Sex Desire Of Muslim Guy Fulfilled By Hindu Married Lady

Hi to all readers….I wanted to share one of my sex experience with Muslim guy named Masood. I am Sandya (name changed), married housewife. Let me tell about me. I am 32 years old, 5.5 feet tall 54 KG, having 32 30 34 structure, fair and average built. I am having little post pregnancy tummy. My husband is a Sr. Manager a company and had been to Mumbai on his training on his new role. My kid was taken to native by mom and I was all alone. I had dated Masood earlier and this is my second date with him.

Masood (name Changed) is 5.8 tall, well built, and a business man, he is from Pune. I have met him when he was came to Bangalore on his business. I know him because I have done chat with him and we were doing chat from almost from a year. We exchanged our pics and then met for coffee. He said, “when he come next time can we date”. I told him that depends on my hubby work schedule. He said ok and asked whether we can have sex today, I agreed and went with him to his service apartment. And we enjoyed till evening and he left to Pune.

He said he has desire to fuck a Hindu married lady, in first night arrangement and one more thing that that lady must wear the same Saree which she wore on her first night. He also added that she must be in Muslim costume; and lady must be look like Muslim girl. He requested me whether I can help him. I said I will think and let u know the date and time. This can only be done when hubby is out of town. He had one more request that “I must not have single hair on my body except eye brow and on head. That means he asked me to wax my body and take some skin glowing massage.

I thought that his sex desire adding many more things in list. We were not met after that for almost 3 months but had chatted many time. I got a chance to meet him again In this Month i.e., November. Hubby got to go to Mumbai on his training of his new role. I told Masood that we can meet. He planned his Business trip and reached Bangalore. He booked nice Service apartment and booked Last and top most floor house to stay. And date and time to meet him was informed to me.

I went to parlor and get waxed my body. Parlor girl asked me….mam do u dating any rich guy. I said no and she revert, I know mam Ladies comes here for waxing and they date some rich guys. I said do your work. She did proper work, I had given her extra 500 rupees to her and kissed her chick. I came back to home took dinner and slept. I woke early morning got ready with my first night saree. I was picked by him and he made all arrangements and make sure that there was no disturbance. We reached by 8 am on Sunday to his service Apartment. i entered room…room was filled with rose and flower fragrance with sex appeal perfume. He asked me to wait and from room he bought the sex appeal perfume and applied on my boobs by removing my pallu and re arranged my pallu as it was. He said….room is completely arranged like first night room with milk, fruits, sweets…and milk kept in other room…he asked me to bring to the room.

I took milk glass….he added some medicine and too much sweet so that i can’t make that something is mixed in milk. I went inside the room….with saree covered face with shy as new bride. He had little and gave me little…he had little and ask me to have it completely….i did as he said and then he said he mixed some sex appeal tablet in the milk and wanted to fuck me like anything and i must enjoy….and he promised that he won’t hurt but will have long time sex. I said i am here for sexual enjoyment why did u did it…..but he said he want my body till late evening and I must cooperate him in sex. He started kissing and it was very normal for first one hour….just rubbing each other body on bed as like B Grade movies of India.

He took of my saree from top position…..took fresh milk kept aside in his mouth and poured on my bobs covered under blouse and he started sucking boobs over blouse and he filled milk in my mouth and asked me to not to drink. Then he lied under me and asked me to pour in his mouth. I did what he said….i was losing my control by then started kissing his lips and biting it….may be because of tablet effect…he was enjoying and saying that…I want it sandyaaa… it. We had deep kiss and tongue fight inside each other mouth for quite some time and exchanged saliva…..he asked me to adjust my Saree and panty and ride his cock on top of him. I was not in control and started listening to his words.

I adjusted my saree and panty….and took his huge dick in my hand and kissed and did small blow to him…..he asked he will cum so don’t do it and gave me two condoms to put. I put condoms to his dick and take his penis in my pussy….it was huge and was enjoying and started riding his cock in minutes. He is having 6 inch tool but more than 3 inch thick one. Good enough to have tight and wild fuck. While I was riding his dick he took of my blouse and teared off my bra with the help of knife….he just teared only bra cup and my boobs were hanging out of bra cup. He started sucking my nipple while I was riding…after some time I came and collapsed on him.

I was little tired… He said he has not come yet….he asked me to do it again and started same….another 4 minutes he came in condom…I collapsed on him. I was in his arm and said thanks for fulfilling first night sex desire with Hindu choot as Muslim girl.

