The musalman obsession

Hindu girls falling for musalman men willingly and the males are running hundreds of such campaigns online and even on some news channels saying save hindu girls from musalman boyfriends.

What you would notice in such groups and pages is that 99% of them are males and not even 1% of the members and comments on such pages come from females which shows Hendu females dont buy this. They are happily making their choice and going for muslim studs, hence the opposition.

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  1. many of those males would be thinking about hindu females and muslim males and masturbating lol

  2. I have seen many of these hindu men are afraid to approach girls. Muslim men are daring, have an attitude and they are not afraid and when they get the girls then these hindu men resort to such gimmicks, showing their impotency and are laughed at.

  3. over protective, height of stupidity..

  4. This is a vicious cycle.

    Weak hindu males see Hindu females choosing Musalman lovers or boyfriends. This makes them frustrated.

    They complain about it, impotently. This makes the Hindu females ziddi, and they become bolder, start dressing more sexily for their Musalman lovers/boyfriends.

    This turns on the Musalman males, who start groping the Hindu females openly.

    Seeing this makes the weak hindu males very much more frustrated, but it also has the effect of shrinking their weak hindu penis, slightly.

    This happens again, and again, and again, and weak hindu penises shrink significantly, and the Hindu females can see the difference, not just feel it.

    This has been happening over history, and nowadays Hindu females know that weak hindu males have shrunken penises, compared to the Musalman studs they go around with.

    Eventually, weak hindu males will get relegated, evolved, to a “support” role, and Musalman studs take over more and more of the reproductive role.

  5. I love hindu cocks… Muslim cocks are very dirty… Yuck, I hate it…. any hindu guys, I email me for sex… I would love to fuck hindu guys

  6. Asma really, please share your email and I hope its not a joke. My email is [email protected] and FB is also same

    Rahul Sharma, your comments are really stupid, try to submit a research paper on it in some medical journal on how penis of a community shrinks or expands, and get your ass kicked.

    The problem is psychological and the fascination of Hindu women is also psychological. What these stupid hindu men who try to run such anti-love jihad campaigns don’t realize is that you are creating a unique narrative for Muslim men. This is called reverse psychology at work. You tell someone so much to abstain from something and with such obsession that over time it becomes a psychological compulsion for the person to explore that taboo and keep going till the extent that the rule is completely reversed.

    On the contrary, Hindu men should look for women of other cultures if Hindu women reject them, instead of trying to beg hindu women to stay in same community.

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