Son shares his bengali mother’s sex story Part 2

hindu muslim sex story

Previous part:
I rushed to toilet and I was weeping violently. I recovered myself from the shock and found my mother coming out of her bedroom completely roughly manhandled. Her sindoori maang and forehead were stained by AFZAL’s cum. Some drops of cum stained my mother’s lips as she was cleaning them rapidly by her tongue. I was shocked to see that my mother’s blouse, saree were stained as well by AFZAL’s cum. AFZAL deposited his cum on my mother’s breasts which fed me when I was a child. My mother was limping and she was hardly able to walk. I was completely outraged at this. I thought not to open the door of my house to a Muslim stud that did this to my mother, especially when he was my best friend.

My studies were at stake. I could not concentrate on my studies. Every time I turned the pages of my books, I saw my mother screaming as AFZAL resized her married cunt and moaning as AFZAL degraded her virgin ass-hole. If I would close my eyes and try to sleep, I nightmare my mother pleading to AFZAL to make her cum, I nightmare how my best friend humiliated my entire family by depositing his thick, dense and hot cum onto our family picture. The entire day I did not phoned AFZAL. It was Saturday, so my father was at home as he returned from Kolkata in weekends. He asked my mother SOSTI Mukherjee, whether she was alright. She said that she just had a long tedious week cleaning the house and so she was tired. My father also enquired about the wedding photo which was then missing from the table in my mother’s bedroom. My mother replied in a careless manner that during cleaning she broke the glass and had given it to the photo-shop for re-lamination. Only, if my father had known that his legally wedded wife SOSTI had cleaned him off his heart, mind, body, soul and house, after she bedded with my friend AFZAL. I neither had the guts in my balls to tell the truth to my father. What surprised me was that my mother was frequently trying to reach AFZAL’s number, and AFZAL on the other hand had switched off his set. I sensed that my mother could not get AFZAL’s big circumcised fuck pole out of her head even when she was in a family gathering.

On Sunday, we enjoyed the day by watching a movie in the local multiplex. I checked out that my mother was relentlessly trying to reach out to AFZAL. What surprised me most was that my mother started to praise AFZAL’s 8-pack muscular physique in front of her husband, Jibanlal, something which is considered a sin and insane in Hindu customary. That night my mother was outrageous at me for not inquiring about AFZAL. I watched that she tried to flirt with her own husband, but he was not responsive as AFZAL would be, she tried to have sex with her husband. She made her husband Jibanlal lie on the marital bed on his back and then rode the 4 inch average pencil dick like a cowgirl.
Her unarranged hair; frequent lip cutting, mauling her own boobs by her own hands and complete lustful look acted as a catalyst and Jibanlal climaxed in only 15 strokes. My mother yelled- “Show me the animal in you!! Show me the demon in you!!”
But Jibanlal was not even 10% compared to the potency of AFZAL ALI ANSARI. My mom ridiculed and humiliated my father for keeping her unsatisfied in bed. My father had no answer neither in his balls nor in his mouth to protest my mother; my mother by then had completely submitted herself by her mind, heart and soul to AFZAL’s mammoth circumcised fuck pole. She was confirmed that AFZAL can be her new bull to give her the best orgasms of womanhood.

The next day was Monday. My father left for Kolkata for his usual work. My mother scolded me for not giving her any news of AFZAL. I was sensing that my Hindu married Brahman mother Soshti Mukherjee, was going crazy for a potent Muslim stud, AFZAL Ali Ansari’s manly cock. On that night, AFZAL ranged the door bell of my house, my mother’s eyes glittered and her joys knew no bound. I had never seen my mother reacting like that when my father used to ring the door bell. She rushed to the main door, opened it and started to kiss AFZAL’s hands and chest violently. She unbuttoned his shirt and started to bite his nipples and kiss him madly on his chest. As I mentioned earlier, my mother was very short height and AFZAL was extensive in height and physique, henceforth my mother could not reach her face or else she should have flooded her lover’s face and mouth with greeting kisses, without caring all she was doing in front of her own son.

