Property of GCC 12 Recap to Part 2 Aradhana and her submissive fuck sessions with Arab masters

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Recap to Property GCC 2 – Aradhana and the elderly qatari

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I’ve released some more nasty pics of this dirty, innocent, hindu cum-slut for arab mullahs.

Aradhana is as nasty as it gets…a typical filthy sultry hindu whore with a slutty banging hindu bod built to breed and get ragdolled and roughfucked in a 24/7 hot arab-bull dominated sweaty fuck session.

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The sweet chants of submission and surrender of this hindu slut’s identity to us. Look at this fucking brahmin hore, can’t wait for her to mount our arab mullah cut cocks.

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We’ll lick every inch of her soft, unused hindu body. lick and hoick spit like she is our hindu breeding bitch.

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I’ll spit on her navel, back neck, with beef-flavored saliva and make her taste it by spitting down her hindu throat. ohhh what a hindu slut.

Hope you enjoy this breeding hindu sex-machine surrender her identity to us arabs.

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  1. Hi, one thing I always wanted to ask, what is the meaning of the Arabic tattoo on her stomach ? Can you please translate ? Thanks.

  2. Hi I always wanted to b a slave of a cruel arab

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