Probe into Muslim boy Hindu girl marriages

Its a very old news from 2009 but still it reveals something important.
Maharashtra’s criminal investigation department (CID) meant to probe high-profile cases will now investigate love affairs that have resulted in marriages between Hindu girls and Muslim boys.

CID has been told to check whether Muslim boys are enticing Hindu girls as part of a ‘conspiracy’. Minister of state for home (rural) Nitin Raut of congress party had announced this.
Participating in a calling attention notice, EknathKhadse and DevendraFadnavis had said Young Muslim boys in rural areas were wooing Hindu college girls and then marrying them.

According to me:
They couldn’t digest the fact that how are rural or poor Muslim boys able to woo educated Hindu college girls 😉 It takes two hands to clap obviously the hindu girls are falling for musalman boys as they experience the difference. Well thats the power of musalmani cock and their strong and stubborn personality. The strong potent beef eating musalmans with kind of different heredity satisfy hindu girls to the fullest plus the thrill of doing the forbidden gives hindu girls even more pleasure. Many hindu girls become submissive in front of the strong musalman boys. Many of them are told to stay away from musalman boys but in the end they fall in their laps.

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