Priyamani engaged to musalman bf Mustafa

priyamani marries muslim

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Dear viewers, this is priceless.
Hot Hindu female actress Priyamani got engaged to her musalman boyfriend Mustafa Raj. After the news many hindu men posted negative messages on social media as she is going to marry a musalman mard.
Priyamani met her fiance Mustufa during an IPL (Indian Premier League) match a few years ago.
After so many negative comments Priyamani came forward and gave a befitting reply to all the haters.

negative reactions hindu girl marry muslim

Quite a lot of hindu guys posted negative comments but on the other hand lots of hindu girls supported and congratulated her which was quite the opposite.


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Kya kare musalman jyada maza dete hai

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H guy Abhishek says she will now eat beef with her musalman husband. Kya kare beef sex power bada deta hai fir pura maza milta hai

Trap nahi musalman ka experience kar k deewani ho jaati hai kya kare zameen aasmaan ka fark hai.

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  1. Indeed akram.. and it is so silly that some people give these cheap comments on such happy moments

  2. i am sure that beef eater muslim man mustafa will fuck her pure hindu body day and night with his powerful cut musalmani cock and will make her pregnant. come on hindu girls. Break the barriers and get full satisfaction with us. my kik id is: nizamdelhi

  3. It is just that opposite attracts. Many Hindu girls like muslim boys and many muslim girls like hindu boys coz of fun in it. The fact that Muslims converts the partner make people say it is “love jihad” love knows no religion n the person who cannot defend the faith of his/her partner is a hypocrite ..

  4. hahah hindu namards cnt stop hating muslims… our body is only made to give satisfaction to beaf eating muslim bulls ..

    • suchi …. checked ur and urs sister fb profile, both of u r really hot, my muslim brother must be enjoy ur hot body

  5. Hindu guys are just jealous. I know what it is like. They burn inside and release their frustration here. Muslim guys are great

  6. congrats….priyamani didi and Mustafa jiju 🙂

  7. she did absolutely right , married the man with whom she could enjoy and live the life with dignity.

    best of luck to both of them

  8. It is happening for real, and everywhere. Recently my married sister a maharashtrian has been witha Mallu Married Muslim man, who she met while traveling from pune to Mumbai. After that she has been with him, she even don’t worry about what my Jiju or we may feel. Once I heard she said to Jiju that Aarrif ka ek baar le Chuki Hun aur ab usable Alavva kisi aur ka Nahi lungi.

  9. I m cuckold n if anyone wants to chat about my wf can contact me on Skype – rrj2002

  10. Shayani Mukherjee June 1, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    wow she is very well known south actress. She deserves to be fucked and satisfied by a hot muslim.south indian hindus r useless hizdas lol.

  11. She married to Muslim guy agreed, but this site is misguided people and insulting Hindu girls even goddess sometimes. Which is completely wrong

  12. any Muslim boy interested in me.. Msg me my Kik ID is anniloveself

  13. I am eagerly waiting for their wedding.. Let the world watch how happy a woman gets when she is a Muslim manz wife..

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