Nidhi Razdan, Payal Nath and Omar Abdullah

omar abdullah nidhi razdan

omar abdullah hindu wifeOmar Abdullah ki pehli hindu wife Payal Nath.
payal nath hotomar abdullah payal nathOmar ne 2 ladke paida kiye apni pehli hindu bivi se aur 2011 mai divorce diya.
omar abdullah nidhi razdanBut there is more to it.nidhi razdan sex scene
Nidhi Razdan was married to a hindu guy named Neelesh Misra in 2005 but there were something else in the store. Soon, Nidhi came in contact with Omar Abdullah. They started to see each other. Nidhi ko satisfaction nahi mila aur Abdullah ka milne k baad she got a taste of something better. H guy couldn’t give full satisfaction and musalman gave her a taste for something far better hence the divorce. Its not something new Rumi Nath congress MLA is just an example of the power of musalmani lund how she ran with a muslim guy and left her small kid and husband.
omar nidhi affairSoon Nidhi divorced Neelesh few years after the marriage. After few years Omar also divorced his wife Payal Nath after taking all the pleasure and popping out two boys to further the abdullah dynasty.
And many hindu boys were not happy seeing all this. Wo kya hai na hindus have difficulty in managing one wife while the musalmans can manage four ;). Hindu girls know the fact that spending 10 years with a musalman is better and more adventurous and satisfying than spending a life time with a hindu guy lol thats why you see hindu girls always eager to marry mature divorced muslim men and you already know many such examples don’t even have to tell.
nidhi razdan affairSo much inquisitivity (from reddit)nidhi razdan sex sceneThese guys would surely be jacking off their small dicks seeing her on screen but the actual winner is Abdullah.H boys complain karte hai ki nidhi musalmano ki side leti hai tv par abe jiska andar jayega aur jiska pasand aayega usi ki side to legi, aisa bahot hindu ladkiyo k saath hota hai most hindu girls side with musalmans now you can imagine the real reason behind it 😉nidhi razdan boyfriend

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