Power display- showoff

On 22nd October we posted a facebook page screenshot under Facebook trend. The page is not owed by us just a random facebook page.

and today on 26th October from 5,542 likes it moved to 16,000 likes with no change in content.

This is a proof enough that so many people like such fantasy.

Moving towards 400000 views in under 3 months

Best rank so far in India under 30000
Whether you like it or not, the fact is that many so horny indian hindu women come to this site and simply can’t keep their hands away from their vaginas.

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  1. hahaha… keep it up.

  2. you are right… this page is so popular in india..becuase our ladies and our boys.. know the power of muslims..

    i m also a hindu .. but i know.. you muslims are superiour..

  3. I also liked this page after seeing it first on this website 😉

  4. That is correct Rajiv.Your hindu sisters are encouraged by girls like Nidhi Singh who know how much they enjoy being with us and the pleasure which they get from us as you are weak and not aggressive to give them what they want.

    Hello Ritu, seems you are new to all this.You will enjoy here

    • Do you have a hindu gf Asif? If not can I be your online gf? I am hindu as well. Please mail me at whatakobra at gmail dot com

  5. hi asif r u on yahoo

  6. u say urs will add u

  7. messaged u there r u on yahoo now

  8. hi ritu, add me also

  9. I am looking for the porn site of hindu girls gettin fucked by muslim hunks… is there such porn site?

  10. mai is page ki diwani hun

  11. jab se mujhe is page ks pata chala hai mai iski har ek chiz padti hun

  12. Hey, this webiste is popular in the UK as well!! I am a 25 year old Gujarati Brahmin girl and I love this website.

    Me dekh ne aati hon ke meri tara aur bhi Hindu ladkiya hai jo Mulsim lund pasnad kar ti hai.

  13. muje laga tha ki …bas me hi muslim lund ki dewani hu…..

  14. Take a muslim lund in your choot, pratima…U will then know the difference. I am the slut for my neighbour married uncle Hameed who has promised to make me his 3rd wife.

  15. you people give us muslims a bad name the above comment is an example. none of you are real muslims

  16. Hi Why do Muslim guys seem so attractive?

  17. Want Muslim hot guys for sex chat:

  18. They are looking handsome and strongly badybeuider.

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