologe mian karungi but sucice mat karna..
    salamn mummy ke pas a gya aur unki nangi peeth par hath lagate hue bola ye hui na bat aunty ji…bas aj se ye apki ladki hai jiska naam randi hai..aur hum iske 6 pati log hai..ap humara khayal rakhoyega isko kuch ni bolte hua wo meri mom ki nangi peeth sahlane laga.meri mom pareshan aur confused hokar usko kuch ni boli fir khadi hokar boli theek hai main khana banati hun..a log ana…khana khane neeche ye bolkar wo jaldi se bhag gyi..
    mummy thodi der bad khana banate h mujhe awaz lagayi ..main uss samay chud rhi thi.aur meri behen anadr ek room me bandhi thi..puri nangi..mummy ke awaz lagane par salman ne mujhe bra aur panty pahana di.kyunki wo nahi chahte tha ki meri mummy ko heart attack aa jaye ye dekhkar ki main ek napunsak ho gya hun..slaman aur uske 5 dost ekdum nange hokar neeche aa gye aur dining table par baith gye ..main bhi waha par slaman ki thghs par baith gyi..tabi mummy ayi…aur bahar ate hi chillayi…hey bhagwannn..aur apni ankh band kar li…..salman mujhe godi se utarkar unske pas gya aur unke hath hatane laga par wo bar bar ankh band karne lagi…to salman ne usko zor se pakar liya aur bola kya hua aunty ji ..kya bat hai…mummy boli are ap log nange kyun ho…salman hasne laga aur bola to hum logo ka riwaz hai..hum log hindu ke sath se khana ni khate kapde pahan kar paaplagta hai….meri mummy rone slaman ne unko nange hi gale laga liya aur bola…auntty ro mat..chalo khana do ab…
    mummmy darte darte khana dene lagi..tabi salman bola…are kapde to utariye pahle aunty ..mummy shocked ho gyi..aur main bhi…salman bola are maine bola na hindu ke ghar me khana bina kapde ke hi hoga..mummy boli ki wo to hindu salman bola…ki usse kya …wo bhi to khana khayegi….ya to hum teeno ma bete aur beti me se koi khana nahi khayega..ya to fir nanag hokar hi khayega…mummy rone aur gidgidane lagi…to salman ne mujhe ishara chahte hue main mummy ke pas gya aur bola mummy pls ye log jaisa kah rhe hai man lo plzz…pls mummy….mummy rone lagi zor zor se…to salman mere aps aya aur gusse me mujhe ek slap diya maine neeche gir gya fir sare muslim mujhe marne lage laton se…mummy rone lagi aur mujhe bachane ki kossi karne lagi…salman bola sale tum dono log tabse tamasha kiye ho…ek kam ho ni rha …bhukh bhi lagi hai..aur tum dono natak kar rhe ho…mummy gidgidane lagi..aur zald izaldi apni sari kholne lagi..aur fir bra and panty bhi utarkar puri nangi ho gyi…tab salman ne mujhe chod diya…aur mujhe kiss karne laga meri maa ke smane..meri maa nagi ye sab dekh rhi thi…aur fir hum sab bait hgye aur mom sara khan nange hi parosne lagi..
    meri mom khana paros rhi bar apni moti gand …aur bob chupane ki kossi kar rhi thi..but wo ekdum sunny leone jaise healthy hone ke karan aisa ni kar paa rhi thi…sab unki gand me jhakjhkar kar dekh rhe the aur has rhe the.thodi der khana khana parosne ke bad .mummy ne mujhe dekh aur puchi..are shweta kha hai….sab hasne lage aur salman bola ki shweta abi kahi gyi hai..mummy mujhe dekhne lagi..aur fir chali gyi..apne roomm me …aur bed par girkar rone lagi..salamn apne dosto ke sath khana kha liya aur fir mummy ke room me gyaa….mummy bed par nangi letti thi..salman unke samna jakar khada ho gya..aur unke jism ko dekhte hue apna dick hilana laga aur bola aunty..kya hua..
