My wife Akshata is pregnant with her 55 year old musalman boss Javed’s seed

Hi everybody,
This is a true story. My name is Manish married to my college classmate Akshata since last 12 years. We both are 34 years old. We had a love marriage. We are from a well to do family and also we both were working after marriage. After 2 years of our marriage we decided to have kids. Even our parents & relatives were asking us not to delay the kids due to obvious reasons. So Akshata resigned from her job and became a housewife.

We had sex regularly but Akshata did not conceive for a year. We got anxious and got both of us checked up. Our tests were ok and doctors said not to worry. The doctors told us to have sex multiple times during her most fertile days so that the chances of her conceiving increased. We had sex regularly but she did not conceive. Then slowly we got bored of having sex as there was no results at all. We stopped having sex.

Akshata was going into a depression because of not conceiving and also because she was fed up of answering our parents & relatives questions like “When are you going to give us the Good News ?”. Due to this she started to cut off from the outside world and used to feel lonely. So I told her to start working again so that she gets occupied.

Akshata joined a company about 8 months back and started work & things started to improve. Her immediate boss was a 55 year old musalman man named Javed. With the passage of time her depression started to improve & she became cheerful. Akshata started coming late from office telling me that she has some important work. And this became nearly a regular thing. I was also happy because she was happy.

One day Akshata complained of weakness and I took her to the doctor for a check up. To my shock the doctor told me that she is pregnant. I knew the pregnancy was not due to me because we had stopped having sex more than a year now. When I got her home I questioned her about it.

Akshata told me that when she joined the company her boss Javed asked her about her personal life about why she did not have a kid and all. Then slowly he started flirting with her taking advantage of her loneliness. Akshata initially resisted but after some time also started to give in to his advances as he was an attractive man with a big build and a deep manly voice.

Then slowly they started to speak on their mobile phones & going out for lunch, movies, etc and he made her happy. Then one day he took her to his place, as his family had gone out, on the pretext of having a cup of coffee and fucked her. I asked her how many times he has fucked her till now. She said 3 times. Twice in his home and once in a hotel. I asked her whether she liked having sex with him and she said “Yes Ofcourse” with a glitter in her eyes and a happy face.

I was aghast & shattered that my wife cheated on me. More because it was for a muslim man of 55 years. But on the other hand I was also appreciating the fact that a man of 55 years of age has the strength to make my wife pregnant & that too in just 3 bed meetings.

Akshata said that she wants to marry Javed and be his second wife because she cannot get over his manliness in bed. We have already applied for divorce.

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  1. Good u divorced her. She is now Javed’s property. No power in this world can now separate her from Javed’s musalmani dick.

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  15. Instead of divorcing Akshata, Manish shud accept the reality that Javed is the real owner of Akshata’s mind & body. It is better if Manish becomes a cuckold and see them both enjoy.

  16. is stroy ka koi 2nd part nahi hai kya or akshata or javad ka sex sagam detail mai batawo na to or maja aayega

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