The child of a Pakistani muslim man and a White woman

muslim with white

Pakistani / Arab male and White female couples produce handsome kids. There can be no better example

Yaser Malik and his White Wife

Their son

Zayn malik the most handsome guy

Million times batter than silly boy baby Bieber.

Once Malika Arora said Khans (musalmans) have a talent of producing handsome kids.

Zyan has in the past said he is a proud musalman:

The following article was published on some conservative blog.

So it implies that white daughters are being lured by muslim cock. Obviously thousands any white daughters are craving to sleep with him and willing to do anything for this musalman guy, therefore the insecurity that is displayed in the article.

Zayan was in a relationship with this white girl Perrie Edwards. He had his fill of all her holes. Finally he broke up.

probably just another jealous white guy.

Recently his ex-gf Perrie Edwards was dressed like a cheap white hoe, Zayn on twitter took a dig at her.

Perrie Edwards replied to Zayn by showing the world her nipples.

Typical white hoe reply, knows nothing better

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  1. It might have been the reason for breakup of their engagement. Perrie unwilling to learn and follow the straight path and sticking to hollow white culture which she displayed when she showed her nipples, she ended up being a cum dumpster for muslim’s cum.

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