Nidhi Singh’s dream

Nidhi Singh writes:
I had a dream last night that i have become Prime Minister of India and back in pakistan Imran Khan had defeated Nawaz Sharif in elections.
Relationship between India and Pak are not good as usual and there were some exchange of heated statements between 2 countries. I also gave a very fiery speech against them.
There is some UN confrence in USA which head of every countries going to attend including me and Imran.
Couple of days after confrence a MMS shock the nation in which Imran Khan is sitting on chair i his hotel and me sitting on ground. His one feet is in my lap and other one is in my hand and me licking it.
Once done with feet, me sitting between his thighs and licking his balls and massaging his inner thighs, while he is sitting calm and taking to somebody over phone.
It took me sometime to make him horny by continuously licking, massaging. Once ready he invaded my pussy and made me bow in front of his lund.


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  1. ha ha ha very true… luv ur dream

  2. Fantasy is no harm but sry lady you failed to turn me on you lack in describing things….try later all the bes

  3. such a hot dream nidhi.

  4. Kajal and nidhi would like to meet 20 years old Muslim boy then mail me [email protected]

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