AFZAL – “It seems that my bitch missed me!!”
SOSTI – “The past two days seemed like two centuries to me!! Come on master!! Please make your bitch soar the pleasures of seventh heaven!!”

My mother again started to kiss AFZAL on his hands and chest passionately. What she did completely turned me into a cuckold son. Watching a Hindu Brahmin mother pleading to AFZAL for his mammoth circumcised fuck pole, gave AFZAL the hardest of hard on and the huge bulge in his pajama proclaimed that his manhood was already in heat to dig the womanhood of my mother to the extreme. My mother recovered herself quickly and said that she had some urgent matters of discussion with AFZAL, and since father was not at home; AFZAL was the only man who could help her. I knew what she exactly meant. At mother’s reply, I saw AFZAL licking his lips like a lion before preying on a deer. My mother gripped AFZAL’s full erect manhood in her hands over his pajama and led the way to her bedroom without even caring for her son. They did not felt the decency to lock the bedroom door and left it wide open. AFZAL chuckled mischievously and gave me a thumbs up hand and said- “Boy I am really enjoying your horny mother!! Look how she behaved like a street slut!! You can watch your horny Hindu Brahmin mother getting fucked by my mammoth Muslim circumcised cock!! She really enjoys being watched while getting fucked!!”

AFZAL smiled down at SOSTI. And when she looked into his eyes she knew what he wanted.
After they entered the bedroom, AFZAL started to slap my mother hard on her face, ass cheeks and
back. He was ruling her entire body as a bull rules a cow. AFZAL reigned kisses onto my mother’s
lips. Passionate kisses; something which she had never experienced in her entire life; their lips, mouth and saliva interchanged. My mother was really sensing the heat her bull was onto. He ordered her to take off her clothes. SOSTI brought her hands up to her blouse and tried to undo the first button. She was wreck, her hands shook uncontrollable as she tried to unbutton her blouse.
“Hurry up Bitch…. Let’s go girl…I don’t have all fucking day.”
AFZAL shouted just before he reached out with his free hands and violently ripped her blouse and her bra from her body. My mother’s hands found the clasp on her saree and petticoat instantly and with one quick swoop she
found herself standing completely naked in front of a man, a big black potent MUSLIM man, who past two nights before ran her senseless on her bed and tonight would be doing the same. SOSTI stood in front of her potent Muslim attacker trembling like a person who just got out of an Ice cold shower. She looked up at her attacker who wasn’t smiling. He didn’t even touch her yet but she could feel herself being raped by his dark eyes. In her embarrassment she tried to cover herself with her hands. She placed one hand across her big sized breast and the other in front over her pubic mound.
“Nice….Nice….I’m going fuck the shit out bitch …I’m going tear your little Hindu pussy up.” AFZAL announced proudly.

AFZAL started to suck and maul my mother’s busty milk buckets violent. If he would suck her right boobs and teethed on her nipples, he would maul her left boobs and hard pinch her nipples as if he would drag out milk from those containers. My mother had never experienced that rough sex can give so much turn on. She was leaking from her honey pot in between her legs. He teethed, sucked, mauled and pinched my mother’s milk containers so hard that they got reddened and bore the love bites from her new Muslim bull AFZAL. AFZAL appreciated my mother’s juicy milk containers saying that he could suck on them all night. My mother closed her eyes, as she experienced the deepest pleasures her body could get and she responded to AFZAL’s potent and violent boob treatment by deep and long moans. AFZAL’s cock was poking my mother’s pelvis in heat and excitement as an angry anaconda in a pit before hunting its prey.

AFZAL – “You want know what I want bitch…Good…Good…Well I’ll tell you what I want…First you’re going to suck my Big Black Muslim Circumcised Cock…Then after that I’m going stick my cock in your Little White Hindu Pussy ; just like a bee stinging a rose bud for digging honey.”