    mummy uth gyi aur salman ko dekh dick hilate hue…aur boli ye kya kar rhe ho..slamn apna dick hilata rha aur bola…ki pahle jo maine puche ap wo btao..kyun leti ho yahan..kya bat hai..mummy boli nai kuch ni..thoda thak gyi hun…salman bola..acha to so jao..chal ke..mummy boli..han sone hi ja rhi hun..salmna bola..i are nahi chalo hamare room me so…hum logo ke family me sab alag alag ni sote hai…sath me hi sote hai..mummy dar gyi aur boli nahi salman haste hue bola ni ni..chalo jaldi…mummy kapde uthane lagi…salman-kapde kyun pahan rhi ho..chota kamra hai jagah bhi nahi hai..kaise sogi..mummy-han to isiliye to bol rhi hun ki main ye hi so jati hun/..salman-are nahi sath me sona hi hai..aur kapde nahi pahanna kyunki jagah kam hai ye bolkar salman meri mom ki tarf ane laga.mummy peeche hatne lagi..par slaman ne meri moti..healthy mom ko utha liya…aur fir ane laga..usne meri mom ko godi me utha liya aur mom ko dekhne laga ..chalte hue..mummy ne ankh band kar..di,,salmam meri mom ko godi me uthakar room me laya us samay main chud rha tha…5 muslim se…uske gate kholte hi..sab chillane lage…aaao salman aao…mom ne ankh kholi…aur rone lagi…salman bed ke pas aa gya aur bola ..chalo sab log aunty ke liye jagah khali karo…ek muslim kya aunty aunty laga rkha hai..unka koi naam ni kay kya…salman hasne ;aga auer mom se puche …apka naam depika hai rote hue sar hilane lagi…salman bola par ye acha naam nahi.hai…jaise rahul ka naame ab ranid hai waise hi apka namee bhi kuch hona chahiye…ye sunte hi sare muslim mom ko rakhail..chinal…kutiya jaise naam batane lage..salman bola ..han chinall..yehi naam hai bolte hue mom ko bed par phek diya
    meri nangi mom bed par gir gayi aur 6 muslim usko ghar par hasne lage

  23. part11
    meri mom dar gyi thi buri tarah ..wo dar se thar thar kapne lagi…salman hasne laga bola.lagta hai aunty ko chinal naam pasand niaya .theek hai aunty apka naam chinal ni kutiya bolkar..wo sabhi mummy ke nangi josm ghurne lage..fir salman bola ki lagta hai kutiya ko thandi lag rhi hai..chalo isko thoda garam kar de..warna ye mar jayegithand se.
    ye bolte hi sabhi 6 muslim meri mom par pagal kutte jaise tut pade..aur meri mom ke gand aur pussy aur muhme llund dal diya aur mummy ko buri tarah chodne lage..meri mom chudte hue mujhe side se dekhne lagi..aur unki ankon se ansun gir rhe the.2 ghante mummy ko buri tarah chodne ke bad.meri mom ke booobs me se doddh girne laggya to sabhi muslim ruk gye.aur mummy ke boob ghurne lage.
    salman haste hue bola..are ye kutiya ke to dudh gir rha hai khub sara..sare muslim hasne lage..mujhe dekhkar salman oye randi..tu kyun faltu paisa waste karti hai wo randi gaaymataa ko khana khilane me..aj se ye kutiya hi dudh degi..jao isko apni gausala me bandh do..main shcoked ho gyi aur puchi…par salman wo gaaay jo waha par hai unka kya karu..salman haste hue jaao un sabko bahar nikal ke bandh do..marne do saliyo ko…ab hum sab roz beef khayege un gayon ko kat kar..aur dudh ye kutiya bolkar salman hasne ;aga..meri mom bhi dheere dheere khadi hone lagi apni tangon par.
    tabi salman ne apni belt nikalkar meri mom ke gale me patta dal diya..aur phir usko idhar udhar khechne laga//meri mom ek paltu kutiya jaise idhar udhar lotne lagi…fir salman meri mom ka patta apne ek dost ke hath me dekar..bola.jao bandh do isko…jaisa bola waise kar do…ye bolkar.salmna bed par gir gaya..aur meri mom chali gyi muslim ke sath..salman mujhe randi suno tumhari behen us basement me hai ja jara usko lekar yaah aoaao…
    meri behenka naam sunkar..main gabra gaya kyunki maine use kafi din se nahi dekha tha..sare muslims roz basement me jakar uske sath jo merzi chahte wo krte the.fir wapas aaakr mujhe chodte the..main dheere dheere neeche jane laga ye sochkar ki pata nhi meri behen kis halat me hogi..
    basement se neeche utarte hi mujhe bhut jor ka shock laga .maine dekha ki meri behen basement me ulti lataki thi..puri nangi..aur uski body jo 58 kg alia bhat jaise thi wo ab 30 kg se bhi kam rah gyi thi..meri behen roof se ulte latki thi..aur wo tadap aur chilla rhi thi..uske puri body par chot ke nisan the..aur uski gand pussy aur muh me dher sare wire lage hue the jo ek iron clip se jude hue the…aur thodi thodi der par un wires se usko shock lag rha tha..aur wo bar bar chilla chilla kar behosh ho ja rha thi

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