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Viji writes:
i am viji. i am a Brahmin from Bangalore. After watching your site i
became excited very much as somehow the idea of mus’s targeting hindu
women aroused me and forced me to write this mail to you as I felt i
need to share my own story with you. pl keep my mail id confidential.

i am married and have kids too. i am 38 now. i am in europe for some time.
i am software engineer and i have been to qatar and dubai also earlier.
when i was in qatar , i met a mus’m friend and had to stay with him
for a period of 3 months. during this time i developed intimacy with
him and he also reciprocated. we ended up as sex lovers.
i know that in Islam , it is taboo to have sex with same sex persons.
My friend was a devout mus’m.  to the extent that he was not taking
meat even in doha as he felt that it is not halal. but i came to
understand that inside he felt that i was a qafir and i was
fulfilling his need.
due to my soft body and submissiveness i was a bottom and he was
always Top.  During the three months atleast 3 times a week  we used
to sleep together.
But as a muslim , perhaps he was bothered by his conscience also. so
when ever we were alone , he requested me to dress like a woman so
that he does not feel guilty that he is fucking a man.
He told me that he has to treat me as a woman as otherwise we will not
be able to enjoy together. From that time he treated me like a
complete woman.
he asked me not to show my lund to him and he also restricted me from
masturbating when i was with him.

this was all new to me and during the heat of that time i also got
involved completely.

after all after a long days work, we needed some relaxation and i
started to enjoy acting like a woman for him.

so it became a habit for me to dress up for him in nice woman clothes
and luckily i was able to purchase the dresses also in the market as
he used to tell while buying that it was for his wife.

i used to dress up in women lingerie for him and also apply makeup as
a woman. he made me to shave my body also.  when i objected he
threatened that he will expose me. in the night, we would sleep after
good sex with his organ in my mouth many times.

we never used protection as i was also healthy and he said that he was
also healthy.  and i also liked the squirting of his liquid inside me
very much.

all this changed me psychologically also.

i begin to imagine myself as a woman.

after three months suddenly my role in the project came to an end and
i had to travel back  while he continued with his work in qatar. i
came back to my family a completely changed man ( sorry woman).

slowly i had lost my self confidence to be a man and it was becoming
increasingly difficult for me to continue staying with my wife but not
having regular sex like a man.

next i got the oppurtunity to come to Europe and i happily departed.

now i cross dress many times. i stay alone and like being a woman. i
no longer have hatred towards musm’s.  i feel that i will be a sissy
for any mus’m who demands me to satisfy him.

It was very hard for me to write this letter to you  .  But i felt
that i should. i dont know why.

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  1. muslim cock is so manly that even our boys wish they were women to enjoy its power! 😛

    • I agree I had sexx with muslim men they r full of energy. They fuck my ass so well that I was not able to walk properly for one week.

    • ya shruti i aslo enjoyed lots of muslim cock wearing saree… and wig… I have so smooth and weak loose body like girls so i look girly… and my muslim man fucked me like slut when i dressed up in saree.. usko believe nahi hua ki me ladka hu… kya mast lund tha uska

  2. Hahahaha.. sahi hai even i have offerd my self to my sisters bf but he refused

  3. looks like nowadays this thing is common

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