His words sent shivers through her entire body. She knew he wasn’t fooling around. She couldn’t believe how her safe and secure world could change so quickly.
AFZAL grabbed SOSTI by the arm and made her kneel in front of his pelvis. SOSTI was getting aroused by the way her bull was dominating her. She was so horny; she was leaking her juices from her honey pot in between her legs. Her bull was out of his pajama and poking his rock hard circumcised dick which invaded her married pussy and virgin ass-hole past two nights before. AFZAL was proud of his cock. His cock was rock hard and pointing right at SOSTI.

AFZAL – “Hey…Bitch…. have you ever tasted a Muslim circumcised cock…”

Though SOSTI had taken AFZAL’s mammoth fuck pole in her ass and cunt the past two nights before, she had never watched it from front. And now when she was watching at her bull’s third leg, she was terrified by what drilled her ass and cunt the previous night and what she would feel when she would be drilled again. When SOSTI gazed her eyes on the fully erect manhood of her Muslim bull, she saw the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life. Her eyes swelled up in absolute disbelief.
“Oh My God,”
She cried out. “Is this the weapon by which you invaded my married pussy and virgin ass”. Before Shosthi could close her mouth the big black man pushed his thick ebony cock in her mouth.

AFZAL – “Shut the fuck up…Suck my fucking cock bitch…And I better not feel any fucking teeth.”

He laughed as he forced his cock in her mouth. He loved the way his cock looked in a white Hindu woman’s mouth.
SOSTI tried desperately to breath. The giant black cock filled every nook and cranny in her white mouth.
She was gagging on her bull’s cock; she was choking on her lover’s mammoth 12” circumcised fuck pole; she was slurping on the cock as if it was a chocolate lolly-pop she desired in her entire life. She took her lover’s potent erection in her mouth, squashing as much down her throat as she could.

AFZAL – “Yeah bitch… suck my fucking cock…. I kn ow how much you Hindu bitches love sucking on cocks…. yeah that’s it… work it bitch…Use your fucking tongue as your cunt.”

He held nothing back as he tried to stuff as much of his thickness into her little white mouth. Her small mouth began to infuriate him. He only had a third of his cock in her mouth and it was already pressing into her throat. SOSTI could do nothing. The massive black cock filled her white mouth completely. She tried to use her tongue on his cock but the sheer girth of the giant organ prevented any movement of her tongue. AFZAL convinced SOSTI to wrap her moti-mala (a wedding gift from her husband Jibanlal) around his mammoth cock and the scene of a married Hindu Brahmin wife and mother enjoyed a big Muslim circumcised dick with her wedding gift wrapped around, gave AFZAL the hard on he experienced the first night when he drained SOSTI’s cunt off her juices.
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He groaned as he began laughing at the poor little helpless Hindu woman whose mouth he was stretching to the limits. My mother SOSTI Mukherjee, had never given blow job to his small dick husband and her husband would consider it to be dirty. She was a virgin in her mouth in terms of Blowjobs. She was really inexperienced in how to pleasure a man by worshipping her manhood by her mouth, tongue and lips. Henceforth AFZAL, angrily pulled his cock out of her mouth. SOSTI slumped over gasping for air relieved that the cock was out of her mouth; and vomiting loads and loads of saliva from her mouth lubricating her lover’s potent manhood. AFZAL looked down at her and shook his head in utmost disappointment.

AFZAL – “Yeah I’m talking to you bitch…. let me tell you something bitch. That was the worst fucking blowjob I’ve ever had…. But let me tell you I will make you an expert in coming days!! Bitch you are total shit…..I seriously hope your pussy feels better tonight than your sorry mouth!!”

SOSTI could see the angry look in his face. She raised her head and once again she was face to face with his big black cock, which was now thoroughly coated with her saliva. She knew she had to answer him better from her rose buds in between her legs quickly and without delay.

