Sexy h wife fucked by Amir in dakha

I am a 25 year old 5’2″ girl from Delhi, but currently living in Dhaka after I got married to my hubby 2 months back. I am very fair, but not very slim as I get mixed messages from people about my body. My butt is really big, so some guys like it but others think I am fat although I have a very flat tummy so I am very curvy. At the time of my marriage my hubby told me that I would be his second wife as his job was his first priority.

I moved with my hubby to Dhaka right after my marriage. I was feeling lonely here as my hubby is always busy with his job. He is working in a buying house, so he comes home very late all the time. I was trying to mingle with other Indian families here but I was lonely most of the time. I became very happy when my cousin Pankaj came here for two days for an interview. We went to a pool club. I was riding with him on my hubby’s Honda bike. In the pool club, I found our next door neighbor couple. I haven’t made much Bengali friends yet. But I met Shaheen at the elevator, and we had spoken a couple times since then.

She introduced her hubby, Amir, to me and my cousin. All of a sudden Shaheen had to leave for something important. She took their car and ask if we could give Amir a ride home. I completely forgot that we went there with a motorcycle not a car, so I agreed. By the time around midnight when we decided to return we realized that we 3 would have to ride on a same bike. Realizing the bike situation, Amir insisted that he would take a cab, but both Pankaj and I were so ashamed, and we didn’t want to prove we were back dated, so we forced Amir to ride with us.

So Amir was requesting if he could drive, but even though Pankaj and I were like friends, he didn’t feel comfortable to ride behind me. So Pankaj decided to drive, and I sat on the middle. I never let anybody touch my back even though I find it very attractive if someone stares at my big butt. Amir sat right behind me, and we started to go home. It was only 5 minutes ride, but this opened something very special for me. I was wearing a tight white pant with a black on top. I saw him staring at my back a few times at the club. You could tell his liking from his eyes. He has had this dominating personality.

And his strong eye contacts were making me find him very attractive. He is very well built with strong arms. There surely wasn’t enough space for three and my big butt takes some space as well. So I had to ask him sit closer to me. As soon as he was sitting behind me something started to happen in my body. His strong legs touched my legs as if they were there to protect me. I never felt so protected in my life. And there was this huge bulge from his pant was touching right at the crack of my ass. I felt something so strong, and as soon as he held me with his arms, I felt something so special as if I was sitting on a lap of a very strong man who owns me.

And I was born for the man who knows exactly how to hold a girl to protect her. Pressed between Pankaj and Amir, but never for a second was I aware of Pankaj’s presence in that 5 minutes ride. I was so turned on I don’t know if my body started to shake or not, but I surely was allowed by Amir to shake as he was holding me very firmly. I couldn’t sleep that night. My husband, Ajay, came around 1, but he didn’t make love to me. I was glad he didn’t because I was only thinking about Amir.

Pankaj left Dhaka the next day, and I was very lonely again in the evening. All of a sudden I heard the doorbell. And it was Amir. I was so happy to see him, but my voice was breaking as I told him in a broken tone to come in. I wasn’t afraid of all, but I didn’t know what I would talk about because after all he was still a stranger to me. But I knew if he would jump on me right then, I wouldn’t mind. Instead, he started talking to me with his thick voice. He was keep on staring at my eyes the whole time he was talking to me. It was very attractive.

And he would know exactly when to provide me with a manly smile of his. It was very sexy atmosphere, and I was really enjoying his companion. I was having such a good time with him that I forgot to offer him tea. But he asked for it anyway, and suggested that we should make tea together.

Ajay never helps me in the kitchen. So it was really so special when Amir joined me in the kitchen. When he was walking with me in the kitchen, I don’t know if it was an accident but my eyes went to stare at his pant which was by then was ballooned like a football. It was very sexy, and he was walking very close with me.

He was wearing a very spicy perfume, and there was something very special about everything of him. His eyes stared at my back again. This were killer eyes. I was ready to surrender to him. But he still took his time. He started to give me soft touch against my body with his strong body. This man surely knows how to make a girl go crazy. There was one time, while I was making the tea ready, he came from behind to pretend to remove something from my neck very friendly way while touching my back very gently. I felt for a second his manhood which just last night rubbed against my back and made me crazy.

I would have loved if he would have grabbed me like last night right now. But we went back to the drawing room to have the tea. He was again taking flirting with my eyes. This time, he held my two hands with his strong hands. His hands were so warm that I was turned just holding his hand. My eyes gave signal to his eyes of my liking. He grabbed me closer to him, and I was in his arms now entirely. My body started to shake. I have never felt this way again. With much less turned on.

I would have expected Ajay to penetrate me with his penis. But this was entirely different with Amir. I felt I was in love with a man first time in my life, a man who knows how to take time to arouse me completely. He kissed me deeply for a few minutes. It was very warm kiss. And I felt like continue kissing him. He lift me up with is strong arm and made me sat on his lap while he shifted his kissing from lips to kissing my neck. I realized for the first time weakest point of my body was my neck.

His kissing in my neck was making me wild, and by then my pussy was really wet. He made me naked by opening everything with his strong hands, and he kept on kissing on my back and neck until I couldn’t take it anymore. At this point, he took off his shirt and pant. And his manhood was so beautiful, but so large and thick (he was circumcised) that for the first time I got a scared a bit. My friend Rekha who used to go crazy for Muslim guys and had fucked quite a few had mentioned to me that Muslim guys were bigger and thicker, never did I realize it would be this big. But I wanted it so badly.

He started rubbing his open dick head against my vagina, which was so wet that his dick head started to slip in but it was way too thick to enter all the way. But Amir took his time and kept on rubbing before making a huge push to fill his entire dick in my pussy.

I was almost senseless and felt his dick all the way up to my stomach. He started stroking gently first, but I couldn’t handle anymore, so I came while grabbing his back so tightly, but nothing could stop him. I was still enjoying for a while, and then he stared stroking so hard I knew he would coming soon. The friction was unbelievable again. Finally he came inside me.

We took a break staying naked and I could still see his dick with the open round red dick head. It’s beautiful. It also looked so big even it wasn’t erected. I felt like holding his circumcised dick. I started rubbing it. Then I felt like sucking on it as the touch of the dick head was making me crazy. I put it on my mouth. The dickhead felt really nice on my mouth. It was very different. All of a sudden it started to grow in my mouth. Growing a dick inside the mouth could be so much fun I didn’t know.

But soon it grew so big that It wasn’t fitting in my mouth anymore. I was still enjoying the really thick and round dick head inside my mouth. Now he turned me around. I was really waiting for this. I have gotten offended many times when people called me fat, but I was really proud of my ass. And I wanted a man to enjoy it the fullest who has the deepest appreciation for it. I knew from Amir’s last night’s look how much he likes my big ass. And the growing of his manhood by the touch of it last night made me feel worthy.

So I wanted to really see how much he has appreciation for my ass. And he did. He really knows how to have fun out a big ass and how to make me feel like the girl with the most beautiful body. He enjoyed me to the fullest fucking my butthole for an entire hour while made me feel like I was in heaven as well. I never knew how could someone stroke and made wave like that of my big ass and still not hurt me even with his such a big dick.

The details of that ass fucking will need a story of its own as that will remove all scariness from girls’ mind about anal sex. I am no longer lonely in Dhaka. Amir and I enjoy life to the fullest while my hubby stays busy. And I like him to stay busy as that gives more time for me and Amir. We make love all different way. But almost always, Amir needs to finish it up by fucking my big butt which makes me feel really good as a girl with big ass.

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