Submissive hindu woman erotic captions

hindu muslim girl sex

1. Yes Mahmud quench all her thirst today. This is my cousin Mahmud a powerful muslim stallion.
2. What happened ? You look completely shocked. Never seen a dick like this ? Dont worry it happens with hindu women when they see a big musalman dick like this for the first time. Dont worry once you expereince muslim man’s cock, his mightly manhood you would fancy it for the rest of your life.
3. Dont know if I would be able to handle that mighty dick. Now I understand why you muslim women happily live below your men and let them completely dominate you on the other hand we hindu women kick the arse of our men and grab muslim cock.

hindu cuckold caption

submissive hindu wife

My father-in-law tells me not to talk to those muslim men in the neighborhood. “These Janus-faced muslim men are often on a lookout for hindu women and try to lure them, she said”
Even after knowing all this I can’t stop myself from fantasizing about them. Even the slightest of thoughts about a dominant muslim male fucking me sends shock waves of forbidden thrill accross my mind, body and soul.

hindu wife for muslim

My mother-inl-law says “In the olden days arab, afghan and turk musalmans used to take hindu women as booty; But she doesn’t know that those muslims had mighty big dicks, a vicarious thrill for me. Her impotent son’s dick really disappoints me, thank god he lives far away due to his job and rarely comes home. The only thing that is expected of him is to pay the bills. She also doesn’t know that I had a muslim boyfriend during my college days and still I miss is big dick. I want her to get the fuck out of this house so that I can enjoy again with my secret boyfriend Khalid.

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  1. nice job , perfect sexy hot erotic. carry on more hot dirty captions.

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  4. Showing reality, woooow

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