AFZAL picked her up off the ground and spun her around toward the couch in the bedroom. SOSTI ’s tears dripped down her checks, knowing what was going to happen to her next. Her entire body was trembling and shivering in erotica and excitement to feel a huge black circumcised Muslim dick in her married little Hindu pussy. She was getting aroused by her feelings that she was enjoying a potent Muslim stud on her own marital bedroom without her husband’s knowledge and cuckolding her pimp Hindu husband. Her rosy petals in between her legs were leaking her love nectars and were well flooded like creamy pie. AFZAL put his hands on her naked back and pushed her hard onto the couch. She loved to be dominated as a sex slave by her Muslim bull.

AFZAL – “Bend over bitch…Yeah…. That’s it… I know how stick that white ass out and plough that fertile womb with my weapon…. let me see that little white pussy.”

SOSTI could feel her inside churning. She feared him, and she feared the giant black weapon that dangled between his legs. Her heart was beating like drums. Last time she was invaded forcefully in between her legs by AFZAL, this time she surrendered to AFZAL for an invasion. Then all of a sudden AFZAL relentless smacked her white fleshy ass cheek. They were reddened instantaneously as a love making sign.

AFZAL – “I said, Stick your fucking ass out bitch…I won’t be asking you again.”

The blow stung her ass causing her to bend down and stick her ass high in the air. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread then apart. He slapped his big black circumcised cock on her ass cheeks as if he was beating two baseballs with his huge baseball bat in between his legs.

He brought his nose to her ass and took giant sniffs. Then he gathered up all the saliva he could muster and spit on her pussy. He fingered her pussy and measured the liquids that had already lubricated her pussy for a marathon fucking session.

AFZAL – “I want to hear you scream bitch, tell your neighbors how you feel my weapon plough your little pussy”

As he brought the tip of his cock to the entrance of her pussy, SOSTI braced herself for what she thought would kill her. The big masculine stud aimed his cock and rammed all 12 inches of his black tool deep into her cunt. With one mighty thrust he plowed into SOSTI’s universe.
SOSTI’s entire body began to buck wildly from the power thrust. She screamed as if she was a virgin who was invaded by for the first time in her life.
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She was moaning and groaning out of utmost pleasure as she bit her lips and enjoyed her lover rampaging her once married and faithful Hindu pussy. She clenched her teeth and bit down on her lip to keep her from screaming out from the pain. He held his cock in her cunt and laughed.

AFZAL- “Yeah Bitch…Fuck Yeah!!!… Can you feel it …can you feel that big black fucking dick.”

This was his favorite part. This was why he desired shoving his big circumcised black cock into white Hindu women. He loved ramming his thick black cock in my mother. He loved how her pussy would contract and weekly attempt to fight off his thick cock.

AFZAL – “Yeah baby…. Yeah…. you like that…. You like it…. How does your bull’s black cock feel?”

He taunted her and called her bitch, slut, whore Hindu mother and horny Hindu wife as he pounded her pussy into submission. He marveled at what he could do with his cock. He loved punishing my white Hindu mother with it. He loved watching her pussy stretch to accommodate his mammoth cock. He soon found his rhythm and got into his grove. It was the sound of his giant balls beating like a drum against
my mother’s pussy
that drove him to commit such act. He loved the

constant beating sound of flesh against each other. His balls slapping against white flesh was his favorite song. My mother was screaming and moaning like a virgin who felt the pleasures of a real cock for the first time. When AFZAL enquired about her pleasures, my mother boldly replied that she loved the way AFZAL re-stretched her little white pussy the other night and she was enjoying more of it now. She already had orgasmed 2-3 times. They were the few of the intense orgasms that she was about to experience that night.

AFZAL – “That’s what I’m talking about bitch…you got some good fucking pussy…. Nice and tight and little White.”

