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So what is your fantasy my hindu whores, if you were with a mullah thug would you like a gang of arab mullahs gangfucking you…..pleasing you sexually while abusing you religiously?
We will pounce on any chance to fill the womb of mullah-cum crazed hindu sluts with mullah seed.

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  1. Hi, does any one know what happened to the creator of there images. I used to talk to him regularly now his twitter is suspended and my emails to him fail. Any help is appreciated thanks.

  2. Hello Dipali. Dont worry i am sure Master Ahmed will be back soon enough. He is a true artist and such people cannot stay away from their art. I am totally his Hindu Whore in Heat now. Loads of love to Mustafizur Ahmed!

  3. namaste my master
    muslim bulls are the real masters
    I have seen my mom many times flirting with muslim men in front of my dad and my father never bothered about that
    please make a Facebook group for posting and chatting about this.

  4. Wow, Hindu sisters getting banged by Muslims. I get off just by touching my 3 inch dick which is barely able to stand but seeing Muslim men on Hindu sisters makes it alive. My mom is also slut of my Muslim friend for 3 years. If anyone like to chat about it just leave their Skype here.

  5. Come enslave me n let me have d honour to serve my arab masters forever

  6. we born for all muslim masters .

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