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Most of these bearded Pakistani Mullahs have big hard dicks with nice thick heads just another example

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In fact you would find average pakistani dick bigger than the dick of indian hindu male which is largely due to eating habits and the fact most pakistanis are tilted towards the Arab culture rather than vegan indian hindu culture.  More over circumcision makes their dicks looks more beautiful.

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Often you would find pakistanis like these boasting about their dicks and about their eating habits which makes them stronger and its not entirely false. If you look at cricket Pakistanis have produced many of the world’s best fast bowlers like Shoaib, imran kham, Wasim and countless others which requires great strength, stamina and fitness while the indian hindus have struggled over the years in the fast bowling department and some of their front line fast bowers have been muslims. A typical paki youth aspires to become fast and strong like Shoaib, imran, Wasim while a typical indian youth would aspire to become a batsman.

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