AFZAL teased my mother. SOSTI turned around and stared at the giant 12-inch black spear that was invading her white pussy. In a weird way she gained confidence knowing that she had been able to take all 12 inches into her cunt and live. The constant sound of his giant balls slapping against her outer pussy lips only confirmed what she felt deep inside her ravaged cunt. She started to experience and knew the areas in her vaginal path that she never knew ever existed, when she mated her pimp Hindu husband. She had another few intense orgasms and fainted away while her bull continued to plough the vaginal grounds deeper and deeper with his big black circumcised ploughing tool.
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AFZAL’s huge sex appetite and potency kept him shoving my mothers’ pussy harder and faster relentlessly and mercilessly, even when my mother fainted from her successive orgasms. Her pussy was aching, it was swollen but she wanted to be dominated by her Muslim bull that night and every night. AFZAL then rolled my mother sideways and ordered to change positions. AFZAL again invaded her married pussy. SOSTI looked at his cock, which was covered from the tip to the base with a healthy coat of her own liquid. Her destiny was sealed. But this time she wasn’t as afraid.
There was nothing she could do. She relaxed her cunt and accepted her fate. His big black glistening cock just melted into her stretched out white pussy. Her juices flowed against her will. Her cunt supplied the liquid that she needed as she felt the giant cock hit areas in her pussy that she didn’t even know existed.
SOSTI – “ Please Master….No…more….Please…No…It’s too much for me now …Please…No more.”

AFZAL stopped momentarily; only to listen to her plea…he enjoyed hearing his Hindu bitch beg. He loved hearing her say no. He loved how her voices cracked and how their eyes sank into her head as he forced his thick black log into her again and again. He pulled his cock out her battered cunt to examine his work. Her cunt was stretched to the limits and gaping wide open.

AFZAL – “How can I stop baby…how can I stop…Look at my cock SOSTI, my nasty bitch…See how shiny and black it is. You see that…That’s all you baby…that’s your cunt juice baby.”
He fucked her slowly as he spoke to her softly. SOSTI closed her eyes not able to look at the big black man anymore. She wondered about her Muslim bull’s enormous sex appetite that he was right as the cock slipped in and out of her stretched pussy. She closed her eyes as she moaned, groaned, screamed on her ride to the pleasures of seventh heaven. But the tingling feeling that starting to build up in her cunt was like nothing she has ever felt before. The big black man that was pounding her pussy was a beast in sex. She wept silently to herself as her cunt muscles squeezed and embraced the massive organ. He ravished her cunt and showed her no mercy. He smiled at her as her cunt started twitching and hugging his cock. Right there and then he knew he had her. And she knew there was nothing she could do to stop the fire in her cunt. She had another few orgasms as her bull shoved his weapon to plough her vaginal tracks.

AFZAL was experienced at his craft. He easily sensed her melodies. He could feel the fight erupting in her cunt. He could see the chaos that her body was thrown into. And he loved that all this trouble was being caused by his thick black cock. The big black man could find no mercy in his heart. He pounced on her like a homeless man on a bucket of chicken. He sliced his cock in and out of her pussy with great force.

AFZAL – “Yeah bitch…Aggghh…Fuck…. I’m go ing to cum…I’m going to cum in you preety white married Hindu pussy!!”
AFZAL moaned and grunted as the first blast of his potent seed rocketed out of his cock. The blast was powerful. SOSTI felt the hot sperm ricochet off the roof of her vaginal tracks and down her womb. AFZAL came like he was shooting water-jet from a hose pipe. And as my mother felt her lover’s hot, thick, dense and potent cum overflowing from her pussy, she had another orgasm.
AFZAL again demanded to change positions. My mother could hardly move her body from the pleasures of erotica, insanity, orgasms she was experiencing. Her cunt was swollen from the relentless and merciless pounding of her bull’s mammoth circumcised 10 inch black cock. She was being humiliated and violated as if she was his fuck toy and her only objective was to serve her Big Bull Master. AFZAL slapped her on her boobs, mauled them as if she would tear them from her chest. My mother screamed so hard that she came to her senses right away and pledged to do as AFZAL demanded. AFZAL demanded missionary position and my mother had to oblige.

AFZAL – “ Let’s just get the ‘ice-breaker’ out of the way, shall we, bitch?”
He climbed on to the couch; spread open my mother’s long legs as far as he could and pushed his giant hard cock into her pussy, which was fully erect even after climaxing into her pussy. She grunted loudly at the swift invasion.