We got up after some kissing and licking tongues…..he lift me in his hand and took me to the bath tub…..god it was very huge like a small swimming fool….water was filled he dropped me in that and I was complete wet including my saree. I was angry and shouted how can i go home? He said don’t worry I have new dress for you. After that he started removing my saree and he hanged saree to get dried. My clothes were removed one by one by Masood. He made me stand in my saree petticoat and teared bra….he bought some milk and poured it on my head and started drinking it near my navel. It was done for about 15 minutes and he cut off the thread of my petticoat and pulled it down with my panty and started licking milk near my pussy.

He cut the bra stripe near shoulder and removed it….said… my sex desire coming to full fill….and asked whether he can marry him as per Muslim religion….I said I am already married…..he said it’s for entire world….only between us can we marry…. I asked him r u mad….who is going to marry us….he said he know one guy who can do our marriage over the phone…all u need to say kabul hain kabul hain when he ask Kabul hain.

I was thinking…and said…u had a fantasy to fuck Hindu married lady as Muslim girl u got fulfilled what is this new story….he requested for long and hold my leg and requested….i said i can’t come in front of anybody for this reason…he said no need to go to him….it will be do it over the phone….I thought for some time. And agreed for that fantasy also.

He called his guy and same time I said whatever u say, say it in English so that I can understand. They Chatted in English and said that he is fucking one married Hindu beautiful fucking and tempting girl in Bangalore and she is in the Muslim girl costume and I wanted to marry her just for his fun not for my life…will u help.

That guy asked in what condition we are…he said naked….he said some inshaallla something…and said beta r u ready for the marriage. He said ok….he started saying something I said I can’t understand….on phone he started explaining the meaning too…it was lengthy and I was not interested and I was just listening. He asked Masood beta r u ready to keep her happy always and bla bla….and then asked Kabul hain…he said…yes….Kabul hain and I want to take our sex to the peak. Then he asked me beta Kabul hain…..i said hain, hain. That guy asked to come on phone mode and they chatted. Then Masood come to me…again he asked kabul hain…same time he made me bend and adjust his hard erect tool with condom and pushed his dick in my ass and said Kabul hain…Kabul hain. It was very hard and painful….It was punishment for me to getting agreeing for the fake Nikha. And started pushing it deep and deep, I was Not even able to open my mouth properly and started little tears from my eyes.

That guy called my name and asked Kabul hain beta…..i was not able to say anything….he asked again…by that time Masood started pumping more by pain i said Kabul hain……he said to Masood don’t leave her took her ass teared and make her beg for more fuck and fuck…..Fuck her all the holes….make her your sex doll for the day…uski choot ko kha jha…..tum tumare lund ko dedo…..maja lelo….kaisi hain ladki….chodne ko achchi hain….he said….he turn on his video call while fucking and showed our fuck session for few minutes…

I told him to disconnect it…he disconnected video call….he got call from him…..Sali mast hain….chod dalo….don’t leave here….thoda mujhe be uski maja lene wale awaz suna do……Masood asked to make some naughty and wild noise….i was telling masoood….u fucker…..fuck it fuck my hole…let ur friend masterbate…..fuck me….ahhhaaaaa….ohhhhhh….ggooood

I am losing my control…I can’t take it any more fuck off u fucker fuck off…..took my pussy and fuck it I want to cum…..he banged my ass for about 30 minutes and came in condom. After that we collapsed and he removed condom and cleaned it with water and rose water…it was sleeping and i started playing it with quite some time and did some blow job….his tool got erected. Then he took my pussy and pushed it in pussy and banged more than 40 minutes…my legs were shivering because of continuous fuck and we took break and had some food and took rest. It was almost 3 pm in the afternoon….we were in 69 position and had good time for about 20 minutes. And changed our position, he took my ass again and gave good sex. We got call from that guy who made our marriage. He talked to me and asked whether I can join him along with Masood. I said No for that. And return home at almost 7.45 pm.

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  1. Hindu women r just hungry for sex N will go to any length to fulfill their desires. They want their fat asses to be filled. My ex gf, pooja , was just 5 ft in height but has a big butt, i made her pregnant 3 times. then she went to UP due to her transfer of her father. Another bitch, Payal, a sindhi, i got a pregnant. Now she is 7 months in, living at her uncle’s place till delivery. But my current bitch is Jasmine. She is a catholic aunt…always lets me finish in her….

  2. Hi everyone…
    I am married for 8 months but i have not had sex with my wife. My wife and I am still virgin.
    When i was in college i tried having sex with my GF who was not a virgin but when she saw my tiny penis she started laughing .. After that i lost my confidence to have sex and unable to have sex with my wife..
    Now i have a college going muslim neighbour i fantasies about him taking my wife virginity.

  3. Any real hindu girl for this boy. I am from india but now im in US and want a true,real and loyal hindu girl for serious long term relationship.please reply me on my gmail [email protected] .

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