AFZAL – “Oh, my bitch!! You are so wet like peaches and creams!! You are falling in love with a Muslim circumcised cock!! Do you bother as your son watches you to enjoy my fuck pole?”

SOSTI – “I don’t know!! Just fuck me!! I don’t care!! Just give me your big black cock!! It makes me to so many climaxes!! Fuck me!! Fuck me AFZAL!!”

My mother was gasping and grunting and could hardly speak. She shook her head and saw her Master Bull’s mammoth circumcised cock disappearing in her vaginal tracks and reappearing in quick progressive successions. She came instantly feeling the erotica and ecstasy. I watched as my mother’s legs began to wrap around AFZAL’s hips and her arms went to his neck.
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AFZAL – “I knew you would like it rough my bitch!! I could see it in your eyes, all night. You like the big, strong man taking you, don’t you?”
And AFZAL was right. My mother did seem to like it – hell- she seemed to love it – growing into an obsession for it. She was pumping her hips hard into AFZAL. Her breathing was coming in loud gasps and moans. She was clinging to him with all her strength.

After a marathon fucking session, I could tell by the grunts and moans that AFZAL was cumming hard and my mother SOSTI mukherjee was enjoying his orgasm this time. AFZAL rolled off my mother and grabbed her by her hair,
“Lick me clean, bitch. Suck all the jizz off me.”

Shocked, I watched my mother position herself over AFZAL’s still hard cock and lower her mouth to it, licking and slurping his cum between her lips. I could not believe it!! If my father had watched my mother and his legally married wife in that fashion he would have had a heart fell. What my father
considered dirty in oral sex, his wife was slurping on AFZAL’s cum and her love juices on AFZAL’s mammoth circumcised dick as if it was too precious pie to waste! AFZAL held SOSTI’s hair in his fists, pulling her head up and down on his massive cock.
“Yeah, that’s good bitch!! Better than previous blowjob!! Keep that up, just like that, you hot little slut. I love it bitch”, he growled.

SOSTI’s head was bobbing as she sucked AFZAL in and out of her mouth. She was moaning with pleasure, her ass rotating in the air. AFZAL took his other hand and inserted three fingers between her legs and into her exposed cunt. His fingers were glistening with lubrication when he pulled them out and roughly shoved one, then two, and finally, the third finger into my mother’s ass. Then he looked over through the window at me and gave me a wink.

AFZAL – “Oh, you are becoming so good!! Keep that up, now. Oh yeah. Now listen, you little slut, I’m getting ready to cum and I want you to swallow every drop of it. Do you understand?”

SOSTI looked up at AFZAL and quickly nodded. Within seconds, AFZAL began to hump his hips off the couch, pushing his meat even deeper and deeper into my mother’s hungry mouth until she was gagging. He was cumming, again!! And I could see SOSTI’s throat working as she swallowed his cum. A glob escaped her lips and ran down her chin, dropping from there to her swaying breasts. When AFZAl was done cumming in her mouth, SOSTI knelt, caught the errant drop on her finger and seductively as she sucked her finger clean. Anybody who would see them in all the sex acts would say that they were husband and wife and they were just performing their married life duties in their bedroom. Only a pimp Hindu husband was replaced by a more potent masculine Muslim stud AFZAL ALI ANSARI.

I suddenly became aware of the rock-hard erection I had. As I watched my mother, SOSTI Mukherjee start to orgasm again, I started mine, shooting my cum against the wall, without even touching myself. My legs felt wobbly as I reached back for a chair and sat down. I sat there couldn’t quite decide how I felt about the whole thing-angry, jealous, but also very turned on, very hot.

The two of them were completely drained out. My mother just treated me like a servant boy by making me watch as she had her brains fucked out by my best friend AFZAL. She even ordered me to bring them food stuffs so that they can recharge themselves. My mother was immensely satisfied by what she experienced and she wanted to have these many experiences every night. She accepted that she lusted and desired for a real man in her life and her dreams had come true in the form of AFZAL ALI ANSARI her potent Muslim bull. She ordered me not to speak of it anything to my pimp father. I strongly opposed onto this incestuous relationship between my Muslim friend and my Hindu Brahmin mother. After which AFZAL thrashed me so hard on my face that I went dizzy. My mother then thrashed me repeatedly with a scale till I obliged to their relationship. I was weeping hard, crying like a child but could not help myself and my pimp father out of fear of getting beaten up again to the inch of my life.
But what AFZAL planned next proved that he completely hated the Hindu community from his heart and nailing my mother SOSTI Mukherjee on his enormous cock was the first achievement. He disclosed to my mother that since he had replaced my father as the owner of the house and the owner of my mother’s body, my mother would give a childish female name to my pimp father. My mother SOSTI Mukherjee like a bitch uttered the name “CHINKY”. AFZAL also convinced my mother, that she would not replace cum stained bed sheets and carpets and pillow covers. And she would make her pimp HINDU husband sleep over on the bed sheet, smell the potent cum scent in the bedroom. AFZAL also said that my mother would always wear very revealing dresses and taunt, flirt with her bull every time. My mother would not have sex with my father any farther and AFZAL would be the sole breeder of my Hindu Brahmin mother. My mother was erotic and ecstatic like a slut hearing all the proposals of AFZAL but expressed her doubts on the acceptance of the terms for her pimp Hindu Husband Jibanlal. AFZAL then asserted to my mother SOSTI Mukherjee, that she would be a bitch if and only if she can cuckold my father, Jibanlal Mukherjee.

The challenge made my mother so horny, that she requested her lover AFZAL to give her another drilling in her rose buds in between her legs. AFZAL too, was erotic that he was raising the standard of his bitch and she was enjoying the way AFZAL was humiliating me and my father.

AFZAL was an expert in dealing with Hindu women and especially married women who had nice husbands like Jibanlal. He knew how to free the slut inside them; the true woman that their nice calm husbands did not know even existed. Taking his left hand, he grabbed SOSTI’s pussy and began to play with it and press on it. A deep moan escaped my mother’s mouth. These were new sensations that she had suppressed for a long time. Without notice, SOSTI felt one black finger intruding into her sacred chamber as one of her nipples was still being bitten and sucked by AFZAL.

She jumped a little in her couch and put her hands on AFZAL’s big muscular forearm trying to attract him. AFZAL sensed what his bitch meant and snug his finger deeper into my mother’s sacred chamber. SOSTI felt her juices begin to flow and she was sinking farther AFZAL’s arm. She let him continue to finger her.
AFZAL sensed that the Hindu woman’s cunt was already lubed enough from her own juices so he picked her up in his arms and lowered her down on his big erect black pole in reverse cowgirl position. As soon as the pre-cum covered head of AFZAL’s big black circumcised cock touched my mother’s cunt lips, a jolt of electricity shot through her whole body form her toes to her head. Screaming a little as she was lowered on the fuck pole, SOSTI felt her cunt being dilated. The only time she felt like that was when she gave birth to her only son, Gautam. She had never felt this feeling with her Hindu husband Jibanlal. Little by little, my mother sunk on the black cock until she was fully impaled on AFZAL’s monster cock. SOSTI held on to the muscular broad shoulders of the black man impaling her on his cock. At that moment, she wasn’t thinking straight, all her mental power was centered in her cunt on the black pussy breaker conquering her. As she began to raise and lower herself on the fuck pole, her breasts jiggled and deep sultry moans escaped her throat. SOSTI closed her eyes as the pleasure and pain in her overstretched cunt enveloped her. That pleasure she was feeling from the black man’s dirty thick cock made her sit on a cloud high above.
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She felt the pleasure she was given by this 12 inch cock as much as the pleasure that her poor husband gave her during their fifteen years of marriage combined with all the happiness she felt with him during these years. AFZAL suddenly grabbed her by her waist and she watched his muscles flexing as he moved her faster up and down on his cock. Her screams grew louder than the sound of slapping of AFZAL’s huge balls onto her cunt lips
as Jamal’s cock filled her completely. To add to all this AFZAL began mauling feverishly at my Hindu mother’s big breasts. He was consumed by lust for this Hindu woman. And whenever the thought of the cuckold Hindu pimp father and husband crossed his mind, his cock grew stiffer. He was turned on by the act of taking what belongs to the Hindu man, Jibanlal Mukherjee.

After 45 minutes of riding the cock, SOSTI was delirious she has already orgasmed five times and the stud under her is still going on fucking her brains out. And within few minutes she felt the cock head inside her expand as the balls boil under her pussy. Stream after stream of potent hot cum burned her womb and cervix. She screamed at the sensation and ravished his lips kissing him in gratitude for the pleasure he has given her. After they finished, streams of white cum flowed from the Hindu mother’s freshly fucked pussy as her breasts were covered with love scratches from the black stud.
My once faithful Hindu mother SOSTI Mukherjee had completed her high school as AFZAL’s slut. In the morning, when AFZAL left I was horrified to see a swell in my mother’s sacred chamber.
AFZAL was then still semi hard with the felling that he had again bedded with a married Hindu Brahmin wife and the mother of his friend, and gone to the extent of convincing the Hindu wife and mother to cuckold her loving husband and only son.

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  1. ur mom is so lucky के उसे अफजल जैसा मालिक मिला तू नही जानता तेरी माँ कितनी खुश है तूने अपने बाप के लण्ड की बात कर रहा अरे हिन्दुओ तुम लोगो के पास लण्ड नही लूली होती है सुसु करने के लिए जब तेरी पत्नी आये तो उसको भी पहले अफजल से चुदवा कर भोग लगवाना समझे हिन्दू गांडू
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  2. Neha darling Lund chahiye

    • मुझे बस किसी मुल्ले का लण्ड चाहिये वो मुझे बिना कंडोम के चोदे क्यों की मुझे अपनी कोख से मुसलमान का बच्चा पैदा करना है

  3. meri bahen neha tumne sach kaha meri biwi b same ye hii kahti h muze mere muslim jiju or dosto se chudne k baad vo khud bahot badi randi samjhti hai mai ne oose kai bar mullo ka lund munh or chut mei lete pkda h or bolti hai mere wajah se krti h ab toh oos ke pet mei bacha b hai or bolti hai ye bacha mere pati ka qki oosne muzse shadi ki or dera sara pyar mei muslim lund dilayei bache ka naam b soch rakhei hai ldka hua toh mudassir ldki hui toh diksha

  4. मेरी चोली रोज अब्दुल खोलता ह
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  5. ese chutiye hindu ganduon ki garam maa pelne ka maza hi kuch aur hota hai… sali chinalen bahut cheekhti hain apne bete ke muslim dost se chudwa kar raand ki tarah kutiya ban ke….

  6. sab bakwas hai aaj tak koi Muslim nahi mila Jo meri married Didi ko apni rand bana de mai bahut time Se koi aisa Muslim dundh rAha hu Jo Didi ko chod chod kar Randi bana de 7506537208 AGR koi hai to call me

  7. I fingered 4 times already while reading this story, and cant get enough of it.
    seriously muslim guys are too tough to handle. I’ve had Muslim bfs before so i know how it is, I’ve gone thru this situation already.

    • Swati tum fingering kyu kar rahi ho jab hum yahan bade lund le ke khade hain..

      Kik me: rayhan_hunk

  8. itna zalil kayo karte ho hame? why? why? why?you guys literally manhandle us in bed, you should treat us with respect in the bed like your queen.
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  9. my frnd tariq khan
    facebook id#
    hindu ldki ko fasta h or oonhei chodta h hindu naam use kr ke oosne meri gf tk ko nhi chhoda oose b choda ab ooske pet mei bacha h mere tariq dost ka or mai oose ab shadi kr rha hu thnk you

  10. Bangali hindu ladko ka bahot chota hota hai lekin bangali aurte bahot garam hoti hai.. Isliye bangali ladkiya aurte muslim mardo ki taraf khinch jati hain. ye natural hai

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